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  1. I understand why that would be concerning. I'll try Amino, thanks for the advice 😄
  2. I'd like to get to know other artists but it's difficult. Many seem a bit snobbish towards you if you don't have a large following and its very disheartening. Anyone know a good art sharing chatroom or something along those lines?
  3. Wow, what a nasty pair of glorified scammers. Sorry that happened to you, rest assured its clear these people are unprofessional and downright rude and your feelings shouldn't be put aside for theirs. Hope you get this resolved.
  4. washup

    Beware: Dumas

    That is absolutely awful, I'm sorry that was your first commissioning experience. I'm not saying stoop to their level but maybe slightly editing each piece and calling them orginal pieces with your orginal characters, in case they post it as well you could say you remade the piece because they stole money from you and don't own the art, hence it's art theft. It might make you feel you feel a bit better. That client is definitely deserving of such behaviour for how they treated you.
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