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  1. I'm glad you were able to resolve this, and It's unfortunate behaviour on the artist's behalf in how they chose to act. They have shown their future clients how they may treat them, and it isn't very nice.
  2. How exactly does knowing the artist for quite a time equate to not receiving work they paid for?
  3. Sorry for late response I understand why this is rude now and won't ask an artist about it when commsioning, thanks for the information guys
  4. I was corresponding with an artist and they said they were alright with the commison idea I was thinking of, however they wouldn't be opening commisons for a while. I said I was alright with that and would be happy to wait until they opened again, but we decided to still talk through my idea. They asked for a detail about the character which I answered and suddenly they have gone radio silent. I don't think what I said was offensive to them, at least I hope not (just about a detail of the characters design) but if I did is it normal to just stop responding mid conversation without explaining that? It's been a few days and I'm not sure if they are busy or they are waiting to respond when they open officially again, just worried thanks for reading
  5. Since they are both under the pretence of paying someone to create something for you I think it's a worthy comparison. I've seen people receive fursuit heads and on arrival it had with bad stitching, or wrongly shaved fur, and they would be told they can fix the issue themselves. If an artist forgets to a clothing item or fur marking, doesn't that go under the same definition? The art in question is for a personal dakimakura, so it would be printed and looked at a lot by myself. It's purely a precaution as I would hate to print it and notice something that flew under the radar. Maybe it's a bit much but It would bug me. The problem is many artists in their terms of service refuse changes after a certain point. To fully respect those terms and still be satisfied, if they made a mistake, the only way would be to edit it myself. I could just accept the art I see as incorrect but isn't that kind of wrong? I paid for a service why should I just grin and take it if it can be changed and nobody is being harmed in the process? Their reputation isn't soiled as no one else would see the edit, and they would never actually know it happened. Even then the original question was about the ethics of sharing PSD files, not the moral obligations of my personal reasoning for wanting it. I don't see why that is being scrutinised.
  6. I mean speaking purely objectively paying an artist for their service is just that, a service. I get the personal side of it and how it's offensive to the original artist but if they did make a mistake what exactly is the harm in changing it if only you are going to see the changed version? Im not trying to be insensitive here but when a fursuit maker makes a mistake you don't see people telling the client not to fix that mistake themself as it would be offensive to the orginal maker
  7. I understand, when you put it like that it does make sense why it's frowned upon Honestly I wouldn't intend on sharing the piece after editing online as I'd be treating it as personal and didn't even intend on posting pics of the pillow cover when printed but I can also empathise with feeling miffed if a client edited a commison I made them after completion. It would be less work for the artist but if the client chose to share it, which the artist has no control over, their reputation as an artist to others and their own faith in their capabilities would go down. I was only looking at it from the client POV... That's definitely given me a new perspective on it, thank you
  8. I have been wanting to commision an artist to draw some artwork for me to print onto a pillowcase (a dakimakura image) , however I am a perfectionist. I try to have multiple clear references and write out exactly what I am looking for but I don't expect an artist to exactly get it right and that's why I would prefer to have the PSD file after completion so I can use my own skills to change aspects they may have not included or got wrong. Personally, I feel like this is a much better solution than asking an artist after completion to change the image, but for some reason a lot of artists are wary of giving out the PSD file, as stated in their terms of service or when asking them in the beginning. One artist said they would sell me the file for 100% of the images price but at 50% resolution, I politely told them I wasn't interested. What's the point, is it a countermeasure agaisnt art theft? Not trying to be rude, genuinely curious
  9. I understand why that would be concerning. I'll try Amino, thanks for the advice 😄
  10. I'd like to get to know other artists but it's difficult. Many seem a bit snobbish towards you if you don't have a large following and its very disheartening. Anyone know a good art sharing chatroom or something along those lines?
  11. Wow, what a nasty pair of glorified scammers. Sorry that happened to you, rest assured its clear these people are unprofessional and downright rude and your feelings shouldn't be put aside for theirs. Hope you get this resolved.
  12. washup

    Beware: Dumas

    That is absolutely awful, I'm sorry that was your first commissioning experience. I'm not saying stoop to their level but maybe slightly editing each piece and calling them orginal pieces with your orginal characters, in case they post it as well you could say you remade the piece because they stole money from you and don't own the art, hence it's art theft. It might make you feel you feel a bit better. That client is definitely deserving of such behaviour for how they treated you.
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