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  1. Sorry for two replies in a row, but I can't edit the other one anymore. That is precisely what I meant. I'm not sure how the search engine actually works and if it compares every single pixel, but I assume it would find both versions.
  2. Oh I had no idea there was a tool for this! Thanks for clarifying!
  3. Wouldn't you also find uploads with the "attachment" searching with the correct one?
  4. Quality looks about the same to me, it's always hard to compare existing animals in a semi realistic style to made up creatures. I'm pretty sure I would have messed this up aswell, many of the areas the artist got wrong don't look entirely clear to me. The horns kinda read as brown dots (maybe markings) in the hair so unless the artist went to hunt for more reference pictures in your gallery that could be an issue. I would suggest to be specific with the areas artists typically get wrong and/or mention the species somewhere on the page to avoid future headache.
  5. Oh man that's a long wait for a painting, especially if it's for two separate people. Hope you're not getting any flak from the person you're sharing it with. Don't think restarting it was the smart thing to do on the artists part and offering more art to compensate for the lack of it is also never a good move. I hope this can be resolved soon. That being said, I am a little bit confused about the raffle. The post on fA says "this YCH will NOT be "first come first serve" but rather randomly chosen from the list of entries for the slot! ", but in the second screenshot you two are talking a
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