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  1. Good day. I am updating this beware post with a image that displays the updated Terms of Service for the artist. Here, there is a huge red flag that is applicable to this situation, to which I felt must be shared to this ongoing dispute: CODE OF CONDUCT: I will politely communicate with commissioners and keep you appraised of ongoing progress in a timely manner, responding to requests for update(s) within one week of the request. Inappropriate behavior on a commissioner(s)' part will result in a forfeiture of refund rights, display and usage rights, and termination of an ongoing co
  2. Happy New Year coming into 2021. Much as 2020 has been [insert choice of creative expletive here], I have a minor update to the ongoing beware post that I have made. Bad Coyote and Lobosan are apparently in the middle of reorganizing their processing of commissions, which will included a 3 month turnaround for commissions; should they fail to deliver a commission by that time, a refund will be issues, no questions asked. As part revamping their business model, they have added on that they will be addressing issues with "customers who ignore or manipulate th
  3. First of all, I would like to thank everyone that has voice their reaction to the experience that I had to go through with this unfortunate commissioning process. I feel better knowing that there has been some reaffirming sentiments over how ludicrous the affair has been trying to deal with BC and Lobosan. I think it is even more critical now seeing the responses to further elaborate on the integrity that BC holds himself up to, as he explains in a journal post that a "professional artist" should not have to spend a rather long time to finish a commission: https://www.f
  4. As of this writing, posted in May 2020, I regret to make such a post for an artist that, given his talent, is unfortunately an artist that has given due consideration to list my grievances towards. To start things off, I had paid for a commission to the amount of $520 through Paypal, for one of his themed stream commission pieces. Below is a screenshot indicating the purchase that I made to that effect: Having worked with Bad Coyote, and Lobosan who acts on behalf of Bad Coyote in commission related conversation, I admit that I had some past difficulty with
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