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  1. Good day. I am updating this beware post with a image that displays the updated Terms of Service for the artist. Here, there is a huge red flag that is applicable to this situation, to which I felt must be shared to this ongoing dispute: CODE OF CONDUCT: I will politely communicate with commissioners and keep you appraised of ongoing progress in a timely manner, responding to requests for update(s) within one week of the request. Inappropriate behavior on a commissioner(s)' part will result in a forfeiture of refund rights, display and usage rights, and termination of an ongoing commission (if applicable). This includes but is not limited to: Threats, targeted harassment, defamation, verbal abuse, and sexual misconduct. If I understand this to be true, then my attempt to address a situation with the artist by bringing this problem with the artist means that, under defamation, I lose my refund rights and my commission is terminated. I unfortunately do not have a copy of the original ToS that I agreed to, but as it stands it is highly unlikely at this point that I will get any sort of resolution if this is their ultimate stance. Apparently any sort of criticism means I lose my money and my commission. I don't know if BC or Lobosan are even watching this Artist Beware post. But if they are, I have a message to them: I understand you have valued my standing as a commissioner at $520. If this is what it costs me to understand your character not only as an artist, but as a person with a thread of moral fiber, then that is the price I am glad to pay. This is precisely why I have decided to post this complaint on Artist Beware, when I have on record my attempted communication on a resolution. I probably don't expect to hear from either one of you at any point in time. It would probably be for the best at any rate; it is clear to me and all that will read this Beware post the kind of people the two of you are.
  2. Happy New Year coming into 2021. Much as 2020 has been [insert choice of creative expletive here], I have a minor update to the ongoing beware post that I have made. Bad Coyote and Lobosan are apparently in the middle of reorganizing their processing of commissions, which will included a 3 month turnaround for commissions; should they fail to deliver a commission by that time, a refund will be issues, no questions asked. As part revamping their business model, they have added on that they will be addressing issues with "customers who ignore or manipulate the terms of service, and/or who have attempted to weaponize art forums and complaint sites against BC." To that effect, they will be tracking down much harder on "customer misconduct." Making a complaint against BC could be interpreted as weaponizing my post against his business, so the following consequences might be given as a result: Having caught up on this update, I don't know what will happen with the status of my commission going forward. However, since my communication with BC and Lobosan is limited due to being on poor terms with them, I will write this out in the event that they happen to be monitoring this post: I would be more than happy to reach a resolution on this transaction, personal issues aside. Having to wait for two years for a commission is suspect enough to issue a complaint, and the insinuation of legal action taken against me for addressing my grievance is needless to say, discouraging. I hope I am able to hold the two of you to your word that you will be able to address any outstanding commissions with professionalism, but I won't be holding my breath any time soon. In any event, should this new update come up with a resolution in the commission, I would be more than contact a mod when I can give an update on the resolution.
  3. First of all, I would like to thank everyone that has voice their reaction to the experience that I had to go through with this unfortunate commissioning process. I feel better knowing that there has been some reaffirming sentiments over how ludicrous the affair has been trying to deal with BC and Lobosan. I think it is even more critical now seeing the responses to further elaborate on the integrity that BC holds himself up to, as he explains in a journal post that a "professional artist" should not have to spend a rather long time to finish a commission: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5914098/#cid:41132166 Ladies and Gentleman, I frankly find this inexcusable that having this view point at one point in time, that he would completely forego any sense of integrity.
  4. As of this writing, posted in May 2020, I regret to make such a post for an artist that, given his talent, is unfortunately an artist that has given due consideration to list my grievances towards. To start things off, I had paid for a commission to the amount of $520 through Paypal, for one of his themed stream commission pieces. Below is a screenshot indicating the purchase that I made to that effect: Having worked with Bad Coyote, and Lobosan who acts on behalf of Bad Coyote in commission related conversation, I admit that I had some past difficulty with one other commission. However, I was willing to be lenient in spite of this, and figured that given a reasonable time frame, with updates about where I stand, it would be no problem ordering a commission for the amount that I paid (the amount paid, by the way, included a tip on top of what was asked initially). Here is a snap shot taken from Discord initially about where I stood for the piece. Here, this screenshot conveys that: I had paid for the commission (with tip included) Bad Coyote (aka BC) has indicated that the "bulk of this would be done either October / November" Details affirming the commission and an understanding of what I had ordered. Fast forward to December 2018 (at this point, 3 months later, 1 month behind estimated delivery date) At one point, I wanted to follow up with Bad Coyote and Lobosan to ask about the commission, so I had messaged Lobosan to ask about my commission In summary of the conversation made here in the following screenshots: Bad Coyote was not feeling well and was unable to give an update on the commission If I needed to discuss a refund, then I would be welcome to ask outright (this will come into play later) I tried to clarify I just wanted to get an understanding of where I am at Given the stressful circumstances, I was willing to extend the time I had to wait Sometime after the conversation, Lobosan and I had messaged to see if we could set up a time to where BC would stream and work on the commission A few days later, I had messaged Bad Coyote to see if I could get an update on the commission which I had ordered At this point, I was in line to discuss with Bad Coyote about setting up a session through a streaming platform where I could see the commission being worked on: A few days later I had received a message from BC regarding the session: I had no other record from either Bad Coyote or Lobosan from this stretch of time, on any of my devices or chat logs regarding the status of my commission that I have ordered. At this point, many months later after what I had thought I had made an effort to communicate my stance and hopes of getting updates on the commission I had ordered, I was at a bit of a lost as to whether I would get any kind of news, or even suggestion that my commission would be started on. Fast forward to May 2020 (at this point, 18 months later, grossly behind estimated delivery date) I finally receive an update, and at this point was in low spirits to a point that I frankly didn't care any more about the commission This is where things went south fast as I had tried to express my wish to receive a refund on the commission: At this point, being human and having my patience tested, I had responded in a manner of indignation to have to put up with this: It is a lot to digest from the conversation, but I would like to offer as much context to this difficult conversation that I went through: I have been a commissioner for a few years at this point having ordered around 10 pieces or so. I had thought I had established a good artist / commissioner relationship at this point My previous efforts to communicate on my commission piece had earned me the criticism from Lobosan to be called a "thankless customer" with a "poor attitude" My efforts to try and discuss a refund having waited for so long, was no longer open to discussion (even though Lobosan had offered to give a refund at an earlier point) Naturally I had conversed to Bad Coyote directly and addressed my disappointment in all of what has happened in the span of conversations I had over the weekend (as of writing this May 4 2020) This is ultimately what I was left with on a parting note from Bad Coyote: After 18 months of nothing to go on for the commission that I paid $520, there was nothing to give an update as he seemed to have not started on it I apparently have received the same amount of communication to the other commissioners he had (which I cannot imagine how nightmarish this scenario has been for the other commissioners) Trying to address a problem to both Bad Coyote, and Lobosan, about the commission I ordered and waited for several months ago, has come to a point where having to ask for a refund has warranted me is "thankless" by the artist himself Whether or not I will receive the commission that I have ordered, remains to be seen. I have no expectations on it being delivered to me, or that it will be worth the wait that I put up with trying to communicate to both Bad Coyote and Lobosan over the commission piece. In all, I fail to understand how in the process of all that I had to put up with from Bad Coyote and Lobosan how any of this could be considered a "satisfactory mutual conclusion" having been barred from further association when I tried to address a SEVERE PROBLEM in their business model and interaction with their client(s). I can NO LONGER endorse Bad Coyote as an artist that is worth anyone's time to order any commissions from. They have demonstrated poor communication with their commissioners and will attack / discredit legitimate concerns that are brought up against them.
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