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  1. I'd like to add, per the very last image, this was at a time where I didn't know about his awful rep, hadn't read the ABs yet, and was still fairly sympathetic towards BC because he was always saying on Twitter he was sick and feeling burned out and tired. I now obviously feel differently about things lol, but that is where I was at, at the time. I believe he uses these as excuses to either avoid doing work, or get delays because of how long it is taking.
  2. Thank you, and I'm sorry you had to deal with BadCoyote/Lobo as well.
  3. My personal journey with BadCoyote begins circa mid 2017, when I discovered his art on FA, and fell in love with his more realistic rendering of muscle. He had one pic in particular, of a bald eagle (Shown later below), that I just adored, and when he was open for commissions circa mid-2019, I created a PayPal account and made my first purchase: Specifically, I paid $250 USD for a character reference sheet, which included "Front, back and side view of the character, color swatch, and choice of font" and "A collaborative design session" (Included here is his newer commission form, ci
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