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  1. Around ten full months ago I decided to contact this artist that I had already reached out too before hand for art and we have/had a decent and friendly relationship. I wanted to do a small YCH featuring one of my oc's and a random one to be picked out by me and the artist. The initial sketch of the painting was done up quickly, and the public ych was held and paid for. I still even have the original image/post up on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29041090/ This was fully paid for on my end. This was 350$ from me and 250$ from the other person who participated in the raffle. It was paid from me the day after the ych post was created. We decided on who to pick on the 19th, three days after I paid. The first update I asked for/received was on 11/11, I did get a wip of it and it was fairly nice. We did have a good relationship here and we talked often about random topics. Second update! Everything is going well! Again, I've never been rude or mean in any way and at that point we'd be considered friends/friendly Reached out again five months after the last update since I wasn't sure what was going on at this point. The artist admits that it has been too long herself and says she just needs to get it done. I'm skipping months here since I decided to give her some time, but I still bought other images since I assumed she was steadily working away at it. I was still commissioning the artist during this time. Honestly a mistake. A month later she decided to fully restart the image after a long delay. At this point it has been over half a year and she had just restarted it. Again, at no point was I ever rude or mean or short. Always gave her room and let her work while occasionally asking for updates. At this point I finally express my frustrations and I'm very upfront about it. She offered a free sketch in compensation and I definitely took a jab at her offer. I did accept the offer and I'm really tried not to be too upset/rude in my messages and I don't think I was aside from the jab. I didn't even ask for a wip at this point since I kind of assumed she hasn't made any progress. This was the last message she sent me, which was just over a month ago now. Still not sure what kind of progress has been made if any, she hasn't responded to my messages, hasn't responded to the other person participating in the ych with me. This is a 600$ image that was paid for when commissioned in full. There was no delay in payment, I was never rude, always friendly. While I waited for this painting, she finished another image for me in this time frame. Not only that but several rounds of commissions have come and gone, with the artist accepting more while I haven't received my finished commission. As of right now I have received nothing. No response for the last month, well past the time she claims to have moved. As of right now 0/600$ has been refunded As of right now, the offered sketch hasn't been given As of right now, no further communication has been had. Not sure what else to included, feels like I've been scammed out of money
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