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  1. I had the same issue with Mothux. It took nearly 6 months to get my commission and I was about to issue a chargeback from paypal when they finally delivered it. No communication from them. Constant excuses. They seem to take on more and more work and then just never deliver unless absolutely forced with, when they do respond, emails that are full of emojis and flowers and sorry like that makes it ok. I would never recommend anyone get art from them.. Their "helper" also never got in contact with me when I tried to communicate with them.
  2. Kyda

    Beware: AbigailDS

    Just wanted to throw out an update here. After another two months of back and forth of deadlines that was broken again and again I actually finally got my art 😭 It looks great but leaves a very sour taste in my mouth and makes it hard to enjoy the art, as great as it is! So, just a very big warning to those who wanna commission this artist, please be aware when dealing with them, you may be strung along for a while on getting your art. Go into purchasing from them with caution.
  3. Kyda

    Beware: AbigailDS

    They promised to send a wip after a day. Now they suddenly can not and have an art block. I've asked them to either complete the art or to initiate the refund/send money on their end.
  4. Kyda

    Beware: AbigailDS

    Just wanted to update I'm still waiting on the art owed. There was an agreed upon deadline, AGAIN, of the 20th which as passed and nothing has come of it. So once again, empty promises. From what it sounds like, according to them their computer is messed up, or the file is messed up?? But they only have a little bit more to work on?? Hope the four new people who've just commissioned this artist for headshots get their art...
  5. Kyda

    Beware: AbigailDS

    Yeah, the scaring away customers part is what really bothers me...like I really dislike that they delete things in order to make their account look good and draw in customers.. I just don't understand how they have some art they take on and finish in a few days and then there's like a group us right now that's been waiting since April or so with nothing.
  6. In April of 2019 I purchased a $60 YCH from AbigailDS with a week or two turn around time expected as that what their listing promised. I got a fairly quick wip from them and was super excited to get my finished work. A month went by with no communication so I was unsure if what I saw was my final art so I messaged them and asked and was told the file was on another computer and they couldn't work on it, they'd work later. Another month, no contact from them, I inquire again. They say sorry again, they gotta add some background and effects and will send it. ANOTHER MONTH. I message again this time they say they were out of the country and will resolve my issue soon. I try to press for details, a deadline. They say they will try to get it to me in a few days. It's then I notice a lot of comments on their profile from others who are owed art and haven't gotten it yet (the only thing I don't have ss of before they deleted it). At this point I can't even get a paypal refund because it's beyond the time frame. I've come to realize I'm not going to get my finished art, I'm lucky I even have half way finished art. Some people have nothing right now. They are now deleting all comments on their profile of anyone complaining. They have deleted their journal postings saying sorry about owing art because people are complaining. They say they had a problem where they offered a lot of art and took a lot of money then had an art block. That everyone is refusing art and wants their money back but they don't have the money because they are helping a sick relative. Yet they are continuing to post up a new YCH and take new art. They've even posted new art. Yet I've waited since April for mine and there are others who've been waiting a three or more months still also. They tried to lecture me in their now deleted journal about me making up my mind if I wanted art or a refund which I can't lie really kinda irritated me. I wanted my art which I paid for. That's why I bought it. But as I kept getting false promises I just figured I'd have to start demanding a refund. But I did again, let them know in a message that I do want my art and if they can complete it I would really much rather just have that and be done with it. The images are my paypal payment & my personal messages. ramaloki is myself on FA which is why I did not block out that name in the images. I am ok with my name being shown.
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