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  1. I just don't understand his point of view. He's selling the character, why would he want to buy more art? Then got hostile when his money was given back. Most of the stories you read is artists keeping the money, but you followed correct business etiquette. Trunch you did the right thing and posting this negative experience to AB was a good call too. Also, he posted an 8ch link, lol. I hope he complains about you, more publicity for people who think this guy is a joke. I originally found you on 8ch many years ago (when I used it), we actually had a nice conversation. Weir
  2. Very cut and dry. Although them not being on Twitter for a few months makes me think something is up, outside of running away with your money. Have you tried hitting up @StudioYotta to see if anyone is aware of their status? That way you can either know: 1) The artist dropped off the face of the Earth and are MIA. 2) Studio Yotta know where the artist is and can get in contact with them. This helps for making the studio aware their associate has ran away with money if the artist is safe or can let you know something bad has happened. Sorry my mind went to a bad place since
  3. I meant no ill-intention by "literate furs" you already justified they were a friend. That's a good exception of not having to read it, although a lesson to us (me included) to maybe give it a read in the future. We trust people we know, it's what we do, I'm sorry that it's something we (not just you) will have to stop doing even with friends, just to ensure fairness in a transaction of art services.
  4. Thess are examples of anti-consumer practices. Especially the "A-hole clause" and "Kill Fee" I wish more people took notice of ToS's closely. Literate furs make for a better free market within our community. I do feel sorry for UrbanCoyote, but I'm glad they had the confidence, patience, citations, and professional tone to post this on Artists-Beware.
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