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  1. Judging from experience in my area when my wife was being harassed by someone online in a much worse way than what's happened to me as well as my time in the EMS field, there's probably nothing that would be done. Nothing the guy is saying is threatening to my safety and in the most plausible likelihood he probably messaged an artist I had commissioned at some point for my contact email as at one point I was very open to collabs, but this was years ago. On the same token he very well could be an artist I previously commissioned, it's the only things that makes sense in my mind as to how he has an email I don't really use. In short, what would probably happen is I'd call my local sheriff's non-emergency line, have to leave a voicemail message, and never get a follow-up call as I have absolutely no idea who this guy is or where he lives. Kinda sucks, but my county just isn't equipped to deal with this kind of thing.
  2. I can understand how this looks, though I'm not asking anyone to deal with me. It wasn't an interaction I wanted, one I asked for, or even one I expected. I was raised to believe words are just words, it's people that give them power. It definitely comes across as abrasive and asshole-ish behavior. I curse like a sailor, my whole family does. This is in no way excuses, just insight. In the moment I don't see what I say as particularly bothersome because it doesn't bother me at all if someone was saying it to me. Everything he said to me was nothing that particularly threatened me or scared me, honestly I couldn't have cared less what he had said. If he had remained civil, I would have as well... but he didn't. IMO the verb is accurate. Appropriate? Probably not, but at this point we're arguing word schematics in a completely unwanted interaction where someone isn't getting his way so he just steals the character because my answer was no. I believe any attempt at being polite or kind to this person would have ended the same way, he would have continued on with character theft. The road I took to get there when interacting with him just probably wasn't the best, but it was much tamer than what could have been said or what he said himself.
  3. Additionally, they have now created a twitter account. https://twitter.com/BatVentress
  4. To start this post off, I have never posted my email publically, nor have I ever given any indication that the character (or any character) in question was for sale. I do not know how this person got my email, nor who they got it from, and I have no clue who he even is. I have zero sales posts for the resale of my ocs, and I have very little desire to sell them, let alone give them away. I believe this is a case of character theft. When they first emailed me, they were very polite. They asked if I could give them the rights to the character, as I no longer get art of her. Eventually they do mention some form of compensation being given, however they still imply they want me to just give them the character. I'll admit, my response was probably rude, however this was in no way a wanted business transaction and personally, I find it extremely rude to randomly email someone and ask them to give you their oc simply because they want it. They questioned my decision, and I informed them that it was none of their business as to why I would like to keep that particular character. At this point, they attempt to bring in an artist beware post that was made against me (rightfull) years ago, which was resolved between myself and the artist to try to guilt me or intimidate me. After that they get very aggressive, telling me that he will be using the character anyway, claiming I lost rights to the character the moment the issue with the artist occured, which apparently means he has the rights to take her and use her how he wants. I inform him that if he does use the character, I'll be contacting the artists to remove the pieces from their gallery as there was no permission given to use the character and I have proof that I've owned it since 2016. He then threatened me once again, saying that all it would lead to is him or others posting Artist Bewares against me for informing artists that I won the character. Again, he brings up an artist beware that was solved, at this point I believe he's trying to scare me into relenting and giving him the character. I blocked him after this. I do believe they will try to go through with the character theft. If anyone orders a commission with the character below and claims they own it or they have permission, they absolutely do not have either. Below is the original piece of artwork from the artist I commissioned to design her, as well as the general details showing the time the image was made. The character's name is Ventress. She is a batpony with a distinctive tied tail and mane, and no cutiemark .
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