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  1. I purchased this YCH in January 2020. I received one single update of a sketch, as shown, and that's it. I tried to be friendly, I tried to remind them and encourage and support them. But now it's been 3 months and I haven't gotten anything. I added them via Discord months ago and they never responded even though on their profile they have their email and discord "linked to their phone" and to contact them there. So I did but no response. Having 3 month old messages unopened and sitting in my outbox is getting under my skin since I paid $120 for it but nothing has been done. I sent the last message today, I can't even get a refund via PayPal because it's been too long. I'm at the end of my rope with sympathy and understanding at this point. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/33717875/
  2. At the beginning of 2018 I took Codeine up on a deal. She was to do me a couple's sketch page with flat colour for a grand total of $200. As of now, it is still ongoing and I have two basic sketches (not-coloured) which was shown to me at the end of April 2018. (I'll come back to this later.) Proof of Purchases From the initial purchasing of the commission to the first sketch update, I always had difficulty communicating with her, whether it was due to no replies on Discord or her emails. This is a long running trend that is still happening today. She has said multiple times that she has personal issues going on, some to do with mental health and some to do with money. I have tried my best to be cordial and to respect the time she may take as I can understand is can be difficult. But even after a year there really has been no progress on my end all the while she still accepts more and more commissions without ever really seeing them be uploaded. (Of course, these people may have very well gotten their work done, but Codeine told me something herself which makes me doubt that.) Large and Unmoving Backlog She told me once that she had a backlog of near 100 people but only works on those that continue to pester her (like myself). Obviously at the time of hearing it, I thought it was a little peculiar and borderline scam-like but I tried to stay positive and said at least it lets her focus down on 'urgent' ones and such. I'm fully aware I could considered mean or inconsiderate to go back on my word of not outing her, but at this stage I feel like I want to get the word out. With all the hubbub of Jailbird working up a backlog and constantly taking more made me think of it, and if I can stop people from falling into this pit like me, then good. From the horse's mouth the artist has a fairly dodgy work ethic / professionalism since it seems a lot of people's money has sunk into the void. Potential Attempts at using my wallet more I would take this one with a grain of salt, but it also showcases the long periods of time I would often have to wait for any kind of communication. She once drew to my attention an adopt for a character going and she started out by saying how much they liked drawing my character, and if I were to buy this adopt for her, I'd get a steady flow of art with them together. To her credit she said it was quite a selfish ask and didn't seem bothered by me declining. However it was followed by a particularly long period of time without any word from her after having finally just been in regular contact with her. Her initial proposition on Jan 17th. A period of time without contact from the 17th of Jan to the 20th of Feb. (Now, I personally feel this was because she failed to get the character out of me BUT I am happy to be proven wrong and to state that as more my opinion than anything else.) This further shows poor communication on her end, creating a frustrating time on my end. Combinations As time went on, I foolishly continued buying smaller things from her which also were never completed HOWEVER she did offer to combine them into the price of the sketch page. With everything said and done, she dropped a few patreon rewards and sketch slots I purchased completely in order to put more detail into the page. This included a piece of work that she left as flat colours instead of finishing, saying that would go into the page as well. We ended up basically having her owe me the same full sketch page but fully coloured, fully shaded instead of just flats like we originally settled upon. (Which I was happy to accept, of course.) Recent Endeavours and Attempting Refunds Lately I've been asking her for refunds on the page. Since its been so long since I've had an update, and trying to get into contact with her was a trial within itself, I started talking more about simply putting it to rest and getting me my money back. There are many things I'm still due from her but have stated I'm perfectly happy to just focus on the very original $200 and forget about the extras added on and the little sketches I bought on the side. Just the other day she responded and tried to say that the amount of work she's already done is worth $260. Even though she had this to say about the original. This was the picture in question that I asked for price on. This image, flat coloured would be worth $200 in her own words, that we settled upon and I paid. Compare that with what she had managed to do for me in one evening that she is saying is worth $260. We since moved to Twitter to speak, since I generally found better success getting her there, and I could see whether she read my messages or not. She said it was worth $260 because she has apparently done more work on it since (That I have not seen so I haven't been able to even approve it.) though I can't help but imagine she will quickly draw something up or colour a part of it to show me when she next gets back into contact with me. (Which to be honest, if she does then fine. I won't want money back for work that has been done, that's the whole point.) But as it stands, that's all I have to show for my money. Conclusion and where I am now 4 days ago Codeine explained to me she was away from home for personal reasons and assured me she'd be away for 3 days max and would be home to talk with me further about all of this. Obviously, she has not but has read a post I sent to her earlier today. (Still past the 3 day limit she set.) I have essentially been left on read at this point in time. The blue tick means someone has seen your post. Grey is the opposite. These were from today. 8 hours ago and 52 minutes ago respectively. I ultimately didn't want to make this as I hoped we could come to an agreement and I could let it all go. But after constant delays to periods of time she comes up with herself, I promised to myself I would write this up and be done with it if she failed to meet the next deadline. (Yesterday.) Even if my own issue never gets resolved I hope this might at least make a few more people aware that it might be best to steer clear from this one until her backlog seems to be more under control.
  3. I got in contact with the artist in question in mid-October. I had commissioned them once before, years ago, and was very happy with the finished product. A commission was agreed upon. An initial sketch was received via email on 27 December, 2019, and payment was sent via Western Union, along with an agreement for some additional material. After payment was made, the last contact I received from the artist was on the 28th of December. All further attempts to respond have gone unanswered.
  4. On the 28th of September, 2019, I bid on and successfully won a YCH auction. There were a few issues with paypal (detailed below) but payment was eventually successfully sent on September 30th, 2019. I sent subsequent Furaffinity notes at the start of November, then again in February, then once more June requesting a refund. On all occasions, I have been promised the artwork in the next several days. On each occasion this was false, no art has been delivered, and a refund has not been given. Since winning my auction, over forty subsequent YCH's have been posted, suggesting that this artist is taking on far more work than is reasonable. This is doubly so given that they have mentioned being under the weather in their final note to me, and despite this they are posting YCHs as recently as today (30th June, 2020). At this stage, I have written off the amount paid, I don't expect to see it returned. I would like to warn people of my experience with this artist to avoid potential upset. Evidence below: The original thread naming me (11Sharn11) as the winner of the YCH: Subsequent telegram conversation including confirmation of payment (NOTE: Conversation dated 3rd of June, 2020 at bottom, regarding the note I'd sent requesting a refund): First note requesting update, dated December 2019: Second note requesting update, dated April 2020: Third and final note requesting refund, dated June 2020: Further telegram conversation dated June 2020, including subsequent message requesting an update on the refund with no reply: Artist's scraps gallery showing subsequent YCH's posted (note the YCH I had bid on, second from bottom right): Artist's current gallery, including YCHs currently in progress:
  5. First of all, im sorry for my bad english. I commissioned Rachelfluffy on the 17.07.2015 for some artwork on their Furaffinity, I sent them 20$ for 3 Sketches. I received the first artwork on and waited like a half a year. I still haven't received my artwork or money for unfinished artwork except for the one that they finished, they blocked me from their accounts so I cannot message them anymore. I was very patient and sometimes worried, becouse her journal was sometimes a very depressiv mess. She cleared a lot of journals, coments or any other hints, for her unstable condition. She uploudet the same photo 5 times a week. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24225506/ . i find out last week, thats spaming and also unallowed on furaffinity. I heard from 2 other persons, that she has stolen from. But i didnt find theyre note again..sorry...no screenshot or evidence, i lost the notes as i cleared my notes. I tryed to talk to her "close friends". One of them didnt know, why she was on her page as a close friend. The other one, sendet me after a long time a message, that i "harasment" her. I tryed years later, to contact her on facebook. But there was the same thing like on furaffinity and skype. just blocked. She didnt wanted to talk. I noted her about the sketch, that the one is for a friends birthday. She wanted to deliver it. but she didnt.. I know, too, thats my english was in the past a really painfully thing to understand. And i had some difficultys to clear me out. But the fact is, I guess, this was my first year in the furry fandome. And i really wanted to help little artists with my comission. But i lost all my trust after this experience. Its about 10$, i know. But this hurted so much, to be cheated. That action really broked my little tiny hearth in the past. I seen month ago, she did it on "trusted artist". She dont deserve it. So, thats why i leak this screenshots. Mod Note: The edited messages are the OP saying the artist's irl name.
  6. oCe opened a big Beach Bonfire YCH in 2015 (See here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/17220132/ and here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/17219741/ and the actual auction for my spots here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/17364640/) and I grabbed several spots in it for a friend and myself. The auctions for the spots in the big YCH stretched down to December, because she was auctioning them by groups. Payment was done on Sept 22nd, 2015. The first updates were journals on February 2016, though she did posted other journals taking commissions in the meantime, and would keep doing it until she more or less vanished from the face of the internet altogether around late 2017: One in the 15th: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7381550/ And one on the 29th: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7411940/ I sent a couple emails that went unanswered in July and September 2016: Then she sent an email to everyone in the YCH with the first WIP in October 2016: The WIP looked good, so I didn't try to contact her until January 2017, and again in March since my previous email had gone unanswered: Then she posted a journal on July hinting that we would receive some WIPs (https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8307192/): And one in October 2017 explaining that stuff happened but we would finally get a WIP soon (https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8456845/): I never received the WIP this I sent her an email in November 2017 asking about it, but never got any answer: Then in March 2018 and April 2018 I sent mails again, trying to get some news, with no answer at all again: At this time, I turned to the A_B Community and sent a Lost Contact notice (https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/998856.html) which caused a reaction and I received a mail from her not too long after. Though that reaction would prove to be short-lived as shown by the email conversation below which is mostly me talking with little answers and long delays again between each answer: Having ran out of patience, I've decided to make this beware. Obviously, it's way too late to dispute anything on Paypal, so I'm 300$ out of luck, and I have been given little in return for it. If this manages to reach oCe, while I'd love to see the finished product, as I still do love her art style, I've lost all confidence that it will ever get done and any trust I could have in her due to the utter lack of communication, despite her telling commissioners to contact her via email and that she would reply promptly. Thus why I'd like to get a full refund of the 300$, and get done with this
  7. Back in late September 2019 I saw Fur Fancy advertise on their twitter they were taking commissions for 3D sculpted and printed custom bases ( you use these to cast foam fursuit heads from). They advertised each slot at $300 USD + shipping, which for the sculpt and actual printing I thought was a great price, so I proceeded to message them about ordering two custom bases. As you can see they were very prompt about answering my questions and sending me a PayPal invoice It took me a few days to get the example sketches commissioned from another artist, but by Oct 5th I had sent them the rough ideas for how I wanted the bases to look. After that I did proceed to ask them about upgrades to the bases such as eyeblacks but decided against them at the time. Come Nov 20th 2019 I saw them post again about taking on another custom sculpted/printed base. I had a bit of extra funds and thought I'd add to my existing order. At this time I had not received any updates about my previous bases, but wasn't worried as not much time had passed. Paid the same day I inquired and sent along the 3rd example sketch I commissioned for them to work off of On December 17th 2019 I was sent a picture of this first feline base rendered in the 3D sculpting program. Come January 10th 2020 I had received no updates so I thought I would start inquiring about the status of the commission. I was still waiting to hear when the first sculpt I was shown would print as well as see the other two 3D rendered as well as an ETA on the printing time. I heard nothing and messaged again on January 16th and 21st. I did not receive a reply until January 22 2020 , which at that point the lack of communication was starting to bother me. At this time I did follow their twitter and saw them make very frequent posts ( every couple days or so) This was the first to my knowledge about the 3D printers needing repairs. I honestly know nothing about 3D printers so did not think it was a huge deal. I just wanted to make sure the PayPal window would not close before I received everything ( 6 months is the timeframe for PayPal). I received an update come February 11th 2020 that one of the printers was back to working order. I assumed this meant that my first 3D sculpt would be printed soon. I still had yet to see the other two as digital sculpts. That was the only update I received in february, the rest of my messages on the 19th of February and 2nd of March were ignored. At this point due to the lack of communication I did bring up opening a PayPal dispute as it had nearly been 6 months since my original PayPal transaction in September 2019. That claim window would close on March 26th. Come March 7th 2020 I did receive screenshots of the other bases being sculpted in the 3D program That was all I had heard though. I inquired for an ETA on the printing come March 16th and reminded them that my first PayPal window closes soon on March 20th. To the last message I did not receive a response until March 23rd, only days before my first PayPal dispute window would close. At this point I did proceed to Paypal and opened the dispute, I did not notify FurFancy of it which is why I think they started messaging me more. Though they only would communicate with me on twitter, they would never message through PayPal . At this point I have only received the 3D sculpted screenshots, no ETA of when they should print or even ship out. I was more than willing to take a partial refund of the 3D sculpted files, but I would not close the PayPal dispute until they had been provided to me as I did not trust FurFancy to take my money and give me nothing in the end. With the dispute FurFancy did bring her family issues into play, I assume to try and guilt me into closing the PayPal dispute. Personally this left a bad taste in my mouth. FurFancy then proceeds to name drop another fursuit builder whom they are also sculpting bases for that is apparently ahead of my in her queue. At this point in time I had never had any ETAS given, seen a queue or even a TOS. The only form of contact I have for FurFancy is their twitter, though apparently they dont use it that often ( yet I see them post periodically selling misc parts and showing off suit wips) At this point I honestly feel like I am just running around in circles with FurFancy. I ended up finding their TOS on my own, which as a client, even if not for normal suit work, I feel should have been sent to me. If twitter isn't an ideal way to communicate give me an email or telegram I can contact instead. For the last few messages I did have a friend help type up the response to outline why I am keeping the dispute on PayPal open and reinterate that I am willing to pay for the 3D rendered files. So that is my last interaction with FurFancy on twitter. I submitted all this information to PayPal and they ended up siding in my favour as FurFancy never responded to the dispute by the looks of it. In the end I did receive a full refund thanks to PayPal, but the entire transaction was a learning experience. I assumed that because of FurFancy's status as a larger builder commissioning would be professional and easy. I didn't loose anything but my time luckily TL:DR Commissioned FurFancy for 3 3D sculpted and 3D printed head bases, ended up not receiving them and opened a PayPal dispute to receive a full refund.
  8. I bought this bust from her back in February, I thought nothing of the pose until recently I found she had been caught tracing art. From this artist on da https://t.co/wlZjSNImBs?amp=1 Now she's refusing to refund me for a ych I bought that she never started. She never started the piece anx in her TOS if something isn't started I get full refund. I have already filed a charge back to get my money back fir the icon I will not get that she hasn't started.
  9. Feb 22 2016 Nycket uploaded the babyshower YCH, they said they lowered the price to $60 because no one was interested in buying it before at a higher price. Feb 23 2016 I commented letting them know I was interested but I was going to wait in case anyone else wanted the the spot. Feb 24 2016 I bought slot #2 for $60 in the babyshower YCH, paid that same day. Jan 07 2017 I had not been given any updates on the YCH since I had bought it, except for seeing it being worked on once in stream. This Trello card was the last documented update on the babyshower YCH. My character is lined and colored (the one sitting on the floor.) ~ May 2017 Nycket posted a submission opening traditional bust commissions (If I remember correctly, they couldn't work on digital images because they couldn't find their computer cord after a move.) I responded with interest. They were a bit slow to respond but later we agreed on a digital bust since they finally got their new computer cord. (No screenshots of the comments on the submission as it was deleted later.) May 08-09 2017 I sent a note with my references for the 2nd commission, then sent payment of $20. Jun 05 2017 I noticed that the submission where we discussed my 2nd commission was gone, and checking their Trello(linked on their FA profile at the time), I realized it was also not listed there. So I sent a note asking about it. They responded quickly saying they haven't forgotten. They removed the Trello link off their FA profile right after(without telling me they did or why), which raised my suspicion. Jun 20 2017 Nycket made a journal titled "READ IF YOU HAVE A COMMISSION, TRADE, OR COLLAB FROM ME" saying that they've fallen behind on keeping track of things. They said they were going to update their list and to let them know if they owed us anything. I commented with what they owed me. Again this behavior was making me feel a bit uneasy about working with them. Jul 26-27 2017 [The follow item has been removed by moderation staff. It is inappropriate for Artists Beware given it's personal sensitive information taken from a locked account.] Jul 29 2017 They were back on FA and I noted them telling them I filed a dispute and that some of their recent actions and lack of communication had really made me regret buying a second commission from them, considering how long I was still waiting for the YCH. They responded saying that anxiety was why they don't communicate, why they deleted the submission where I ordered the 2nd commission and why they removed the link to their Trello and apologized for everything. I tried to be as encouraging as possible and offered my full support as long as they were willing to work to get things done and to communicate more. [Cap removed by moderation staff because it is more personal general chat.] Aug 01 2017 I had let them know what my telegram was so if they wanted to talk, they could. They contacted me on Aug. 1st. and said they appreciated me reaching out, and said they'd talk to me later. This was the only time they initiated conversation with me. (I don't believe Nycket ever went on telegram again, so at the time of screenshotting this, their account just says 'Deleted Account' as Telegram auto deletes inactive accounts after a time.) Aug 16 2017 They never did talk to me again. I sent a note saying I was escalating my dispute to a claim (at this point I was tired of waiting still with no updates on either commission and having to contact them for updates instead of the other way around, and I was running out of time on my dispute and I did not have enough confidence in Nycket to complete anything in the time remaining) They responded saying they couldn't issue a refund because of their paypal being in the negatives and her job not giving her enough hours. This was the last time I personally heard from Nycket. I eventually did get a chargeback for the 2nd commission on August 25, 2017 (see previous paypal screenshot). Absolutely no word from Nycket on that though. 2018 They were posting journals up until late March in 2018. No updates on any commissions in that time. Absolutely no update about anything anywhere after March. Jan 16 2019 I sent an email to try to regain contact, but they never responded. Jan 23 2019 Left some shouts on Nyckets profile officially asking for a refund for the babyshower YCH since I never had asked about the possibility of one before they disappeared. Since they already did the work on my character but did not complete the image, I asked for $30 back instead of the full $60. Still no response from Nycket. TL;DR: I bought a YCH slot in early 2016 and then a bust commissions in May 2017. Never got an update on either of them, and neither was ever completed. Got a chargeback for the bust commission but still no update on the YCH spot. Nycket then disappeared and nobody has heard from them since. All in all, Nycket just never communicated and I was always being left in the dark with no updates or WIPs or anything. Lack of communication was the biggest problem for me, looking back on this there were more excuses than actual updates, if there were any at all. They never let me know about the progress on things, I just happened upon them in stream or if I went looking.
  10. Hi all! Oh boy I've been wondering if I should even make a post or not. My experience with this artist is a little different but the outcome is the same; didn't receive anything back. This was my FIRST time commissioning Luna as someone showed me her work and I thought "wow that's cute!!". Maybe I should preface by saying I've commissioned a handful of people before and usually I don't ask for updates, as you'll see in the screenshots below with why I'm mentioning this part. I've always been fairly patient but then again.. I've gotten the artwork back in a timely matter in my opinion. This is 2 years in the works. This was also before I saw her massive queue. Again, I've been that artist, too, with the line up.. Alright, moving on.. She's promoted her commissions on FA as open as well as posting completed pieces. Seeing as she had many options to choose from I was stuck debating what exactly.. Found out she did pixels ($30 at this time) that's where I got interested. Cute, figured my character would look nice in her pixel style! Soooo left a comment, got a reply, shot a note, got a response and paid that invoice! Cool, awesome, sit back and just wait. Again, I didn't know about her Trello page and I thought she was actively posting new content during this time. Which, she was sure, but it was varied pieces.. Discovering her Trello I was for sure on the queue!.. Little shocked over the size, too, can't lie. Then a year passes, I noticed I was moved to her refund list. HUH.. but for whatever reason it took me some time to confront her about it. I was (now I consider it) foolishly waiting for her to contact me about the refund. Then I see she's promoting pixels again and that's when I decided to DM her. My first message didn't reach her immediately... Dang, nevermind. I wish I kept the screenshot I took of her Trello where I found out I was put on the Refund List, along with many others. As of now I am not on that list. I wasn't happy being put on a refund list under assumption I didn't want anything anymore. Felt that was a little unprofessional, especially since I wasn't informed. (Maybe I too am at blame for not contacting for an update?) Regardless. . . I think no matter the time frame of something you should notify your clients about it. As a fellow artist I am understanding when it comes to mental health as I'm that person, too.. But the radio silence was definitely bugging me at this point. This was January 2020, now.. No response. Patient, but a busy person time slipped me as well.. Eagerly waiting any response. Again, no response. I sent this email a month after I saw her post on Twitter about personal problems. I just find it odd timing that around this time (March email) she vanished off all her social medias. Only to resurface with a screenshot from not even HERSELF but another Twitter user saying how she's taken time away from all socials, again, due to personal issues. I'm just big bummed! Oh well. More waiting.
  11. Hello, I had commissioned fasttrack for two NSFW pieces in March 2018. Both comissions are NSFW with two character full background The Artist accept the Comission and send me a payment request. After i pay i still wait on a comission process after a while i contact him months later in 2018 he reply to the note and that was the last contact to him. I send him Notes and a Email he didn't receive a response I see that he was online in Furaffinity favorite some Images and Post Journals, i contact him ther too without response.
  12. Commissioned this artist in May of 2019 and didn't receive a response until I commented on one of their commissions posts. After DMing and emailing with no response and seeing them continuing to open up commission slots I got a bad feeling so I commented on one of their posts directly. Immediately they messaged me, updating me and asking me to take my tweet down. They seemed extremely forthcoming/nice in the DMs and I thought things would be solved so I deleted my comment and told them to take their time (they offered free art in compensation for my time which I declined). At this point I didn't know how large their commission queue truly was (i thought they were just overwhelmed a bit) and it had only been a few months of waiting with them actively posting on their twitter. Here are my invoices totaling $115 dollars. I have yet to receive a sketch or an update and as of March 12 2020 LunaofWater has been inactive on their accounts and has not contacted me back when I've DM'd them.
  13. My experience with this artist has been terrible. Correspondence is non-existent, and she seems to take forever on all of her commissions. I ordered an emergency commission back in November of 2019. Since it was an emergency comm, I was under the impression that it would have a relatively quick turnaround time. Six months later, and I haven't even received so much as a sketch from her. Her commission queue is ludicrously huge - I only found it after some digging. I never would have commissioned her if I saw how much outstanding work she has. She even has a queue for refunds. Refunds. The last update to her queue was made in February of 2020 - three months ago. I sent her a Twitter DM a month after paying for the commission. No response. Two weeks later, I sent another. No response. Fed up, I sent an email requesting a refund nine days afterwards. Only then did I get a response on Twitter. She stated she was halfway through the sketching process, and offered to have it completed in a couple of days, even upgrading the type of commission from a coloured sketch to a cell shaded piece. I felt satisfied with what I was offered, and accepted. January of this year. I send another DM asking about the progress of the sketch. Again, I received no response. I had been periodically checking her Trello for activity, and it was incredibly slow. I have waited, and waited, and waited, and received nothing. Not a word, not a WIP. Nothing. I sent an email requesting a refund again today, and stated that I will never be doing business with her again. I will also be warning my friends about her, as well as leaving this Beware. Her conduct is completely unprofessional - and, despite her gigantic queue, she still constantly bumps her commission posts and takes on more, only adding to the enormous pile. Please, do yourselves a favour and do not buy from her.
  14. I had initially commissioned the artist with high hopes, due to previous commissions being finished within a rate of a couple weeks to a couple of months. When I had commissioned, there were no official terms of service, but as far I was concerned, I would able to refund with no issues if I ran into problems. However, since the terms have updated, the artist claims I am ineligible for a refund despite me waiting a year for my art with no signs of progress. This is how the chat/commission started out. The artist shows examples to me. The character shown in the screenshot is her own. In addition, she has shown me more examples. So far, so good. Seems very charismatic to begin with! I was very excited about my commission. More about this charisma later. Still maintains charisma, even states she feels bad about the delay. I am a very forgiving person, so I had decided to continue waiting a bit longer. I was not in too big of a hurry for the commission to be completed. Here I notice there wasn't as much of a friendly vibe as I had gotten with the artist before which made me a little concerned, like as if the artist was stressed. In addition, hasn't been as responsive to me. I figured it was appropriate to file a dispute at this point because friends have been suggesting it to me. I tried to be understanding, and I waited 24 hours for a response on whether or not the artist was going to follow through with my commission. Read but no response, so I just decided to listen to my friends and file the claim. Unfortunately, PayPal has a strict 180 day rule so I was ineligible for a refund, yet the artist was still notified and blew up on me. I tried to explain as professionally as I could for my actions and why I think my dispute was reasonable. Shown is the queue posted before the Terms of Service, in which I am listed. Also shown is the Terms of Service that were created after I had purchased my commission. In the second screenshot, you can see the update states "It will apply to all future commissions." This makes my commission exempt, in theory. And shown in the third screenshot above are the terms the artist created in terms of refunds. Although it is stated that refunds are not given after payments are made, that if a commission has not been started a refund could be discussed. My commission was never started and yet, my request for one was rejected right away. I showed the artist the terms they had created and the artist had decided I will not receive my commission, I will be black listed, and I will not receive a refund. I am not the only one who has been waiting on a commission from this artist, but I have decided that these business practices were sketchy.
  15. I commissioned Jollymount (goes by Doctor Ellios here) through Discord to get a two character commission, there was a previous commission idea in mind that was still a two-character, coloured piece but I changed my mind and made it an SFW piece instead with the wrestling characters Hex and Sheda mentioned below. The pieces were to be inked and coloured way back on February 24th 2019. The first time I contacted him was March 14th for a status update. He claims I was third on the cue then and talks about how hectic of a month he's had. By the time April 30th rolls around I contacted him again after another bout of silence, messaging him about changing my idea but he surprised me with some work done here: ^^^ There's another month of silence and I don't hear from him until May26, where he claims ge was sick and couldn't continue with the commission until he was feeling better. Which I understood and waited patiently once more until he was back on his feet. August 19th, I check up on him and he seems to have recovered. Keep in mind that inbetween these updates, he's putting out streams of him working on other projects and little commission work. At this point I'm getting frustrated after five months and hardly anything to show apart from unfinished rough sketch. He eventually contacts me this time when November 18th rolls around and butters me up with offerings of free sketches for taking too long with my commission. This is eight months in now. Foolishly, I accepted this thinking he was eventually going to finish the commission. I was going to drop the idea of other pictures because I figured if he wasn't going to finish the actual commission then how could I expect anything more? January 4th, 2020 -- a brand new year and once again, nothing. I inquire about where I stand on the queue and in his own words, he tells me I'm "right at the beginning". He contacts me with a progress pic on Jan 26 that has been unpinned for a spell. He barely finished the lineart for it and I don't hear from him again until April 8th. From April 8th and on, he ignores my messages much like he did before. Keep in mind that each time I inquired about the commission, a month had passed and he had a new excuse each and every time. From hectic weeks, to sickness to computer trouble and I gave him the benefit of the doubt on all of them. On April 16th, 2020 I am fed up. I send him a message so we can talk it out. When he finally responds, I issue him an ultimatum to have it finished by April 25th or he will have to refund me the money. You can guess what happens next. It's April 26th now. No progress, no answer. I don't know if he will refund me the money. I'm asking for a partial one because despite leaving me waiting for nearly A YEAR AND A HALF for a very simple commission, he still did some. That being said I doubt I'll see a cent of it. So to anyone looking to commission this guy for anything: keep in mind that he doesn't care for your time and will make up any excuse as long as he can get away with it.
  16. Jul. 30th, 2012 at 2:37 PM ivorytigress Who: ChimeraRae on FA/DA Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ChimeraRae/ http://chimerarae.deviantart.com/ What: 73$ Swoobat Plushie. When: May 5th 2012 to now. Proof: Details below. Details: I had contacted ChimeraRae via email after seeing an auction of her's on Furbuy. She very quickly replied back, giving me the timeframe of a week to make. (I honestly didn't think it would take a week, but it made me happy she was excited and happy to take on the project.) She gave me the quote of 60$ + 13$ for shipping, which I paid immediately. I poked her a few days later, asking how things were going. She let me know that she was ordering the fur for the mane online, which I told her I was okay with. On 5/17, she sent me an email saying everything was done, except for the mane, and the eyes. She said she would send me a WIP ASAP. I was really quite excited about the whole thing. I heard nothing, so on May 26th, I sent her an email asking about an update. She responded the same day, explaining how things had gotten hectic in her life. She also said she was still waiting on the fur, but everything was done. I said okay. Later that day, I got a WIP picture. I was so excited to see it. On the 29th, she sent me an email saying she was back in town Thursday, and she hoped the blue fur was there so she could mail him. She also mentioned me getting a final picture so I could make changes if I needed to. May 30th, I contacted her, and I ended up asking her about holding the plush since I was moving June 9th. She said okay. June 10th, she sent me an email asking for my new address. June 12th, I sent her the new address. On the 15th, I contacted her, asking if she shipped the plush. She said she saw my email, and would send it out the next day. On the 22nd, she said she had given the Swoobat to her brother to ship, and he hadn't, and she would ship it out the next day, or Monday. She also mentioned a partial refund, along with a tracking number for when she sent it out. I went ahead and let her know the partial refund wasn't needed, I was just excited to see my plush. On July 2nd, I emailed again, asking if the plush had been shipped. She replied on the 4th, and said it had been shipped out Tuesday, and would get to me late that week, or early next week. I was so excited at that point, so I waited for my plush to arrive in the mail. July 16th. I email her again, because I was worried. She responded the same day, mentioned how it was weird that it wasn't there, and she would email me again in a bit with the address she had on the Fed-Ex Receipt. Later that day, I email asking if she had found the address, and I mentioned how I had noticed I only recieved a single WIP picture. I asked for a picture of the completed plush. She replied, and said she couldn't find the email with my address, and asked me to resend it. She also said she would send me a picture when she found them, because she wanted an example so she could make more, but she doubted she would "just because plushies have become so time-consuming." She then sent another email saying "Btw, WORST case- If I go to FedEx, they can't track her, she got sent to the wrong address, etc. etc., I WILL give you a full refund. Hopefully it doesn't come to that and this is just disorganization on my part, but hopefully that's a bit more peace of mind for you. XD" On the 19th on July, I sent an email asking for proof that she even sent the plush, or a refund, since I had only seen one WIP of the Swoobat. Her reply included an apology, mentioning how sloppy it looked, what she'll do to get organized, etc. and she said if she would get back to me that night or at latest the next day with results, completely ignoring what I had said. (Proof of being sent or refund.) Late the next day (20th) I sent a email just asking for a refund. I get an email back, with more WIPs of the Swoobat (which I didn't ask for) and she mentioned she wasn't able to get a ride from her mother, and would try her brother. If she couldn't get a ride that night or the next day, she would send a refund regardless of where the plush ended up. Extremely irritated and upset at that point, I replied, asking for a refund, and how the entire situation seemed suspicious to me. All I got back for a reponse is "Alright, I understand. I'll transfer first thing after I get paid." Waited several days, then emailed again on the 26th on July, asking when she planned on paying me back. Got a response of she got paid Friday, and would be at the bank by latest Saturday morning. Last I heard, she sent me an email on the 28th asking if my paypal was the same was my email. Which I immediatly responded to her question. The next day (29th) I sent another email asking for my refund. With no reply. Screenshots: First Contact: http://oi45.tinypic.com/9027n6.jpg Payment: http://oi46.tinypic.com/4uxgle.jpg http://oi48.tinypic.com/98v8m1.jpg First Update: http://oi49.tinypic.com/20uwfh0.jpg Second Update: http://oi49.tinypic.com/1fzl6r.jpg Third Update: http://oi45.tinypic.com/25yvrjd.jpg W.I.P picture: http://oi48.tinypic.com/2nh1clg.jpg Back in Town/heads up: http://oi49.tinypic.com/24qjpmx.jpg Asking the plush to be held: http://oi45.tinypic.com/2v26p78.jpg Proof I sent my address: http://oi49.tinypic.com/1znadsx.jpg Saying it would be shipped: http://oi47.tinypic.com/25u1rts.jpg Given the package to her brother: http://oi48.tinypic.com/40rqq.jpg Saying it was shipped: http://oi46.tinypic.com/25576mw.jpg Getting worried: http://oi48.tinypic.com/2qk6mip.jpg Getting worse: http://oi48.tinypic.com/9qfzp3.jpg Worst Case: http://oi49.tinypic.com/29e135h.jpg Ignored email: http://oi48.tinypic.com/2e5lfsj.jpg Second time ignored: http://oi49.tinypic.com/nboxn9.jpg Refund and suspicions: http://oi48.tinypic.com/29xslcm.jpg Asking when she planned on refunding: http://oi47.tinypic.com/2uic36o.jpg Last email recieved: http://oi48.tinypic.com/2lt57qr.jpg I'm sorry if I included too much information, I'm just extremely upset about this entire situation.
  17. Jul. 30th, 2012 at 1:19 AM magicalxsalami WHO: TesxaCoyote on Furaffnity; sneak-theif on Deviantart WHERE: www.furaffinity.net/user/tesxacoyote ; http://sneak-thief.deviantart.com/ WHEN: Today, 7/30/12, around 10:45 pm. Cut because it's long. ( Collapse ) PROOF and EXPLAINATION: So today, 7/29/2012, I (Jack.) went into a livestream hosted by TesxaCoyote on Furaffinity, sneak-thief on DeviantArt, with the promise of mini chibis for $7. Now I thought they were adorable so I totally wanted one. So I asked to be on the list, everything was cool, and when it was my turn I linked the character I wanted. It happened to be this character here, owned by my friend Metz: http://i47.tinypic.com/vwzsdy.jpg Tesxa accepted, drew the character and then asked for my payment which I gladly gave because the artwork was quite beautiful and cute. Then she posted it on her account: http://i50.tinypic.com/2qa7l7n.png I commented on it before I went to save it to my computer and what do I find when I save it? http://i50.tinypic.com/24wgffm.png For some odd reason she found it necessary to title the file "Fuck you this design is awful." Which is not only incredibly immature and rude, but it begs me to ask the question WHY do the commission in the first place if you hate the character? She could've easily just refused to do it. I was still in the livestream at that point, and I said : "did you really hate the design that much? >_>" To which she replied: "OH IT BURNED MY EYES." I left before I could snag a screenshot of that interaction because I was so upset. It wasn't until after that a friend recommended I had done it and suggested I post on Artists Beware. And then the owner of the character, Metz, commented on the submission (beneath my first comment that I put before I saw the file name): http://i46.tinypic.com/2j851x.png and got an immature and rude response in return: http://i45.tinypic.com/dytzxi.png After that she did not communicate with either Metz or I. She could've easily told me that she did not like the character design and that would've been the end of that. I would've picked another character, or left. Instead she had to take a snide, sneaky path that left me, and others, feeling very hurt and upset and made her look bad. And to top that off she did not apologize for her rude behavior. Not a single "sorry" was said. She simply brushed it off like it was not a big deal. Very rude, and highly unprofessional.
  18. Jul. 27th, 2012 at 9:15 PM ext_838095 Who: Daggerswolfbane on FA. Urlich-Ironpaw on DA. Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/daggerswolfbane http://ulrich-ironpaw.deviantart.com/?rnrd=2358 What: Your character here digital commission auction. $12 (proof under cut) When: 4/22/2012 to Current Time Proof ans explanation under cut. Proof Reference 1) Actual Auction: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7807450/ (NSFW) 2) Confirmation of Winning: http://i1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh542/xirisrose/proof14.jpg 3) Request for Update 1: http://i1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh542/xirisrose/proof1.jpg 4) Request for Update 2: http://i1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh542/xirisrose/proof2.jpg 5) Request for Update 3: http://i1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh542/xirisrose/proof3.jpg 6) WIP: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7891070/ (NSFW) If FA links go dead there are screen captures in existence. Explanation: On April 22nd I bid on one of three spot's in a "your character here" auction (Proof 1) for $12 and won (Proof 2). A few days later a work in progress of the piece was streamed on May 1st. The piece was almost completed at the time and was told that additional coloring and shading will be added soon to finish up the image (Proof 6). Since then, on three different events (June 2nd, June 23rd, and July9th) I noted the artist and received no response. In the sent section it showed that the notes had been read and from favorites and comments it shows the artist is on FA every few days. My requests have been intentionally ignored and finally I posted the WIP as a WIP to my profile. It has been 3 months and there are no answers, no completed piece, and no response from the artist. I am still waiting on the final piece.
  19. Jul. 11th, 2012 at 4:00 PM eradragon When I commissioned him, he was a lot more active. Then I saw he was opening animation commissions. This was shortly after an issue I had with ----, so thought I could get it replace with this fellow. This action proved me wrong. Who: bendilin Where: Fur Affinity http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bendilin What: Single character adult animation When: February 25, 2010 was when I sent payment off http://db.tt/7ZlnToVm Proof: Here I am, listed on his front page. http://db.tt/xx61lIYc Along with a friend of mines who I suggested to him, since it was cheap. Has been saying animated for a while now. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8621944/Bendilin/Bendilin5.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8621944/Bendilin/Bendilin6.png Yesterday I got this note from someone saying he was active elsewhere. During the period of when I commission him to present day, he has been avoiding my notes and adding more and more people to his watch list on FA. http://db.tt/fTkx6MBo (http://virgiltexas.com/post/26783536415/tropes-vs-women-in-the-work-of-bendilin-spurr-sonic is the link provided in the screen shot ) Wish I had screen shot his Twitter feed, but at the time I sent him this message, he was in a conversation with someone else. http://db.tt/ncet03Is I go and check his account today to find his twitter account to be gone. So once again, he has high tail it else where. Explain: So I commissioned a animation from Bendilin. Not expecting too much considering the price, but he said he was willing to do it, and accepted my money up front. He was active back when it happened so I thought it would be done at least within a year. After months of no communication, I started sending notes, asking about updates. He did reply once, saying he was working on it, but that was it. when I asked back in April 2011, he never replied back. It was around then I notice more and more people being added to his FA watch list. So he was still active. I did ask one of the FA mods if they could check out to see if he was still active, but they couldn't help. Not a surprise, this being personal matter and not the website problem. Time passed, I would keep checks on it, did ask again, but of course no response. Added his AiM name in hopes of catching him online, but no luck there either. Wasn't until I got an IM from someone over on FA, informing me of an article written about him, which also pointed out his Twitter Feed, which was quite active, with him talking to several people upon the time I caught it. Sent him a message there and like I said before, his twitter account is now gone. So I don't know what... is he hiding from me or people in general. So as of this posting, nothing has been solved. If you see this fellow, be weary of him, as I can safely say, he's a con-artist. Don't know what to do. Can assume, best would be to give up on it, but I still have a slight bit of hope to catch him if anything.
  20. Jul. 11th, 2012 at 12:35 AM zombieyaoi I forgot to edit this a while back. I've modified the lineart in SAI (modified the horns, removed the wings, removed jewelry etc.) and released it as 'free by request' lineart. This is as resolved on my end as it's going to get. WHO: Zephriam on DeviantART. Zephriam on FurAffinity. And another FurAffinity account. Zephriam on Furcadia, among many other alts. I am not sure what alts she has currently, because she's a known trader, but I know she won't part with Zephriam, and I know some alt names are listed in the thread below. WHERE: Art trade between me and her turned commission. WHAT: She asked for character lineart. Agreed price was $12.00. Art can be viewed [ here ] WHEN: 2010. Image was originally submitted on my old deviantART account in August 2010. PROOF: Screenshots of notes are provided here. I am the OP, Lau. EXPLAIN: Originally, this started as an art trade. Then we decided she'd pay me 12 dollars paypal for the art. And then she never paid, and when I tried to contact her about it, repeatedly, she always never had the money or had some sort of crisis. While commissioning and paying other artists. I didn't want to resort to this but I see no other options. All details are explained in the thread linked in "Proof". EDIT: Added DA/FA links. EDIT 2: Added the new FA link as well.
  21. Jul. 10th, 2012 at 3:21 PM crazeetyger WHO: Darius Koopa/DMK WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dmk / http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dariuskoopa WHAT: Art Trade WHEN: Nov. 6, 2011 EXPLAIN: I posted a journal opening up art trades ( http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2885835/ ) and DMK was one of the people who commented. We exchanged info on what we wanted (I do not have those initial notes any longer) and I finished my half a few days later (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6830293/ ). I wasn't working at the time and so I could churn out my art rather quickly. I did not expect him to do the same. Two months later, I hadn't seen or heard about our trade, so I sent hom a quick note: http://i718.photobucket.com/albums/ww187/Jandan_2009/dmk1.png He said he had been busy and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. The following month, still not having heard anything, I shot him another note (I seem to have deleted the one I initially sent) : http://i718.photobucket.com/albums/ww187/Jandan_2009/DMK2.jpg Again, he said his life was hectic. I was moving at the time and understood. The link is a ref sheet. I would send him a note once a month over the next several months: http://i718.photobucket.com/albums/ww187/Jandan_2009/DMK3.jpg http://i718.photobucket.com/albums/ww187/Jandan_2009/dmk4.jpg http://i718.photobucket.com/albums/ww187/Jandan_2009/DMK5.jpg http://i718.photobucket.com/albums/ww187/Jandan_2009/dmk6.jpg He did not respond to this last note, though he read it within an hour or so of my sending it. I waited a month to send the next one. I was annoyed with his excuses and realizing I would most likely not see the art owed, I got a tad bit snippy: http://i718.photobucket.com/albums/ww187/Jandan_2009/dMK7.jpg He offered to email me his sketch. I'm not really sure why I insisted on him uploading it instead. I just felt it would be a bad idea if he had my email. I went out of town a few days later and when I returned, he still had not posted the sketch. I sent him another note, to which he read and ignored.: http://i718.photobucket.com/albums/ww187/Jandan_2009/dmk8.jpg I admit, I was probably too snippy in that last note. But being polite wasn't working and I was asking a direct question in which I wanted a direct yes or no answer. After the second note or so, I did start watching him (to which he watched me in return) . He is very active in his journals, opening up commissions and doing live streams. I understand people need money to live (sad but true) so I didn't want to be too insensitive. Yes, we had a transaction of art instead of money, but art from someone else doesn't pay your bills. I understand that. I just felt I was getting the run around with him and the feeling I would never get the art I was owed. EDIT 7/20: He finished his half and sent me the link today. It's been uploaded to his page. He did apologize in both the note and the artist comments.
  22. Jul. 8th, 2012 at 11:43 AM wingywoof WHO: GeltyDrake WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/geltydrake/ WHAT: $30 color digital, two character commission, with minimal background, no physical work to be mailed EXPLAIN: Multiple conversations via FA notes over the last two years have produced only one rough sketch. Artist has busy work schedule and possibly had health issues in the Fall of 2010. Requests for the artist to finish or refund my money have been met with apologies, but no artwork or refund. Artist continues to take commissions from others and post new artwork. TIMELINE: 01/27/10 (Day 0) - Initial note sent on FA, accepted and paid $30 via Paypal (Images a,b,c,d) 04/07/10 (Day 70) - Artist apologizes for delays and sends proof sketch, which I approve (Images e,f,sketch) 10/09/10 (Day 255) - I ask for another update, artist apologizes again and offers his MSN messenger info to stay in touch (I don't use MSN messenger, but it was a nice gesture) (Images j,k,l,m) 05/26/11 (Day 484) - Artist deletes his gallery and journals, but the next day apologizes and starts over (Image journals) 09/23/11 (Day 604) - I ask for an update, artist is apologetic and promises to work on it, I thank them for their honesty (Images g,h,i) 12/31/11 (Day 703) - I contact artist and ask where I am in his list of commissions (Image n) 01/03/12 (Day 706) - No response to my last note, but artist posts a journal with commission waiting list (Image journal) 06/19/12 (Day 874) - I formally request a refund, artist is sincerely sorry, but insists on finishing the commission next week (06/26/12) but does not respond to my question if it's not ready, will he give me a refund (Images o,p,q,r,s,t,u) 06/28/12 (Day 883) - I contact artist again, no response (Image v) 07/04/12 (Day 889) - I contact artist again, no response (Image w) 07/08/12 (Day 893) - This post
  23. Jul. 7th, 2012 at 6:47 AM aperturefox I haven't posted here before, so I apologize for any mistakes. About two months ago (I believe on May 4th), I commissioned someone at an anime con for two tails, one of my fursona, and one of my fiance's. I paid upfront VIA cash- 90$. I only have the one email she sent of the night for proof of this whole thing. Ever since that email she sent, I had not heard from her since, even though after I tried to contact her at times. I do not know what's going on, if she lost internet or something. Quite frankly, I know nothing. The rest is under the cut. EDIT: (4/14/13): Sent her another email, plus I contacted her VIA Etsy, where her recent upload was around March of this year. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/266/alik.png/ EDIT: I sent her another email a few days ago, and this is what I got: http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/Baka_Koori_Kitsune/akijs.png Was about a week ago, but I have not heard back yet. EDIT: I was going to email her today, but my hotmail wouldn't work. Finally I got this on my phone, and now hotmail works! It must have known. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/Baka_Koori_Kitsune/Capture-2.png WHO: Aliks Cosplay http://www.alikscosplay.com/ http://www.etsy.com/shop/AliksCosplay WHERE: BAMCon- '12. First anime con in Pittsfield, MA. Took place probably around 2-6 PM on May 4th. I paid up front, 90.00$ WHAT: I ordered two tails to be made for my fiance and myself of our fursona. She said because of the markings, it would come to 90$ all together, ship included. When we were talking to her, she asked for my email which I promptly gave to her, which she emailed me from her phone asking me for the reference sheets for the tails. WHEN: We started transactions on the 4th. As stated I paid her 90.00$ up front in cash. I don't have a receipt, just the emails. The first email was sent to me asking about our references, stated here. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/Baka_Koori_Kitsune/screen1.png After that, I sent her the email containing the two references. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/Baka_Koori_Kitsune/screen2.png After I sent her that, she said that she had received it on her phone. I forgot she said that honestly (I have a crappy memory), and sent her an email about 13 days later. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/Baka_Koori_Kitsune/screen3.png So I waited. Then, I sent her another email a couple weeks later. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/Baka_Koori_Kitsune/Screen4.png Then, I sent her this today. Now, I tried to not be rude, to be truthful I'm just really awkward at typing these emails, because I feel I sound 'pushy' when I really don't mean to be. I realize now I probably could have worded this better, and if she does read it, she probably is pretty mad. I'm sorry, I really tried to be professional about it. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/Baka_Koori_Kitsune/Screen5.png This was sent today PROOF: Other than the emails I really don't have one. She didn't give me a receipt to my phone, or anything. EXPLAIN: I tried to e-mail her within a couple weeks so she didn't feel like she was being hounded. I have no idea if she's getting them, if something happened, or what. She never did ask for my address to ship, but that might have slipped her mind. I have her etsy/website, but I don't think they have been updated in a while. I don't hate her, I'm not spiteful towards her, I just really want either my money back, or my tails.
  24. Jul. 6th, 2012 at 9:22 PM intervivos_2 WHO: TheSassyJessy/CelestetheHedgehog/Palette Swap http://askpalette-swap.tumblr.com/ http://celestethehedgehog.deviantart.com/ http://thesassyjessy.deviantart.com/ WHERE: deviantart and is also on tumblr WHAT: 5 traditional sketches, then later on changed last sketch to a 3 full pics of a pony character to make up for the wait WHEN: July 12th 2011 is when I contacted her, she acccepted, payment was sent on the 15th of the same month. PROOF: Original DA notes confirming the commissions(s) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/cellydanote1.png Paypal statement: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/cellypaypal.png journals saying she was going to leave her account once commissions were done; other journal saying she was going to stay and remind her of who commissioned her http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/cellyjournals.png skype chat after finding her new account recently http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/cellyskype1.png http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/cellyskype2.png two notes I tried sending her for updates, both read, but no replies http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/cellynote1.png http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/cellynote2.png I can also get MSN chat logs, though there isnt too much info in them. the only thing is I asked her via MSN for one more sketch which she confirmed. And this is pretty much what any attempt to contact her looks like https://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/celly%20skype.png EXPLAIN: I commissioned her around a year ago now, her username on deviantart was CelestetheHedgehog. She was doing a sale on sketches so I thought I'd get a few, if I recall she was having money issues. I contacted her a little bit after her sale, on July 11th by note, and she accepted. I sent her payment a few days later, and she got to work. Not too long after, I got the first sketch from her, and was very pleased with it. She said she'd work on the next ones soon, so I waited. I didn't use MSN much, which was one of the only ways to contact her, but I tried to sign on every once in awhile to see if she had anything new. I never managed to get online at the same time she did, so I dropped her a DA note to see if she would see it and reply. It took her awhile, but she got back to me, saying she had 2 more sketches, and would give them to me that night when she scanned them. I got online and poked her, and she gave me 2 sketches, I was pleased with them. I trusted she was going to finish the others at this point, so I gave her some time. I tried to pop on MSN now and then, to see if she had anything for me. I never saw her online again after that. I had just figured she wasn't around when I was, so I tried to shoot her a DA note. No reply. Eventually, she made a journal saying that anyone who commissioned her should note her to remind her of what they had gotten so she could finish it ASAP. Alright. I noted her again. No reply. Pretty sure she at least read it. I was kinda upset at this point, still popped on MSN now and then to see if she was there, nothing. I eventually found out she had moved accounts, and didn't even tell me, as well as I assume anyone else who commissioned her. Turns out she had become a pony artist, and had her own ask blog on Tumblr, AskPalette-Swap. I was pretty upset, it's probably one of the worst things a commissioner can do is change accounts and not tell people who paid you. Doing that just seems like you're fleeing. After I found out who she was, saw she had been posting quite a bit to her ask blog, I noticed her name pop up on Skype, in which I promptly IMed her, asking about things. She took awhile to reply, but she finally did, and apologised. She said she had the rough sketches, and that she would even draw some pictures, full color, of my pony to make up for the wait. I was pleased to hear this. She said she was sick, but would show me the pics later in the night after she woke up from a nap. Later that night, I got no message. I waited for a week or so, I figure I'd give her time to heal from being sick. But I heard nothing from her, at all. But I noticed one thing, she kept posting to her ask blog just fine. Drawing or streaming every day. I was incredibly upset at this point. I tried so hard to get to her, I even consider her a friend, I know her from a long time ago. And she just treats me like this. It doesn't seem like she cared at all about getting things done, which is weird. She had worked so fast before. I ended up sending her a few messages on skype again, one asking for an update. Sent it at around 5 PM, no reply. Noticed at around 1 AM she posted a picture to her pony blog. IMed her again. No reply, so I sent her a message letting her know how I feel. Took her forever to reply, but she did, saying she was sorry and would work on the pics soon. I eventually got 2 of the last promised pics, but I'm still waiting on one, which apaprently just needs some color. I keep waiting, trying to contact her on skype, and on tumblr, no replies, ever. I'm pretty sure she's ignoring me, since I see her change her skype icon quite a bit. To add to the frustration, she opened up MORE commissions on her pony blog, and even finishes them before mine. She even draws things for 4chan. It's frustrating, this honestly has to be the most frustrating commissioner I have ever had to deal with. I try my hardest to keep in contact, and be polite, but I just can't deal with this anymore. Is it really that hard to just finish the work? She said she just had to color it. And refuses to stay in contact with me or reply to me. So I'm posting this here. It's just upset me so much, especially since she used to be so good at delivering art. I tried to be nice since she's a friend, but I don't want to be treated like this. u_u I wouldn't have been so bothered if I just got an update. I've waited pretty long for commissions but it doesn't bug me as much as long as the person stays in contact so I know they don't just run off. I'll probably get the last pic eventually, but I feel this attitude towards commissioners is uncalled for.
  25. Jul. 6th, 2012 at 10:52 AM frostfoot WHO: Marbles Skunk http://www.furaffinity.net/user/marblesbravetail/ http://www.facebook.com/MarblesBravetail WHERE: Over FA and, briefly over Facebook. WHAT: A pre-made Coatimundi Character in which she was selling with another character,. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6935026/ http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3383844/ The beginning of the transaction: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7830188/ WHEN: Roughly Two months ago, I saw Marbles was selling a few characters, one of them 'Tori', a coatimundi, caught my eye and I inquired about a price, which is where the transaction started (on the submission advertising the character.) Submission page offering character for sale -http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7830188/ (Our initial conversation can be seen in the comments.) Screencap(s) of comments : 1:) http://i1117.photobucket.com/albums/k590/Serallis/marblesbeginning.png 2.) http://i1117.photobucket.com/albums/k590/Serallis/marblesbeginning2.png -Then I paid on May 5th, 2012. Paypal screenshot: http://i1117.photobucket.com/albums/k590/Serallis/1111marblespaymentpaypal.png I waited for a while, then a few things happened (unrelated life things) and I ended up forgetting all about the character purchase until very recently, last tuesday; (July 2nd) I decided to give her a friendly poke/reminder on facebook to check in. A day passed, nothing, she had been active on facebook, 'liking' things and made a comment to someone. Feeling worried that I was being blown off, I sent a second poke that night, this time voicing my concerns, this is where the situation escalates; 1.) Screencap 1/2 .) http://i1117.photobucket.com/albums/k590/Serallis/marblesscreenshot1-1.png 2.) Screencap 2/2 ) http://i1117.photobucket.com/albums/k590/Serallis/marblesscreenshot2-1.png As seen in the screenshot, I was met with attitude and swears and aggression. Despite being taken back, and a bit insulted, I tried to approach the situation as civil as possible. I decided there, by her attitude and failure to deliver initially, that I wanted a full refund, as I had not even used the character anyways. She accused me of shorting her on an (unrelated) refund issued recently. I tried to explain a bit of why the payments ere either cents or a few dollars short (paypal fee.) She refunded me in full (17 usd) then on the note of "Fine I sent it back now leave me alone." Although I was refunded in full after a bit of negotiating, I feel her behavior and attitude alone warrants a beware here. Very off putting in a transaction. PROOF: (See above section.) EXPLAIN: (See above section, ) EDIT: Edited the screenshot links to hide involved parties (real) names
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