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  • Beware: Kiromu / KiromusCreations

    • Who: Kiromu_uwu, KiromusCreations, digiornopizza, ketchup.soda
      Where: https://www.reddit.com/user/Kiromu_uwu/
      When: 05/30/2022
      What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    Full-body plantigrade fursuit commission commissioned on May 30th 2022 which until today (June 21st 2024) has not been delivered.

    First contact was on Reddit as a comment to my post where I was looking to gather information on how expensive a fursuit of my fursona would be, see reddit post below


    /u/Kiromu_uwu responded with prices:

    I've decided to contact them via DMs on reddit.


    Previous work was shown on Discord. (Note: Their TikTok account has been suspended for reasons unknown)


    We discussed further details, then agreed to sign a simple contract. It entails a 50% down payment.

    First payment occurred on May 30th 2022, second payment on October 4th 2022.

    Fursuit updates were regular, on average once every month, enough to keep me satisfied. Progress was well communicated through Discord, even setbacks.


    This was kept up until early 2024, where communication ceased, right after personal issues were mentioned and at the same time affirmed that they have recovered from said issues on April 7th. March 10th is the last time I got any proper fursuit progress updates.


    April 7th was the last time they sent any message.


    I kept requesting updates, having grown anxious from their mention of medical issues, attempting contact via E-Mail even. Unfortunately, I have not received any response for several months now, even though I saw their status on Discord being online playing video games.



    Unfortunately, due to PayPal not accepting disputes/ claims for transactions older than 180 days, and my bank not considering chargebacks for transactions older than 13 months, I am unable to recover my funds. I left a final message on Discord, no longer believing any resolution can be reached.


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