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  1. Not that my twitter is that hard to find, but he found it and sent me this to get around the ban/block from FurAffinity. Now I get to report and block him on yet another site.
  2. Yup, FA support got back with me earlier today. Appears things are resolved for the time being, just hope they learned their lesson and things don't continue in the future.
  3. Understood, if I have any future bewares I'll be mindful of this. Also now dealing with block evasion from the user.
  4. Thank you, I'll give this a shot. As a general update, the artist has fully complied with my wishes to have the art removed from their own gallery. They have been very understanding and helpful in this process. They were tricked, so please do not blame them for anything.
  5. Yup, what a wonderful news to wake up to lol. So now using my characters in revenge murder fantasies isn't enough, they're tracing art too now A quick update: the artist has removed the two previous bits of art from their gallery. Still waiting on FA support to get back with me about EhJay.
  6. Judging from the short interactions I've had with the artist English isn't their first language either, but still they appeared to be understanding with my side of things. The user probably passed off my ref sheet as their own and the artist had no way of knowing it wasn't the commissioner's.
  7. I've sent a couple messages the artist, so there is some back and forth. They've apologized and appeared to be understanding. I've asked them to remove the two commissions in question but I'm giving them a couple days before I ask again. Never know how busy someone is. If nothing happens after that I'll get in touch with FA support again. I'm waiting on a reply from FA support (only sent the ticket in yesterday) regarding the user who did this, hoping at the very least they force those two images off the site if not outright ban the user.
  8. So, to start off with, the stuff here will be quite NSFW (Gore, porn). Just a head's up. Some months back I had a user on my FurAffinity page comment on one of the commissions I had uploaded. The content of this comment was inappropriate and disturbing, so I removed it and then blocked the user. My reference sheet for the character in question is available on my account, it's a submission anyone where anyone with an account that can see mature/adult content view it if they so desired to. The link is below: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19500037/ This is relevant because the user I blo
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