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  1. There is a person who is using images from elsewhere (because I recognize some of them) and after searching further I can prove they are pretending to be an artist and scamming people for their money. BUT I was not in any transaction with them. I did not lose any money, but I'm seeing people give away their money to this person they have faith in. Can I make a beware of this person?
  2. I commissioned a fursuit maker for something (an item they had in their sales post) and they clarified they either had those same materials they used to make another of what was in their sales post or could get more.I see the final result and the materials used look nothing like what I asked them about. I was told I'm wrong and the item is the exact same (Its not, i've asked around in case it was just me). I requested a refund. They told me I will not get a refund until they've made a profit and the item sells. They have not replied to my latest message since but I am giving them a few days.
  3. Thank you for the support on our beware post. We totally learned from our mistakes and from now on we're definitely sending works with watermarks and even check on future clients better before accepting a commission quote to avoid further drama.

    It’s really heartwarming to see that more people understand what we’re dealing with and for that we would like to thank you again ❤️

  4. Yes this. The client has no hold over the final design because the artist created it, all they gave were stock photos and asked the artist to make something of it. And what they made didn't even come from the mood board so they need to quit using that as some sort of hold against them. The client does not have any right to keep the design.
  5. An update! We did make contact back in September. They've opted to push back my work because of weather and bigger projects they've already slotted for completion. Gave me an estimate of Jan2020 (I had to ask for a date because initially they didn't give me one). So I didn't prod or push between then, only making sure things were still on track in October to make sure they'ed follow through. I haven't heard anything since October and have sent an email sometime mid January and another as of today.
  6. Still trying, still keeping hopeful. Maker oh maker, where have you gone?!

  7. Twitter was where I was contacting them before their email got spotty and quiet. I had a friend try and reach out to them via Facebook and they were able to contact them to ask about my stuff until around May. Not that it was helpful anyway as they just kept telling them I was "Next in queue". I'll try and DM them via Instagram, thank you! Haven't considered contacting the cons they sell at, didn't know it was an option. I'm giving it until Friday before I try as I sent an email through their website Monday and DMed them on instagram.
  8. Someone showed me a link to their website and an email that is different from the ones on their FA, so I'll try both I suppose and see what happens.
  9. Thanks for that! Looks like their DA hasn't been used much compared to the other ones, I'll keep a eye on their youtube and may try contact there since they seem to stream sometimes.
  10. Hello, I am in need of help finding an artist by the name of Missrars (originally going by Kurauno). The way of contact I had with them via Twitter/FA does not seem to work any more. I paid them 3 years back for a head mold, two RTF bases and a resin base for me and a friend and have not been able to reach the artist for some time. The last post I saw from them on Twitter was back in May 2019 (Direct messaging was back in November 2018). I'm aware they're still active somewhere as they update their Twitter tag for cons and I've seen posts where people have purchased parts from them at cons as
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