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  1. I'm just wondering how I should approach this or what I should say as getting them to say anything about my commission in the past was difficult, and I'm afraid badgering them about it will make them just up and disappear again or something. Idk, maybe I'm just letting my anxiety get the best of me, I feel like I'm in a no win situation here 😕
  2. So this artist that owes me art had disappeared a year ago and has recently turned up again under a different name. Looking through their twitter they said they'll contact people they owe, but I haven't gotten a message from them. They recently uploaded art for someone but idk if it's old owed work or a new commission. Idk how to approach this, wait for them to contact me? Or contact them first, idk what to say. I want a refund from them, not the art.
  3. Idk if this is the right place to put this, but this artist has shown up again under a new name (new twitter, FA, and DA). Should I update, or have the mods update the beware I made on this person? I can provide proof of it
  4. Oh, weird, my paypal shows names and emails. When people commission me I tell them to include their paypal email in what they send, even if they're repeat customers. Maybe that's a thing you could do in the future? Or do as Xaila said and keep their name and info somewhere, maybe in a google sheet or something. I hope this gets cleared up soon for you, and I really suggest you listen to what Bornes has said, you really shouldn't reward people that shouldn't be rewarded
  5. Isn't there an option within paypal to force the refund? If the exchange is not through email ask them if you and them could continue it through email 'because it's easier for you' (even if it's not the case). Then see if the email they use matches any of the payments in paypal, if it does force the refund and then block them. It's really not worth the stress and your wrist needs to rest.
  6. I don't usually show sketch edits of YCHs because the post I made regarding the YCH has the sketch base in it already. That combined with the fact that they handed be their entire FA gallery as their reference(they have less than a page of pics though), with differing styles for the cheek fluff, so I assumed leaving the fluff style I already had would be fine (it's bad to assume though >.>). And the "2 triangles" on the cheeks was actually represented in some of their pics, so I edited it to, again, what was represented in the gallery. All in all, I worked with what I was given, still sh
  7. I feel that maybe the fumble is on both of us equally. Most artists do have a TOS, so commissioners, I feel, should at least be aware of that, and that each commission they buy is not a "no strings attached" type of thing. I don't hide my TOS, it's easy to find. But I really SHOULD have posted it in the YCH post, so I guess I did fail at that. Though I'm always one to look for the TOS and ask questions first before buying, I shouldn't assume others to the same I guess ?
  8. (Note, they didn't give me specific references, just linked to their FA account) 1. The first edit was free, I looked through their gallery (a few times actually) and noticed the cheek fluff is in a variety of styles, though the triangle spike style did show up a few times, but since other pics showed a kinda normal look to it, I just decided not to change what I already had. And when they asked for an edit to include the little triangle spikes, I did it without issue. The exact sentence they used was " Just the 2 little triangle spikes on each side will do it." And that's exactly what I
  9. So I sold a multi-slot YCH a couple weeks ago, and all takers have been happy with the completed images, but one wanted an edit. They described the edit as needing "2 triangle spikes" on the cheeks (it's a pokemon OC), and that's exactly what I did and asked if it looked better, I did not ask for an extra charge on that edit. They came back to me and said I was close and then kinda edited the image itself to show me what they wanted, which was not 2 triangle spikes specifically, more like fur hanging down clumped into two chunks, and they said to replicate what I did with the hair on the cheek
  10. Yup, I know of that one, but it's been dead longer than the Nycket account since they lost the password for it when FA did that password rest thingie a while back.
  11. I didn't know they had a history of it, this is the first time I've seen them do this.
  12. Feb 22 2016 Nycket uploaded the babyshower YCH, they said they lowered the price to $60 because no one was interested in buying it before at a higher price. Feb 23 2016 I commented letting them know I was interested but I was going to wait in case anyone else wanted the the spot. Feb 24 2016 I bought slot #2 for $60 in the babyshower YCH, paid that same day. Jan 07 2017 I had not been given any updates on the YCH since I had bought it, except for seeing it being worked on once in stream. This Trello card was the last documented update on the babyshower YCH. My ch
  13. Alright. I'll try to write one up this weekend
  14. It's been a week since I sent the email and still no response, and I doubt I'll get one. I also sent a shout on their FA page today, though I doubt that will get me anywhere either. Idk if it's be worth making a beware on them at this point? Do disappearing artists actually turn up again after a year or more absence? Idk if it's even worth pursuing this any longer, like, I'm not even mad, just really disappointed ?
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