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  1. I cannot believe the unprofessional actions of the seller. I'm a heavy asthmatic that if I even opened that box in my house I would be looking for my inhaler, but people who are worse off could possibly need a trip to the doctor's office during this pandemic. It also sets off a ton of red flags about other issues mentioned such as a shared paypal and selling the base/head again before it was back in the seller's possession. It could get damaged in the mail, pieces could end up missing if the box gets opened in transit (breaking open due to rough handling, etc.), it could even be heavily delayed and not show up for a week after its delivery date leaving everyone involved wondering where it went (our local postal system is a week behind and currently too short staffed to keep the online trackers updated correctly). Hopefully this will all resolve smoothly for you OP.
  2. According to the pinned post on his twitter page, his dog died back in August. It seems like he had buyer's remorse the next morning instead of his dog suddenly getting sick.
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