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  1. Where is this patch (head, body, hands) and is it like that all the time? Even with high quality fur you can still see the backing if you part the fibers.
  2. No direct links please! If users want to see the journal they can head over there themselves (don't bring up this beware as that is between OP and the artist)
  3. Anjel (anjel_kitty) wrote in artists_beware, @ 2018-11-27 05:13 Teahound/Shroom Yeen When and Where: Furlandia 2018 What: badge for 20 dollars At Furlandia this past year, I commissioned @ShroomYeen for a 20 dollar traditional badge when I met up with them working in the artist alley. I remembered them from the days of 'yore here on LJ, and wanted to support an artist that I knew from before who lived close to where I lived now. ShroomYeen was very affable at first, and I even invited them to some of the events in the local area since we lived in the same town. But after the con
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