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  • Commissioner Beware: KuroThePone

    • Who: KurothePone
      Where: http://twitter.com/kurothepone
      When: 03/14/2019
      What: Commission

    @kurothepone to @kurovrchat to @kurolatex to @kurooof to @kurosuccubuss to @kurosuccubusVR

    Accepted a commission from this dude. He commented on my art one day, decided to look at his FA profile since I'd never seen it before. whatever.

    , I noticed that he was having thoughts of selling his character.


    had commisioner in the past was having falling out w/he community while commission was in queue, I ended up refunding them b/c didn't want to deal with the drama, honestly thought it be best if that was how it ended.

    This is commisino he wants for me


    thats his character that he wants me to draw. the same one hes selling. didnt want to deal w/the possibility that by the time i reach his comm in queue (~200 from my pi day sale) i'd have to be dealing with a new owner who maynt like the commission or whatever

    this is the response i got





    after chnging his twittler handle multiple times

    he threatens to dox me for posting my negative experience w/him on twitter


    after which, he did dox me on my public post and then threatened me more in dms which i have legal grounds to have him arrested for. however, he deleted my twitter messages. idk if this is twitter or if it's b/c i blocked him but all messages i sent him and he sent me are gone. i do have the emails that twitter has sent to me of each dm he sent, though, so if he continues, i will contact law enforcement in germany regarding his blatant violation of the law.

    please dont support bad behaviour like this.

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    I want to note preemptively that while Kuro is welcome to participate in our comments, if he attempts to post any doxxing or any threads in relation to Kiwi Farms he will be automatically banned.  That trash is not welcome here.

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    They got mad because... you gave them their money back. Regardless of the reason, thats not something to be mad about? Just say "Oh, okay. Thank you anyway.", and move on.


    Good lord, the hostility is strong. 😕 Im so sorry you had to deal with this.

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    So sorry you had to deal with that.
    Kuro has been in a couple discord servers I have been in and typically causes nothing but drama. 
    Glad you were able to refund him before any charge-backs were done against you!

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    I just don't understand his point of view. He's selling the character, why would he want to buy more art? Then got hostile when his money was given back. Most of the stories you read is artists keeping the money, but you followed correct business etiquette.

    Trunch you did the right thing and posting this negative experience to AB was a good call too.


    Also, he posted an 8ch link, lol. I hope he complains about you, more publicity for people who think this guy is a joke.

    I originally found you on 8ch many years ago (when I used it), we actually had a nice conversation. Weird to think that some peeps on the site turned on you for differing opinions. Sure you're vocal, but no one deserves to be doxxed for it, or even attempted to be doxxed


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