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  1. The same thing happened with my boyfriend when he commissioned him. He at one point told my boyfriend that he works on commissions in no particular order and will work on what he feels like when he feels like it. He made it sound like he only works on stuff that's he's interested in. So if he doesn't like your idea I guess you might be waiting for a long time. I also remember that he did not provide a sketch for approval and only provided line work, and when my boyfriend asked for changes Strype wanted an additional $75 because he does the line work by hand and would have to "start over" to make any changes. He waited about 3 months before asking another update then trying to obtain a refund. The two of them eventually worked it out and my boyfriend got his money back and agreed to let Strype keep $75 for the line work he did. It was a terribly painful ordeal. For someone as popular as Strype not having a ToS baffled me, I was immediately concerned when I could not find any traces when I went digging around for them during my boyfriends ordeal. I feel for you, and for anyone who has (or currently is) dealing with his random policies and aloofness. TL;DR Boyfriend had similar issues with the artist that resulted in the artist losing their cool. Ditto on the "I urge you to stay away from this artist at all costs, at the very least until they possess a ToS to prevent what happened to me, from happening to you."
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