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  1. thanks for your time and advice. 🙂 I did, but still held back just incase the commissioner does return. But times up now. I also considered on maybe selling prints on DA trying to make up my loss that way, too.
  2. Thank you for taking time in replying, and your advice. I Totally agree, and why i had my ref updated the beginning of this year, so it won't happen again. Though ill have to update the part about Paypal, too. Its true some clients were put off by the idea of using Western Union, but I didn't had a choice in these parts of the world where i live. So I'm just glad I've finally got a working Paypal now. The image in the email was a low res - quality cam shot to provide proof, and never received the full image. but even that didn't spark or inspire the urge to pay to get the full better
  3. Here is the final artwork https://www.deviantart.com/blue4eagle/art/Vixongoddess-Comm-775141273 VixonAzaria came to me beginning of last year (2018) on Deviantart. Sadly what I've replied to her is not visible for the first 3 notes, she seem to have erased them when she replied. on the 4th reply she left them in. From here you can see my replies. I believe I did send more messages on DA after these, but no replies, it's been a year. And sadly Deviantart doesn't show note reference you've send, except only when repl
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