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  1. Yeah, I don't think they use their Redbubble anymore, their Steam's just gone, and I used the email posted on their Trello (which they deleted all of their cards on btw, I know for a fact I was on it) for my previous post and for the first time I emailed them as well. Discord's a bust also. It seems they've left all their social media accounts and Idk if they're actually gone or just using a different name. It makes me wonder though if I'm not the only one they've done this to, otherwise why would they run off like this?
  2. Also, as one final attempt to hopefully resolve the issue, I've emailed them this beware post. I will post another update if I receive any response.
  3. Yeah, except after they left Instagram they were still kinda on DeviantArt ONLY until i tried contacting them there. They also still have a couple other profiles on other websites too but they haven't posted anything in the last year or so and I doubt they even check them anymore.
  4. Also, I should mention that they used for their PayPal is invalid as well, as the custom domain it used is no longer registered. I attempted to contact them using this email as well and the delivery failed. (I would've added this in the original post but thought I deleted the email showing the delivery failure)
  5. TLDR: I Paid for a commission I never received Back in mid 2017 I came across a post on Furry Amino from CanineVomit offering animated icon commissions. Interested, I contact them and we work out the details, with the payment being made on July 16, 2017. Fast forward maybe a few months and the end up announcing that they were leaving Furry Amino and tell their commissioners to email them (I don't have any screenshots from Amino as when they deleted their account their portion of the chat dialog was deleted as well). I do so and never get a response. After some time passes, I ended up finding them on Instagram and re-establishing contact there. After a bit of panic due to lost contact everything seems fine. More time passes and I hear nothing further from them again, and the same thing happens. They respond, everything's fine, but THIS time this is the last I hear back from them. I attempt a few more times to message them on Instagram after a while of not hearing anything but they never respond. Eventually they also end leaving Instagram like they did Furry Amino but without leaving any contact info for commissioners (They did leave their account up with the name "doggydeadd" for a bit but completely deleted it shortly after). I find them on DeviantArt and, like with Instagram, I attempt to contact them again. After a few attempts, they deactivate their account without even responding.
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