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  1. WanNya

    Beware: Yajuuu

    Yeah; ended up having to note them again (which I wish I could have avoided cause it just made me more irritated). At least it's settled now and i can go back to life again without that headache = .=;
  2. WanNya

    Beware: Yajuuu

    We can only hope so. It's quite sad too since they were an artist I would have loved to look up to, but guess it's best I see their true colors now rather than later on down the road where the betrayal would be too painful to bear. This whole situation could have been dealt with way back and as you stated. She could have just told me the truth and canceled the project. I would not have mind waiting to reschedule again at a later time! Instead they kept giving unrelated excuses and empty promises (oh and lets not forget the permaband they placed on me lol). I really hope that, for the sake of other peoples sanities, future customers of hers don't have to go through such a horrible experience. Ah, I wouldn't really know the going ons there since I'm 'banned' from ever viewing their works, that is most definitely not something you'd want to bring into the workforce. Especially when those types of fields involve lots of paying clients who expect projects to be done / completed on set deadlines in a timely manner. Excuses and crappy attitudes will be one of the fastest ways to see yourself out the door.
  3. WanNya

    Beware: Yajuuu

    Haha, should have said that instead of posting this: not "slightly leaving" but clearly states "NO LONGER ON FA, SORRY <3" It also still does not change the fact that they are only taking to "their clients", which I am no longer considered. I am not going out of my way chasing down an artist that did me wrong ^ w^
  4. WanNya

    Beware: Yajuuu

    That is not %100 guaranteed for even if they do decide to come back and "check up on friends art or posts journals". They more than likely will just ignore any future notes I send and perhaps even go ahead and block me on there too after they realize they forgot to do so before storming off.
  5. WanNya

    Beware: Yajuuu

    Yes, and if they ever do "check... occasionally or whatever", I will be sure to keep you up to date on events.
  6. WanNya

    Beware: Yajuuu

    I only wish I had seen this post well before I placed my commission in with them. I would have loved to do that but sadly it was with paypal; which is connected directly to my bank account and not a credit card... guess I should also switch that around for future commissions I make. I take it that there is no way to ever see this list unless they've given direct access to it huh?
  7. WanNya

    Beware: Yajuuu

    It is very sad that things have turned out the way they have and I can only regret ever having bothering to commission them in the first place (should have done my homework first U _U' ) That still is not a good business practice when dealing with customers who are paying you for something that was stated to be given within a certain time frame. For months during what little correspondence I managed to make with Yajuuu they would reply with 'you'll get your wip in a week' never at all mentioning they were having issues in the notes we exchanged. My issue isn't so much that she was missing due dates so much as the utter lack of communication. Had she told me herself that she was going through a rough patch I would be far more lenient; I have many friends in the art community who have or are going through terrible situations and need the reprieve of not being hounded for stuff but THEY had the courtesy of letting me know without me having to all but ghost their journals and submissions and social media for any sort of update. As an artist taking money she needs to also take the responsibility that comes with it. I did not ask her for anything unreasonable, I wasn't even the one to establish the timeframe - that was all her. We are now EIGHT MONTHS in since the initial commission so I think my feelings are well and truly justified. She sets a bad precedent for other artists with her actions because now she's possibly run off with money for work she didn't complete and has blocked me and my friends from establishing any form of dialogue. So forgive me if I am not at all sympathetic.
  8. WanNya

    Beware: Yajuuu

    Very much so for I was not being rude or harassing them whatsoever. I don't know fully what goes on in their life, for I am not the type to pry, but none of these "issues" were brought to my attention when I asked them about commissions process. I can only bet people would get upset with them when weeks, even months, go by and they receive no word on the status of their piece they paid for. I feel that was there intention all along for once the 6 month grace period is up, you cannot file a chargeback through paypal and can only hope that the artist keeps to their word and eventually return the funds.
  9. Had commissioned this artist back in July of 2018; the piece was a 3 character Studio Ghibli themed pic of my character as well as two of my friends. Here are screen caps of payment: At first I was super ecstatic about getting this piece because I really adored this artist and at the time, they were seeking funds to help them out via a journal (which they conveniently deleted before I could take screenshots of it). After payment was sent, I noted them asking if they had gotten the funds in which they replied yes and a WIP would be sent shortly (1 to 2 weeks). I figured at the time all was good: Some time goes by so I send them a reminder note and they state that, yet again, they will have a WIP for me soon: More time goes by and still no WIP and no reply from the artist. I get a little worried but don't think too much on it because, as an artist myself, I know how commissions can sometimes take a bit more time and personal life can throw some unexpected loops. I send another reminder note, this time letting them know that this is a shared piece and others did pay for it as well and if things are going to be too much for them to handle, they can just cancel the piece and we'd be fine with a refund: They quickly reply that they will get it done by Dec. or so: ... and yet I wait more: Still did not get a reply. My note is ignored and I figure, they are busy yet again. I myself get a bit distracted with my own commissions and personal life. When I catch back up on things, I still haven't received a reply from the artist but I do seem them uploading art. At this point, it's already well past 6 months and so I tell my friend that we may never get the piece and should each note them letting the artist know that we would like to get a refund. Soon after my friend notes them, I get this note from Yajuuu: I was shocked at this reply, especially since my friend told me that the artist told them how they were going through medical issues and such at the time and etc. (which they not once mentioned to me this whole time mind you). My reply to they're outlash: I was actually hoping that things would be different and give them another chance, but after being informed and seeing another artist post a beware on them, a few weeks before I had put in a commission with them, I changed my mind. I told them I would like a full refund on the $110 but as you can see, they tried to talk me out of it: I replied again: After this, they then agree to refund me but I have to wait another 3 months before they can send the payment. They also pretty much black list me then and there from commissioning them ever again: I acknowledge this and also take note of the date. Soon after this note was sent. They leave FA and later block me on their twitter account; I wasn't talking to them there. I managed to screen cap this before the block: So irritating that they make it sound as if they left because people were being "mean to them" and not the fact that they failed to keep their commissioners up to date, failed to give updates on works and pretty much played around with others money. Yajuuu even went as far as to also block anyone who was in association with me after informing them of a negative outcome with them (wanting to push for a refund). If they were watching me or I watching them on the site, they were automatically blocked. Now I'm afraid that I may never get my money back for there is no way for me to contact them when the date comes and there may be a possibility of them not keep their prommis of them refunding me at this specific date. Edit: Additional screencaps added on behalf of the OP by moderation staff.
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