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  1. Thanks for replying, Smu. I also wanted to clarify a few things; Yes, I did receive my corrected art piece today shortly after I was messaged regarding my Beware post itself via FurAffinity. The issue here for me as a customer was not that you forgot to correct it, it was how I was treated to begin with. Regardless of the technical error, I felt that the blame for the mistakes were on me for my "poor quality" reference when all could have been avoided if you had asked me for another file or image since that one wasn't easy to use. The response I was given was very harsh and made me want to avoid further communication. I was not given a time frame for the correction and I was honestly nervous to bother you again. I cut my losses and moved on. I also wanted to state that I did reply to you and I was the one to reach out about the mistakes. The last reply I had received from you is above about how you'd fix the image when you could get to it. I responded and thanked you, stated I've never had that issue before, and left it open to discussion, but you never continued. That said, I understand life gets in the way; I do appreciate you contacting me, apologizing, and fixing my art piece.
  2. Yeah, that attitude is incredibly unwelcoming..
  3. Oh my. This is particularly frustrating; especially after meeting them face to face as well. And such a price. :c I hope you can get the refund.
  4. I just wanted to post an update: It has been one week since I asked for corrections to be made. No communication or updates thus far. To be honest, I was able to fix the image myself through editing. I won't be pursuing this situation further simply because it's a waste of my time, but if I do receive the corrected file, I'll be sure to post here.
  5. Actually, I was able to find the original post with my information and can confirm that I linked the proper ref/file : It is NSFW, warning, if you look up the URL.
  6. Thank you, Bourbon!! ❤️ I've been thinking about it all day and how the image could've been obscured or messed with. She removed the original image/topic that I had replied with my information for the YCH, but I know I linked my NSFW Reference (which can be seen in the Imgur Images) and my NSFW Reference is ONLY available via link through Imgur and is the exact same size/resolution as the SFW one I linked here. Like I said, I even opened up the image and checked the colors to try and figure out what happened.
  7. Definitely a weird case. I could have easily clarified had she asked.
  8. WHO: Smileeeeeee WHERE: FurAffinity WHAT: Digital Artwork - YCH (NSFW) WHEN: 12/19/2018 - Present EXPLAIN: So, I commissioned a NSFW YCH piece from this artist in mid December. The turn around time was great, don't get me wrong. However, upon receiving the piece, there were a number of issues that needed correction with markings. Additionally, she had saved my reference on top of the YCH image in the corner so I couldn't use it (see image for better explanation). This is a YCH on a premade base, so I assume corrections can be fairly easy regarding layering. The issues were incorrect colored paw pads, incorrect markings of her groin, and my reference having been saved over the image itself. There is a language barrier between us, so I wrote back and explained what needed to be corrected/removed and thanked her for the piece overall. I didn't intend it to be rude. She responded stating that she'll fix it when possible. But she proceeded to say that my reference was "very poor quality" and stated that portions were not there at all when they were as well as tell me that colors were on it that were not. I even went back and checked the color dropper of my own character to ensure this was correct. The only thing I can imagine that caused these issues is her using my reference to color drop at a very low scale that caused it to be pixelated. My reference itself is a very large scale, so why she shrank it so much is beyond me. She also did not use the Color Swatch on the side. I have never had an artist say my reference was poor. I've never had issues like this prior. I showed my reference to other artists and asked some I have used in the past and they stated they loved the quality and it was easy to use. Summary: While the turn around time was awesome, the image had a lot of issues and seemed to be minor mistakes from lack of observation or care. When asked to make corrections, it was suddenly turned on me and unnecessarily rude towards my artwork/character. I do not feel welcome to commission her again and I don't feel confident that I'll get what I actually paid for. Communication could have been a lot more professional. PROOF: https://imgur.com/a/rhd1HAM - Images have been censored. https://i.imgur.com/POzCLx6.png - My Reference
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