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  1. A lot of artists appreciate any sort of visual reference you can give them. So say you might not be the best artist out there, but if you can rough out a concept with key details you want to see on your character, its a huge help that supplements any reference images you provide (i.e. clothing, body type, etc). I have a penchant for including body scars or markings not immediately visible over clothing, so I'm the sort of person who makes a crude base as to where i want to see these markings, n such. When it comes to character sheets, I personally look over an artist's previous works
  2. It's rather uncommon for an artist to ask the client for their age, and often I see that in the TOS there is a reference to this along the lines of: "By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge you are above 18 yrs of age." Or something like that. You're expected to read the TOS before an artist agrees to take on your commission, so you're expected to do your due diligence as a client, even if the artist isn't going around IDing people at the start of the process. So in a way its going off of an honor system, and the presumption that you are an adult who has access to the payment m
  3. Please note that we will deny a submission of a beware via a comment if this is what you are intending to. If you have also had issues with this artist, we advise that you submit your own beware to inform others of your circumstances. While we can see that this behavior is a pattern, it is for the best to add to the tag to showcase the experiences each commissioner has had with an individual rather than piling on to someone else's entry. Additionally, having more entries within the individual's tag will highlight them within our system's tag cloud for heightened visibility.
  4. Hey OP? Have you heard any update in this case? I got a notification from the telegram group regarding the inactivity, so if you and anyone else was waiting for a piece from Bluhuny, it's likely that they just up and bailed entirely. Note, this was an automated message sent by telegram and not an update from BluHuny themselves.
  5. rikki

    Caution: TeaEel

    I would err with caution at doing this to the artist unprompted, as it be viewed as harassment. The artist is aware of the policy but chooses to push on regardless, that's their prerogative. Not a good one, but it is still theirs. What I believe is lacking here, overall, is understanding and clarification as to the whys of the Paypal TOS and why their personal terms clash with it. OP here gave them the heads up, but we're dealing with a language barrier and tone is easily lost over text, especially if we're dealing with text translators. Personally, I think it would benefit them i
  6. It looks like a lot of their social media has gone dormant, but their Patreon seems to be presently active as they've posted within the past two weeks. Have you tried shooting them an e-mail? It looks like there's one listed on their contact form.
  7. I'm going to touch on this bit right here, since Cel covered the majority of your concerns succinctly. If you, as a customer, have done nothing wrong in your circumstances, then this fear is massively irrational, and you gotta suck it up and push through. We have rather extensive guidelines for posting an alert on this site to avoid the rigamoroll of misinformation, miscommunication and mob mentality that one would see on greater social media (i.e. twitter, toyhouse, etc) if going the route of the "callout post". To retaliate against someone who is only interested in bringin
  8. When the description is vague, essentially its a roll of the dice on your situation here. What you've described implies that other materials, that do not pertain to the original listing, were in the mix to be used, which logically leads me to believe you got something more towards the "could get more" end of the spectrum vs the original scraps. You're in the right of it to be direct about what you want to see, along with visual aids to be precise about what you'd like to be would be enough to cover you. If you can place the products side by side with what you requested vs what y
  9. On and off for the past year or so they always mention a backlog of commissions, and they've posted a good chunk of high-end adoptables for sale. Many of them at the cost, if not higher than your commission slot here. So it shouldn't be impossible to refund you if with how frequently these design sales popped up. I was watching them for so long and it just looked like a repeating pattern of 'life happening' so they couldn't work, but continued to do one-offs or open more slots despite journal after journal speaking about people who've been on the backburner with commissions and getti
  10. I've supported artists via similar tiers in the past, and for the most part, they make a courtesy post before the next cycle to inform them of your subject for your sketch for the very reasons outlined by the artist you've noted above. I'm of the same mindset of Bornes that if you don't use it, you lose it and tbh? It is not a dealbreaker/beware-worthy that an artist did not deliver on a promised reward because it was on *me* to provide them a character reference for the art reward. Some months I'd plumb forget that I was part of that tier and I would just request sporadically, I was
  11. If you join & scroll up in this channel, there's invite links to the "VIP" discord server as well. You didn't need to do anything special to join it, it was meant to be some sort of priority slot list if you hung around. But the discord itself was not active, also worth a shot to see if you can catch BluHuny via discord to reach them wherever possible.
  12. I previously had issues with BluHuny myself last year. The commissions channel has not seen an update from them since last September, but they did not delete the account where I initially had contact with them for my transaction, the fuzzy timestamp implies that the account may not be active at the moment, but its worth a shot to maybe contact them there? But with their track record at this point, who even knows, really.
  13. Both names & number tags can easily be changed via discord, which can make it difficult to block people or report them for getting around your blocks. Just as a general heads up for anyone asking for a discord tag, there's an ID that cannot be changed, and its accessible via Advanced Tools/Developer mode, and you'll be able to get a more definitive acct link in the event the individual might have access to Discord Nitro to change their #0000 associated /w their username 😆
  14. Ah I was mostly curious to clarify that they'd be able to recoup the funds without having to bother waiting for Minami to suddenly turn over a new leaf. And while the piece does retain the look/feel of a generic moe girl, the basis used was the OP's sona, which leaves an awful taste in my mouth overall. If the piece received additional edits to remove all traces of the OP's personal character, I don't see it as an issue... but with how they treated their client makes me believe this was done in bad faith. But at the end of the day it's up to the OP on how they view this, I just fig
  15. My apologies mods for double posting, I was attempting to edit my previous comment. In looking at the artist's twitter page, it looks like they've sold the OP's fursona to another individual? Screencap for posterity. It seems like they finished the image in spite of the break down in communication. But it does not appear to be posted on their twitter for viewing.
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