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  1. It's such a loaded question because from a commissioner's point of view, it's really subjective what you'd personally price for the art. What you consider as a fair rate may not be viewed as such for the artist, especially if you're unfamiliar with how they work and how much time is spent on each respective piece. If someone were to respond to me with that, I'd just walk away since I don't want to potentially insult them. If they don't have any frame of reference, even if you go deep in the past with their gallery or journals (if applicable), who knows if they'd actually be professional with a commission should you give them a number and proceed :/a
  2. rikki

    Badge Blues: BluHuny

    I agree whole-heartedly. After speaking to my local group regarding this transaction, not-so positive views came out about his attitude as an artist, and as it mirrored my experience, I opted to make a proper post so people aren't lead on by his practices. I find it EXTREMELY odd that there's no presence for his work, not on social media, not on FA, and not even his Patreon (which was omitted as it is inactive and not relevant to my situation), and that he chooses to work soley through these means. Every other page is just... inactive for months. He claimed my slot was sold? But I don't even know how his waitlist works, his Discord server is not big, its inactive and even in the waitlist post on telegram, it's just a post like the queue, it's not a chat group. Also if he was secured with how his queue is, he wouldn't need to replace my slot, someone else would move up and he could chug along with his massive queue. Just a lot about this doesn't sit right with me, and I really hope others can just flat out avoid him.
  3. rikki

    Badge Blues: BluHuny

    I attended Further Confusion back in January of this year, and with every year attended so far, I am always keen on getting commissions from artists within the Dealer's Den & AA's. BluHuny's work was shown to me by a mutual friend and I sought to commission them for a badge of my fursona. I didn't find them on their advertised day of the convention (Saturday, the 19th), and instead found them on Sunday, the 20th. I met BluHuny in person and discussed their terms and turnaround time for a Badge Commission, which was going to be around a month-- this is also mentioned within their TOS, which is not linked to a commissioner directly, nor were the terms presented to me by other means when discussing the commission at their table. I paid for my slot then and there, and was told I'd be contacted later that evening. I was not given a receipt for this transaction, for some reason? But my payment registered on my card's mobile app. This was the only contact I got from BluHuny directly after the convention, which gave my slot a number in their queue, but their public queue channel does not actually show how many people are waiting for a commission, and all the details on how many badges, non-badge commission etc are on deck in total. As of 3/14, this is the amount of people subscribed to the queue channel. I never got a response from BluHuny to my inquiry, and I just let it go. They said they had a backlog from MFF, and that was fine, I was made aware of that from the get-go, but he was adamant that the FC commissions would be started in January. This did not happen. Updates and some delays are noted in this update channel, but as far as I am aware, there's no direct contact with any of his commissioners, and finished commission previews are just posted in short bursts as they work. However, as they are still working through their MFF queue in February, they open up for more commissions. This is where I begin to get a little wary of their work ethic and the validity of their strict, personal deadlines for paid commissions; BluHuny still hasn't touched base with me at all. On the 18th of February, they are still getting through the MFF queue. In this time, they have mentioned attending other events such as Galactic Camp, GSFC and more recently, FurTheMore in Baltimore. This causes me to worry even more, as they stated to myself and other prospective clients in person that they do not take commissions outside of the convention circuit. I have my own personal issues that prevented me from putting the commission at the top of the list, but as we entered the month of March and BluHuny still made no effort to speak to me, and their preferred way of working with a queue wasn't sitting well with me, I was on the fence as to what to do with this slot I still held. Several non-convention commissions were put before the FurtherConfusion queue, and I finally decided to just outright cancel this commission. It is only when I want to cancel my commission, that BluHuny is keen on speaking to me, below is our correspondence via DMs in Telegram. [1] [2] - Note, I had to prod him multiple times to get to the refund, in spite of him saying he'd take care of it "soon". [3] - The screencap in this log corresponds to my proof of payment posted above in the opening of my post. [4] - I felt like they were blaming me for not 'getting in first'? But, they weren't officially tabling at FC at all. They were under someone else's table? Speaking to him one-on-one was harrowing for me, as with my previous beware experience, I want to be considerate to the artist I'm working with even if I'm canceling or the commission is otherwise void. His tone just came off very flippant to me, and while I made my problems with his process known, none of it was acknowledged by him. Not even when I brought up that he ignored me when he says that Telegram makes it easier to speak to his clients. It just comes off arrogant and leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. As of 3/14, I am still waiting for my refund to be processed. I was willing to consider commissioning him again when I initially requested my refund, but after dealing with him like this? I'm taking my business elsewhere and I wouldn't recommend working with him at all.
  4. Ohh! That's my bad, I considered this an advice post, since I wasn't fully sure if it would be appropriate to do so. I can go ahead and draft something up for staff to review, thank you!
  5. I recently had a less than stellar experience with an artist. I was willing to give them a shot after getting feedback from personal friends and seeing a commission that really sparked an interest in me, so I went for it. This was initiated in-person at a convention, and things seemed fine from the get-go. But they really didn't communicate with me after we had things confirmed, and I had paid. Recently, after a few months of non-discussion from their end, I requested a refund because I truthfully didn't even remember my ideas for the commission, as the artist never followed up with their general process. This information isn't present in their TOS page, really just their general turnaround, of which they were two months behind not only myself, but several others. Only now are they willing to engage me about my commission, and I suddenly got bumped up several spots in the queue, my commission seemed to be closer towards the bottom, and they were backed up from a previous convention. This really doesn't feel right to me, and I pressed for a refund instead. They were actively engaging me at the time I was pushing for this, but once I was set on a refund they just stopped responding and basically left me hanging for hours; I thought y'know, maybe the refund would be real easy to take care of, y'know? When they finally confirm my details and process the refund, they just continue to speak in a very flippant manner to me about how I should have kept my slot, but it was no big because 'they already sold it'. Just their general attitude about this really rubbed me the wrong way, especially since they basically ignored my issues with their communication and the process. It just felt very back-handed, the way they spoke to me about wanting a refund at all. Essentially, this transaction is void, as I'm now waiting for the refund to process, but I really can't shake how rude this artist was to me for not wanting to go through with working with them. But would this still be valid as a beware? Or do we have a place for uh, well, not great experiences?
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