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  1. A comment was not approved under item 9 of our commenting rules. 9. Moderators will not approve an alternate alias unless it's 100% confirmed. No: "similar styles". No: "types the same". Yes: Same email address. Yes: Same art. Yes: Same characters. Yes: Same full name.
  2. OP has confirmed that they won their case against Victoria. Subsequently, we have been provided public record of this case by Otterlysilly Changed Resolved to Yes Subsequently, this post is now unlocked for comments. Please keep things civil and on-topic.
  3. A comment was not approved under item 1 of our rules of participation. 1. Comments are to remain professional, constructive, and on topic. We are not a drama site. Please be mindful of your conduct moving forward, especially when attempting to contribute to older bewares.
  4. As a heads up. Looking up their aliases via twitter search shows that they have only changed their handle. the only one that seems to be purged is the pt/pz account. as nothing turns up when you search that handle. these were both found using kirakirakuiin.
  5. If you paid with Paypal through goods and services, you have a 180 day window from the day you paid. Within this window you have a fair bit of time to decide what the best option for you is. With that said, did their TOS mention anything about a turnaround time? Or what to expect for delivery of the project you requested from them? You are not a 'nightmare' customer for expecting your product, but if they are not communicating with you, it isn't easing your concerns about the project. You've said it yourself it's only been about two months since they made it known that they had some sort of personal matter that's impeded their workflow. I'm not going to judge them for putting out personal work, an artist is within their rights to do personal projects in between commissions, that isn't an immediate red flag. Give them a another week or so to sort themselves out. You, and only you will need to come to the decision of going for a chargeback if they refuse to refund you or produce the product in a timely manner. But these are options you should pursue after sending them an ultimatum with a hard deadline.
  6. Changed Resolved to Yes
  7. OP, your best bet at recouping the loss would be to just go through paypal for your refund at this point. Asking for a refund seems to be a fruitless endeavor because of how their communication just dropped off entirely. Inform them that you'll be going to Paypal for a refund and leave it at that. You're already dangerously close to the 180 day window to dispute this transaction, don't hesitate to get your money back.
  8. Once your matter is concluded, you may contact us directly to inform us as such. As you have opted to pursue litigation in this situation, we will be locking this post until further notice.
  9. Concerning the matter of the missing email, Pisq was in contact with staff to discuss the missing proof from their end. We have concluded that it was likely this message never made it to Mossling due to the fallibility of technology; its not unheard of for emails to just be eaten and never make it to the intended recipient. Staff tested sending an email between the two respective mail providers, a clean Gmail Account and a clean Outlook account were utilized, and what we saw is that Outlook promptly put the test email from our Gmail sender into Junk without notifying us. Given the circumstances that arose here, we were lead to believe that the email may have gone to junk and was automatically deleted by Outlook without Mossling ever knowing about it. Furthermore, Pisq has acknowledged that the breakdown in communications was an issue that is as much their fault as it is Mossling's. Mossling has made it clear that they made missteps in this situation, but the client also admits that they took multiple steps to bar contact without informing the artist. This is not a situation without blame from both sides, and we ask that further commentary remain constructive and abstains from antagonizing either party.
  10. Changed Where to https://twitter.com/BlueFoxFursuits https://twitter.com/daskerlizard https://www.bf-fursuits.com/ https://twitter.com/daskdoodles https://www.camodile.co.uk/ https://t.me/camodileupdate Changed NSFW to No Changed Resolved to No
  11. A comment was not approved under Section 1 of our Rules of Participation. 1. Comments are to remain professional, constructive, and on topic.
  12. I would like to preface that I am speaking as both a commissioner and an artist who used to work freelance; you need to stop speaking to this person, or any artist, under the pretense of "being friends." We cannot know for sure if this sentiment is reciprocated, especially since the artist is ESL and maybe your mannerisms have not come across clearly. But you have approached this communication indirectly at every turn with this artist, you need to be clear and direct when speaking with someone regarding your owed work. You stated it in your post that you do not expect anything from this artist, so while you are within your rights as a customer to reach out and try to find a resolution, your stance on this situation has been unclear. You're within your rights to be upset, but you also stated that you're letting it go? It sends mixed messages. For future correspondence with any artist you commission, consider less *hugs and pets* and prioritize 'Hey there, I'd like to ask about the status of my commission' whenever you find yourself in a position where a wait is longer than anticipated. Informality with strangers can be uncomfortable to respond to; multiply that when you're someone who's native language is not your own. And lastly? Never ever pay through friends and family. This is a hard lesson learned.
  13. This is not meant to discredit either party, but I am mildly curious if any of the correspondence may have been sent to spam by the mail services' filters? I don't believe spam-flagged messages would show up in your search through the inboxes as you have demonstrated here.
  14. While this is an unusual set of circumstances, we do have the post made by the commissioner linked at the very top of this submission (and vice-versa) to get the full scope of this matter. We recommend reading both to get the overall experience of this situation.
  15. A comment was not approved under item 9 of our Rules of Participation. 9. Moderators will not approve an alternate alias unless it's 100% confirmed. No: "similar styles". No: "types the same". Yes: Same email address. Yes: Same art. Yes: Same characters. Yes: Same full name. We will require hard proof of any new account link rather than going off questionable variables. We are not a place to speculate where someone is hiding, and will only deal with what is factual that can be backed with evidence.
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