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  1. Both names & number tags can easily be changed via discord, which can make it difficult to block people or report them for getting around your blocks. Just as a general heads up for anyone asking for a discord tag, there's an ID that cannot be changed, and its accessible via Advanced Tools/Developer mode, and you'll be able to get a more definitive acct link in the event the individual might have access to Discord Nitro to change their #0000 associated /w their username 😆
  2. Ah I was mostly curious to clarify that they'd be able to recoup the funds without having to bother waiting for Minami to suddenly turn over a new leaf. And while the piece does retain the look/feel of a generic moe girl, the basis used was the OP's sona, which leaves an awful taste in my mouth overall. If the piece received additional edits to remove all traces of the OP's personal character, I don't see it as an issue... but with how they treated their client makes me believe this was done in bad faith. But at the end of the day it's up to the OP on how they view this, I just figured that they should be aware of this overall.
  3. My apologies mods for double posting, I was attempting to edit my previous comment. In looking at the artist's twitter page, it looks like they've sold the OP's fursona to another individual? Screencap for posterity. It seems like they finished the image in spite of the break down in communication. But it does not appear to be posted on their twitter for viewing.
  4. Hey OP, with the transfer of funds in question, how did you send them to Minami? I'm not seeing that in your post, only mentioned. For the most part, with most of the services I've seen used, I believe you're well within your window to dispute the charge to get refunded for this situation in full. With Paypal, you're definitely in the clear as their window is 180 days.
  5. You can't let yourself get caught up in the anxiety and the what ifs, without putting your foot forward, you can't make a step towards any sort of resolution. It's as easy as 'Hey I'm ___, I commissioned you ___. I would like a refund as I am no longer interested in the artwork.' If they pussyfoot around the issue, post a beware and chalk things up as a loss.
  6. Is this artist established in their craft? Did they have any TOS or agreement that you could gather at the time you commissioned them? Just on the barebones information you provided, the best way to go about this situation is to send it back and ask for a refund? Or eat the loss. In both cases, I'd think it's at least worth a caution, if not a beware regarding their work.
  7. You're getting EXTREMELY close to the end of your six month window, Varek. I wouldn't let this go past that at all with the amount of money you paid for the badge, go through paypal for your refund, or you're without options afterwards 😞
  8. Hey OP, have you tried contacting Bluhuny since you made your post? Local friends of mine who attended PawCon this past weekend as vendors were stationed near his booth, where he was also vending. As I was told by him when I attempted to commission him back in January, he "only" opens up slots for more commissions via Cons as a vendor, so there's a strong possibility that the queue has grown since you made your post here. Definitely push for your refund before it gets buried with his backlog!
  9. I do have some questions regarding your end of the transaction here... Are you requesting a full refund for this commission, or just a partial one at a loss? Looking at the references, it is very plain to see what was missed, but it does read as your character to me when I compare the references. With that said, why did you provide two different references of your character? Looking at the refs, the colors and proportions of key elements you make note of are rather different between both refs. Its difficult to discern the proper color palette to be followed, the shape of the ears and how much space their chest fluff is supposed to cover. Depending on which ref the artist chose to follow, it is easy to see where things may have been misunderstood from their end. They absolutely should have provided you with a WIP before completing the work, but I feel like this is where you made a misstep in the commission process. I would also take note that English is not this artist's first language, which makes it all the more important to be clear on certain aspects of your character's design that you deem absolutely essential to their portrayal. I speak from experience from my first posted beware, where I completely fudged it up on my end by doing just that; conflicting refs & not being clear whatsoever on key deets. Not a happy situation on that one either. I personally let it go as a loss to myself, and I would recommend the same in all honesty. I don't think you're entitled to a full refund, as the services were fully rendered from the Artist's end.
  10. Did you contact Square directly about your issues with Vani? https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article/5060-refund-overview Right here it says you have a full year to be issued a refund for a purchase not made via mobile. You're not without your resources!
  11. Square payments are processed through your Credit Card's end if I'm not mistaken? You should be able to either go through the platform or contact your bank directly to force a refund. Vani has one of the worst track records in the fandom, so signs point to ??? on if you'll either be refunded directly or get your items.
  12. I had similar issues with BluHuny myself earlier this year, but once I made it clear that I wanted a refund, he actually followed through with it. Though with quite an arrogant attitude about it tbh. I see that in his telegram group, he outright states that he should be contacted on his new account? It's really confusing, and honestly, he's very disorganized as far as his work ethic and the way he handles his backlog, so I would not be surprised if it was some form of deterrent to avoid backlash in this format. This is directly from the queue group, but its almost coming up on One Month since the last update they made on it, the 28th, like seen in your caps. I'd say just directly contact him, to at least state you'd like a refund and give him an ETA of about a 48 hours to respond, then go through your credit card company to file the chargeback if he is not willing to work with you. I have seen other dissatisfied BLFC customers posting about him sporadically on social media, so I don't think you're the only one whos wholly dissatisfied with his lack of professionalism with his own work. Oh! And if you still have access to the Queue Channel, it'd be worth scrolling up to grab the ""VIP"" discord link, as it is entirely possible that BluHuny might be avoiding telegram and tending to the other platform. Though, from what I saw there, its a really quiet/dead server s:
  13. rikki

    Beware: Voegel

    Sorry if this might be an odd question, but when you were prompted for payment, did they make any indication of how to send it? (Like, outside of your posted notes) A few years ago, back when they were actively posting and advertising their icon commissions, when I inquired about working with them, they were *adamant* about receiving payment via gifting options and not service ones; I def took my business elsewhere after that. The only reason I ask is despite the time anyone, yourself included, spent waiting... if he was still insistent on skirting paypal fees... he also sabotaged his commissioners from taking proper recourse via disputes on the platform before his owed commissions/refunds got to that height. Which, boy howdy, is quite a feat in itself.
  14. Generally Paypal will tell you when the protection runs out! But since its a 6 month window, I believe it would be til October that you'd be able to dispute it. But that's just my math on it haha. But yeah, if not sure, your original transaction should give you the definitive date on that 180 day window.
  15. In doing a little digging via the page... It looks like the artist they duped in to this commission doesn't speak English natively, and while I don't like to speculate wildly, given the extreme that this individual went to with your personal character, it gives me the impression that it was done intentionally. It isn't unheard of for people to pass off other characters as their own and then pull something like this, but picking someone who doesn't have a fair grasp of the language reeks of another shade of shifty business. Though, Celestina def has the right suggestion that you may be able to pull the images with the support of the very same artist who was taken advantage of by this person.
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