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  1. The Mod Comment was not directed at you, it was directed at other users who have attempted this. Comments that post an Entire Beware are not approved, and therefore are not visible to users such as yourself.
  2. Just a reminder for any future replies, we'd like to reiterate: If you have also had issues with a subject of a beware, please submit your own post. Additional bewares on the same subject help visibility and the community at large by contributing to the tags. Do not attempt to piggyback onto another user's post with a full beware within the comments. Any comments of this nature will not be approved.
  3. Even with a language barrier, the artist was clear about their availability and the work they had to do first before taking on this client. The client was openly abrasive when the work began, which wasn't even a month after they initially reached out to Takaneru. Language barriers can account for mixed signals at times, but there's no need for hostility to this degree. It was just uncalled for.
  4. Bornes has covered it succinctly, but if I have a less than stellar experience with an artist, I make a point to not use the art. A lot of the time I will just let the work sit on my HDD with the name of the individual but I won't give any official posting of the work attention just to put it behind me. If someone asks me who did the work, and I have happened to had it uploaded prior to any sort of fallout or new info, I'm always the sort to give proper credit to the person who did the piece, but you can always say you don't recommend working with them. If its something that bothers
  5. I never said that the customer did, this is a general response to prevent the greater audience at large from misinterpreting the policy as you have it presently written.
  6. Take language fluency out of the equation and make it about a general difficulty in communication hindering the process. If you cannot properly communicate with a client, be it due to a language barrier or their refusal to adhere to your terms, then you reserve the right to cancel the commission and refund accordingly. Rewording it can distance yourself from the misinterpretation of it being a race-related matter, of which it is not, but as someone who is ESL, I can see how it might be interpreted that way.
  7. If others have been experiencing these issues with this artist, we strongly suggest that you make your own beware post so it adds to her tag here, as it will highlight awareness on our site. Please abstain from doing a beware write-up in the comments of someone else's post. While many are outside of Paypal's protection period, you may have other avenues, as in speaking with your bank/card issuer to try and force a refund via other means. On the other hand, if there are multiple claims made on her paypal, it may be possible to see a refund. This is rare, and we're only seen this
  8. You have to be direct or just take the loss at this point. Past the point of Paypal's Protection period, you're SOL on being able to get a refund and you are entirely at the whims of this individual.
  9. The SpacePupper account was the one that was in-charge of the Queue channel. So, it was gone after the timeframe noted in the screencap I took. A shame that this is how it turned out for you, it's a frustrating thing to see 😞
  10. Changed Where to https://twitter.com/jorss_ Changed Resolved to Yes
  11. A comment was not posted because it is in violation of Rules 1 & 2 respectfully: Any attempts to update this post with commentary of this nature will be hidden automatically. If you have had a positive experience with another artist that you would like to share with the community, we encourage you to make a post about it in our Positive Reviews subforum. All posts are subject to our rules for participation, so we implore you to keep things civil, concise and to the point.
  12. A lot of artists appreciate any sort of visual reference you can give them. So say you might not be the best artist out there, but if you can rough out a concept with key details you want to see on your character, its a huge help that supplements any reference images you provide (i.e. clothing, body type, etc). I have a penchant for including body scars or markings not immediately visible over clothing, so I'm the sort of person who makes a crude base as to where i want to see these markings, n such. When it comes to character sheets, I personally look over an artist's previous works
  13. It's rather uncommon for an artist to ask the client for their age, and often I see that in the TOS there is a reference to this along the lines of: "By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge you are above 18 yrs of age." Or something like that. You're expected to read the TOS before an artist agrees to take on your commission, so you're expected to do your due diligence as a client, even if the artist isn't going around IDing people at the start of the process. So in a way its going off of an honor system, and the presumption that you are an adult who has access to the payment m
  14. Please note that we will deny a submission of a beware via a comment if this is what you are intending to. If you have also had issues with this artist, we advise that you submit your own beware to inform others of your circumstances. While we can see that this behavior is a pattern, it is for the best to add to the tag to showcase the experiences each commissioner has had with an individual rather than piling on to someone else's entry. Additionally, having more entries within the individual's tag will highlight them within our system's tag cloud for heightened visibility.
  15. Hey OP? Have you heard any update in this case? I got a notification from the telegram group regarding the inactivity, so if you and anyone else was waiting for a piece from Bluhuny, it's likely that they just up and bailed entirely. Note, this was an automated message sent by telegram and not an update from BluHuny themselves.
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