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    Beware: Fytch

    Wait. Did you tell them to send payment as a gift? Clearly they didn't as there was an ability to file a claim, but uh... Don't do that? While the situation is bad with the theft, it doesn't look right to take payments as gifts when you're clearly selling them intangible goods s:
  2. Shantayz has a history of scamming & defrauding others in other furry communities so it does not surprise me in the slightest that she's taken on this stance. She started off on Furcadia, where she ended up stealing premium items and smaller things of the sort, but I definitely remember her butting heads with artists in the past too. Sadly, all of the records of her past discretions were lost when the forum I moderated for was shut down by our admin without our knowledge. But she is a troublesome individual, and her behavior hasn't changed in nearly a decade it seems. It's unfortunate that she lead you along like this and went for some severe emotional manipulation with you, but I will say in knowing how she has affected others, it is unlikely you will see your finished mod from her. With that said? You shouldn't have proceeded past the sketch phase on this piece without her showing you some form of WIP for the mod. The image is rendered now, but you have the sketch still? So perhaps you could repurpose it as a YCH for someone else to recoup the loss, if you're able to. For future pieces, be they art trades or commissions, be sure to fully watermark the piece, send a low-resolution version of the work to be done and do not finish it until you receive compensation for your work. You may lose out on something, even if you do take precautionary measures, but its easier to salvage a sketch vs a fully rendered piece >:
  3. You keep bringing up 'external issues', citing them as reasons for your aggression, but they are not included within the post. If it pertains to your circumstances with this commission, then they should have been included in your initial posting if you consider these things to be of great importance. You only continue to vaguely allude to them, but you do not provide proof of this conduct against you. The external situation either pertains to this situation or it doesn't, you should decide where you stand there vs continuing to prop something up that comes off very 'he said/she said'. If the things said are ultimately unimportant in the realm of this post, then you should drop them all together and not use them as a justification for yourself, plain & simple. The conclusions drawn are only to this point because of what we as a community can see in this post, with the information provided and your subsequent responses. Putting the onus on the community is kind of ridiculous when the burden of proof is on you as the OP to this caution post x:
  4. There were definitely missteps from the artist's behalf, but this is a situation where the both of you are at fault to some degree. You've acknowledged the issue that came up in the process of attempting to get the piece edited, which is fine. But your subsequent response after it wasn't up to your personal standard was out of line, imo. If they had been outright ghosting you for over a month, I'd say it was cause for alarm, but you hardly waited at all for her to get back to you, and in a way, you forced her into a corner and her reaction was justified to an extent. It's even worse that you pushed for a chargeback for the full amount. Looking at the artist's price range for this sort of work, it absolutely looks like it was a full refund request. Work was rendered, even with the communication falling apart with the unprofessional conduct on both sides, this is unacceptable. This alone would make me wary of ever working with you, or even recommending you to others as a client. It doesn't matter if you've commissioned 1 piece or 1000 pieces in the past, shit happens and you react in the manner *you* perceive is correct in the moment, but ultimately it isn't right. If I were you, I would take a step back and look at the situation objectively to see where you could improve on your manner of communication.
  5. While it has been a while, I see that you used a card to pay for this commission. Have you attempted to go through your card carrier about this purchase to get it reversed?
  6. You need to actually communicate your intentions with your inquiries. It isn't right that they ran off with your money, but just repeatedly spamming 'hi' and other generic greetings doesn't get the point across that you'd like to discuss your work with them. Friend or no, you hired them to provide a service and they failed to keep up on that. You should separate your friendship from business transactions to avoid miscommunications with an artist. It can be friendly conversation, sure, but this isn't the way I would conduct business with a friend. It's even worse because of the second post you made regarding this individual. While your intentions were good, you were taken advantage of by a 'friend' who shouldn't have asked so much of you without giving you what was initially due 😞
  7. The lack of a public queue, and the oversaturation of the private queue is a big hoo-eyyyy... No good. It is a beware well-warranted in regards to their practices, and they should be rightfully avoided. And while you are in the right to be frustrated with the situation as a whole, the artist was at the very least, transparent with you about the quality of the work you were going to get after the confrontation. In accepting the art you have shown in this post, I personally think it is null and void to bring up the quality of the work when the artist was clear they were going to rush your pieces within the timeframe given. It doesn't make them come off any better, but when pressed to produce something after leaving commissioners hanging, this is often the outcome a lot of people see. In this case, the artist flat-out told you what you were going to get. And, really, unless we have a reference of your character to compare the images you got with? I don't think there's much of a point to put the color swatches up as a point of contention with the art pieces you got. One of them is cel-shaded, while the other seems to have full render with ambient lighting, it isn't going to be one-to-one with whatever reference you've given. And not every artist may use the exact palette depending on how they will render the work. This is a rather, well, sour situation, but they were still up front with what you ended up getting.
  8. I sincerely hope, for your sake, that if they finish the commission, that it isn't rushed at all. For three plus years, that better be a quality product coming out of them because anything less is going to reflect poorly on them and their existing queue.
  9. Good on you for standing your ground on this matter! I believe someone else on the cross-post you made via Toyhouse suggested going to the bank about being able to get your refund that way? It might be a bit tough, but if you have a clear record of the money sent to them for your unfulfilled commission, I believe you'd be able to speak to your bank to get the charge reversed? Though that's a bit more legwork, but it's a possibility and not a bad idea to look for any avenue you can to get what you're owed either way.
  10. Here’s the thing about their TOS, and any TOS for that matter; it is not legally enforcable since they’ve not produced the product you paid for. If you had something to show for, and you were asking for a refund immediately, that’d be one thing. Dasker has strung you along for three years and all you keep getting are fake deadlines to placate you. You have been scammed like a number of customers before yourself. You paid for a service which has not been rendered, and likely will never be! If they refuse a refund, that is theft of your money! A TOS is absolutely NOT legally binding ESPECIALLY when it benefits them to take money from others in the way that they have! My percerption of your hang up on this fact makes me believe that you think this is 10000 percent legally binding and you cannot do anything, which is false. If someone runs off with your money and gives you squat for it, that is theft and no TOS in the world is going to cover their ass if you push for a refund for the product/service. Do not be scared to demand your money back, be firm in what you want; and the others bring up an excellent point. If you settle for your suit now, it’ll be rushed and left stained with the funk of this situation you were put through. It isn’t worth it to have that sitting on your mantle when you can reinvest your funds in to something else with a maker who is far more reliable and communicative with their customer base. Do not be afraid, ask for your money back. You have plenty of support for this option!
  11. it looks like Craig and Wolfram are pretty active on social media, so def try and see if Craig could help you out. I think I saw them advertising commissions via tumblr if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Is there a particular reason as to why Craigosaurus's paypal address is being used for payment processing? Do you think you have a shot at contacting them for any form of refund, cuz something about that just seems really odd and messy, to not be using their own account, and if anything, it puts their partner's business in jeopardy if her backlog is THAT ridiculous and she takes on more work.
  13. Oh it can absolutely be nerve wracking to take the initiative on that sorta thing! I've been there myself, but at the end of the day, the artist is running a business (and if they don't treat it as such? definitely look elsewhere for someone who will actually take their work seriously!) and they should have no reason to be nasty if a client is keeping things on the up and up! You paid for a service, and you are within your rights to ask for progress or if there's delays in the process. Some artists may take a negative approach, but if they get nasty when you just ask a question, it will reflect poorly on them and not you. And nine times outta ten, even if the work is nice, it tends to be tainted by the bad experience had by the artist you worked with. You did nothing to warrant their mistreatment, so don't be afraid to stick up for yourself in the future! There's always others out there that will be more than willing to take you up on a future commission <:
  14. It's super shitty on their part that they up and flounced, but I think you need to be more direct in your communication with an artist when it comes to your commissions in the future. Its one thing to just be open-ended and friendly, but as this was a business transaction, you should have lead with wanting to discuss the commission instead of just repeating 'Hey/Hi/Hello!' every time you wanted to speak to them. You can still be friendly, just drop a 'Hey, its been a while since I've heard from you! I was just checking in to see how the progress on my commission was coming along?' or something like that? It can be misconstrued by some people that the vague poking in DMs is just meant to be conversational vs professional. Still does NOT excuse them ghosting you, but its just a small suggestion for any future commissions you get ?
  15. The telegram screenshots are the only indication that the user is still around. Telegram gives an exact date if the user has it set to display as such, or it gives a rough estimation of their last activity. In March they were still using the program, though they were clearly avoiding messages. However, something interesting just popped up when I clicked the Telegram contact link in their twitter profile They have either deleted their account or changed their handle since this post went up. JinxWolf, do you still have your DMs open to confirm my hunch?
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