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6 months no contact on fursuit help

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Back in April 2020 I commissioned a fairly popular fursuit maker and over the next few months I paid it off. I paid it off fully June 18 2020 and since have not gotten a response from them... before I commissioned them I searched for bewares or any bad reviews on them as this is my first time commissioning a fursuit, but I found nothing. so I figured it would be okay.  I’m not expecting a fuisuit anytime soon, my issue is that I haven’t heard from them. 

 I understand fursuits take a while so I wasn’t worried at first when they first disappeared especially finding out the reason why. Sept 18 they posted an update about why they disappeared, had horrible back pain and had to go to the ER. Without going into too many details, they said that what happened severely affected their leg and had to relearn to walk again without aid. (As well as now having billing issues with the hospital) So finding this out I understood IMMEDIATELY what happened and had no issues with the lack of communication (especially at this point since IMO it actually hadn’t been that long and I didn’t even attempt to contact them at any point during this time). 

Nov I started to worry a bit as they hadn’t posted at all and still never got a response from them since June, so I sent a message asking if they were okay bc at this point I’m not even sure if they are alive?? Or if everything is okay?? I sent a message asking if they okay and I didn’t get a response (they also haven’t read the message since the last read message was my June 28th photo I sent of the ref for the comm) 

I didn’t contact again after this until recently on Jan 28 once again asking if they are okay with no response still or them seeing my message. 
i did send their S/O a message, but on their main account(where I sent the message) they haven’t posted since Nov 14. however they have recently posted on their side account on Jan 10. I sent the message to their s/o only minutes before making this so I obviously don’t have a response yet haha 


With all this said, I’m at a loss of what to do. 
2020 was a hell of a year and this maker sounds like it didn’t treat them well and I am worried for their safety but also the $700+ I spent. 
Its only been 6 months and I know that fursuits  take awhile so I don’t want to be pushy and inconsiderate but I’m also worried for their well being. 

any advice would help as this is my first time commissioning a fursuit so I don’t really know how to react. 
ty in advance ❤️

included some images to give a little more context however it is not the full convo! Didn’t feel like it was necessary at this point but can share more. 

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Do they have a public queue list?

Typically there is no communication necessary if your project is not currently being worked on.
So I wouldn't get too worried unless they started your project already or you're in the first or second spot in the queue.

However, if you are worried you won't want the fursuit by the time it gets done, or that you will never get a fursuit, now would be a good time to request a refund. So you might still be within the paypal claim window.

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As someone who spent a lot of 2020 in the ER, I absolutely understand them NOT messaging you. Its drains you beyond understanding, and I can barely even keep in contact with my husband. But, my husband and partner can be reached for refunds, and its been quite a while, especially if they are active elsewhere too. I would contact for a refund. Do not feel bad about asking for one either, it is 100% within your rights, even if the maker will be upset. You may need to file a chargeback.

Normally, Id say it hasnt really been long enough because as stated above, communication isnt needed for suits until its your turn. I would be worried myself if they didnt reply to the full payment. But, due to the unread notes + mobility issues, they may be unable to physically work on suits any longer, and may be too scared to face the notes. They could still be in recovery, and just havent been able to get online. Medical issues can really throw someone out of whack, but artists and makers still have responsibilities to their customers.

Another tip is you can try contacting the email attached to the paypal transaction.

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