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  2. Is it me or did that 4th through the 6th screencap when you were trying to get the chargeback resolved did the client just do what i think she did, and asked you to block them as well. Wow that just really went downhill and awful of them to think this will go away that easily.
  3. Gonna preemptively block this one. I don't need this kind of risk. I advise making sure the client is aware that, since they haven't paid for the art, if you discover them trying to use it anywhere, it will be taken down.
  4. I contacted them after reading this. I was informed that until the dispute is resolved with the bank we are unable to do anything and unfortunately paypal is unable to expedite the process since it is through the bank. Time frame is 30-75 days depending on the steps paypal needs to take. Looks like I'm in for a long haul run. If the charge-back is not decided in my favor I will contact paypal again to see if they are able to help me further, but until them it looks like here I sit. lol. Thanks again.
  5. Ah, last time I've had to do a dispute-to-claim was a week, so it must've changed, thank you for the update. And yes, Celestina's linked topic is the one that came to mind on how to go about in doing this.
  6. Thank you for the heads up. I'll prepare my finances accordingly for this outcome. I appreciate the information.
  7. Also please note that since this is a chargeback, not a claim, you will be hit with the $20 fee once it goes through. Unfortunately, when there are two users of the account your chances of winning are zero, as it's likely been listed as fraud by the guardian. Regardless of what payment processor you used, the banks will always resolve unauthorized use in favor of the account holder. But definitely gather everything, and call paypal. Do not use their automated system. At the very least they can resolve the $20 fee, but there have been instances of them eating the chargeback entirely.
  8. I agree. My speculation is based on the e-mail being the clients and the paypal accounts main e-mail being the guardians.
  9. The reason you're seeing two emails is because Paypal allows multiple emails to be assigned to one account.
  10. Commission was asked for through DM's on twitter. Invoice was paid on the 29th of July Commission was completed 30th of July and delivered/received. Dispute was made August 15th User seems to have changed their twitter handle in that time. ( Previously @ FoxyAnya_ | Currently Aika_productions ) I have included the form reference link opened as a screenshot and a screenshot of the character ref provided via DM to prove it is the same commissioner by reference given despite the name change. I contacted them via DM and learned that they were on the used paypal account with their guardian. (I also speculate this is why the invoice e-mail is different from the dispute e-mail on paypal) The guardian has filed the dispute. After further discussion with the client it appears they asked for the commission. Paid for it, and now the guardian is disputing. I requested to be put in contact with the guardian to try to resolve this. Client dodged this request. I inquired if they had text proof of the guardian granting permission for them to get the commission through the account. They said yes, they had texted it. When I asked for a screenshot for my paypal case they stated they could not find it and stopped responding. Paypal dispute is still pending. I have provided all information I could to paypal at this point, however, as this client claims to not be in charge of the paypal account they utilize I felt this warranted a warning.
  11. The time limit between a dispute being opened to being automatically closed in a seller's favor is 20 days as a heads up. OP, you can send a note and an email being firm but polite that you do not appreciate the way this transaction is going, and that you are willing to continue but that you want regular updates. If that yields you positive results, then great! If not, @Borneshas written a great guide on ultimatums.
  12. It's been two months-ish, which I've been advised by others is a small amount of time. Right now I'm getting leery due to lack of communications. I'm thinking I'll email and send a note every week for a month and, if no answers by then, give the artist a week to respond to an ultimatum email. From there I'll go the dispute route. Chargeback is the absolute last resort. It's okay if the art isn't done yet, but I do expect there's at least one or two WIPs after two months and I do expect regular communication.
  13. Depending on how much time has passed since the auto-buy, you could try contacting them through the email (as paypal does keep track of emails through the transactions) and if that doesn't work or if you are nearing the deadline in which you can do a dispute, then I would recommend starting a dispute. As it has been mentioned in one or two topics of advice: if you do start a dispute, make sure you have all the evidence to support yourself and be ready to escalate it to a claim if absolutely necessary. If you do this, expect to no longer do any business with that artist though as this is an ultimatum. If you start a dispute and you don't escalate it within a week of the start of the dispute, the case could very well be dropped and you will not have the chance of escalating it to a claim or starting a dispute on that transaction again.
  14. So about two months ago, I AB'd three auctions from one artist. I AB'd because I wanted the offered extras. Were it not for the extras, I wouldn't have AB'd. The artist disappeared for about a month, came back claiming art block, and then started posting a handful of stuff for sale. No WIPs of my stuff, no communication, etc. Notes regarding my extras have gone ignored. What do I do? I've sent notes, which have thus far gone ignored. Just sent an email. The artist is semi-active right now. I either want the extras or a partial refund. My last resort is to dispute the transactions and ultimately get chargebacks and just surrender all rights to the art I bought. That would be almost 600USD in chargebacks. I would hate to do that to someone so I'm hoping there's a peaceful resolution to this that I'm just not seeing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this?
  15. Last week
  16. Hey there, I am also dealing with this "person". Paid my comission back in late 2017 in full ( $1475 ) and was promised a delivery by February 2018. Sadly after a couple month excused were being made and only the head was delivered ( broken ). Which was then send back in for repairs on my cost. After that communication basicly died for almost half a year, my messages were not read or replied to. Later I was offered a full refund due to them having a new job. After that complete silence again and never heard a word again. Last contact for me was 21st May 2019. Their Facebook page, including all the "positive" reviews, has been deleted today 16th August 2019. Here is their Furaffinity Accounts : https://www.furaffinity.net/user/pupnfluff/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/Cullion and Twitter https://twitter.com/spiritwolven As I sit in germany, I contacted my lawyer, but sadly it is not feasible for me to try and go to court in the US otherwise I would have. I know of 3 other persons, who I have contact with, who have also been scammed by this person.
  17. Nico89

    Beware: Fytch

    A journal was posted about a week ago (but I guess I forgot to add it) so I am posting it just as further proof. I still have not been paid back, even though she told us the 10th she would start paying us.
  18. After having spoken with Fiverr support over a few days I was finally able to have my money transferred back to my paypal thankfully. Overall experience is stay away from fiverr however :\
  19. I'm somewhat not surprised considering i've read quite a bit of very questionable stuff from that site itself considering there been scams and plagiarism on there.
  20. Is there no way to get the money back from the site, even with a TT?
  21. Question: The footer of the website used to show how many members [total] had joined the site.  Is there somewhere else I can see that number now?

    I just liked seeing the number grow, lol.

    1. Celestina


      It's on the front page now! At least in the broadside theme.

    2. Kei


      OH I see it on the bottom right now!


  22. I've bought several YCH icons from her and am always happy with the result! One of my purchased icons below.
  23. Thanks for your help on that post.  I agree that locking it now is a good thing.

  24. I'm going to go ahead and lock this Kei. If you need any more help you're welcome to ask, or make a new thread! For folks who are coming from the artist: we keep all advice posts anonymous. If you out yourself, your post will be hidden.
  25. I'm assuming that was directed at the person accusing me of theft?
  26. Advice posts are to remain anonymous. Please leave your disagreements off of our doorstep.
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