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  • CAUTION! Maj-Mania749, aka Majeste

    • Who: Maj-Mania749
      Where: https://twitter.com/mmania749
      Maj-Mania749 @ Amino
      When: 06/23/2020
      What: Commission


    For anyone who might be visually impaired, and are thus unable to to see what's wrong with the heart on the paw:  The heart is made with minky dimple/ dot fabric instead of solid/ plain fabric.

    Message added by Celestina

    I have never written a Beware before. I didn’t even want to make this one, but this is completely unacceptable and future buyers should be aware. This is a small time fursuit maker by the name of Majeste. Back on June 23rd 2020, I purchased a custom set of puffy paws with claws after having talked details of the design and other pertinent information. I was quoted $190 and paid the full $190. Remember that price was QUOTED TO ME, because it will be relevant later on. 


    Majeste, at first, I had no issues with. The paws were going to take a little while and that was fine, that had already been established up front. The design of the paws was reviewed and I picked out my fur and minky fabrics that would be used to make these paws. I was under the impression that the fabrics that I chose WITH Majeste’s help would be the exact furs ordered and used on my paws. I don’t get any updates for a couple weeks, which again, is fine, I was aware of the time frame for paws turnaround. However, the issue comes in when Majeste sends me a WIP photo. I could see the backing of the pink minky looked strange, textured, but I don’t sew, I don’t work with materials, so I didn’t know. I wasn’t concerned at this point. I had no reason to believe the fabric was not the fabric I chose. 


    The next photo I received was of one finished paw. This is where the major issue comes into play: the minky on the paws was NOT the minky I had chosen/agreed upon when the order for the paws was placed. I had been given no prior indication of this change. At first, I sort of glossed over it. It was devastated, but I didn’t want to become a nightmare customer or cause issues. I assumed Majeste would have a solution in mind. Majeste did not at all offer to fix the problem up front, she did not even address it until I did first. As if it was no issue. I still wanted my paws, but I was extremely unhappy. I paid for a service and product, and neither was delivered as promised/agreed upon. I paid $190 for paws the way they had been discussed, not with a change in minky. I will admit, I became more agitated and less willing to accept this work as the conversation went on.


    At this point, I did not want to prolong the wait time, and I did not want to be treated as an inconvenience. I suggested upgraded shipping as a fair means of coming to a resolution. Majeste would have to make no refund, no alterations - simply mail the paws with an upgraded shipping method. This is where she becomes extremely aggressive with me. She tries to have me pay MORE to even FIX the paws in the first place, otherwise they won’t be fixed. She tells ME that MY behavior is unacceptable and tells me I’m scamming her. Scamming her after I had already paid the $190 for my paws. Right. She continues, saying she already discounted my paws (I never asked for any discount, Majeste herself quoted me the price of $190 from the get go, as mentioned earlier) and if I want things to be “fair”, I’ll pay the difference of her “usual” paw price and she’ll fix them. 


    Needless to say, I was extremely upset by this interaction. As a paying customer, I felt completely sidelined and overall unhappy with the finished result of my custom made product. Now, I’m going to have to have these fixed myself. In the end, Majeste did ship them and provide a tracking number to me. I do not have the paws in my hands as of writing this, but I would like to update based on the quality of the paws I do receive. There are LOTS of screenshots, as this is the entire conversation as it took place on Amino. Please. Proceed with extreme caution if you are considering working with Maj-Mania749. 

    Attached are all the screenshots of every interaction I had with Majeste. I included everything, even the conversation bits, so there’s nothing lost and all context is there. Hopefully it’s all in order! 












































    Edited by Celestina
    censored artist paypal

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    For anyone who might be visually impaired like me, and are thus unable to to see what's wrong with the heart on the paw:  The heart is made with minky dimple/ dot fabric instead of solid/ plain fabric.

    As a member:  The artist should have notified you about the error.  If they ordered a solid and got a dimpled fabric, then that's a mistake on behalf of the supplier.  You would have missed your deadline, but it would have been right.  It's a simple rookie mistake.  However, I don't think you're due expedited shipping because of it.

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    I may be reading this wrong, but it looks like you expressed approval at multiple WIP stages, without bringing up the minky pattern sooner. That's on you - I would also be p*ssed, as the artist, if you tried pulling the 'it's not how I wanted it' later after (seemingly) approving the earlier wips. The first time you even mention it is once one paw is fully completed. 


    They were also in the wrong, definitely, by not clearing that pattern with you first. When the fabric arrived is when it should have been sent back (if they really did order plain / flat), or confirmed with the commissioner that the change would be okay. 

    Anyway, I've read that you can flatten the dimples out of dimpled minkey with an iron on low and a bit of cotton between them. Take due care though, as too high heat will melt minky. But it will flatten the dimples if you're careful. 

    Edited by cknsausage

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    There's some issues here that are certainly rookie mistakes on the Artist's part. When receiving the incorrect fabric, she should have contacted the seller and informed them she was shipped the wrong fabric and informed you of the wait. But I suspect that due to the absurdly tight deadline, and the fact that she didn't get the fabric until the 14th, she felt pressured to get the work done with what she had. And it was also her fault for agreeing to such a narrow deadline, and I hope she doesn't do that to herself again. These are the only reasons we have for edging this into a caution, just barely.

    You however, are not in the right, either. If the dimples in the fabric were that much of an issue for you, you should have brought this up the moment you saw it. You claim it was due to your lack of experience, and I can understand that in some regard, but I'm surprised you didn't even ask just to make sure. Then going further, when the paws are finally done you bring up the dimples in a very 'oh well, guess it'll do' manner and never mention at all that it bothers you. The whole conversation is very friendly and even sympathetic to the fabric mixup which would give any artist the sense that you approved of it and the issue was only minor. Then suddenly it's 'well since the fabric is bad you should comp me 40$ in shipping instead', and I can absolutely see why it feels like a scam on her part, due to your guilt tripping over something you just moments ago gave the impression you were fine with.

    Now, let me lay down a few things in front of you in case you didn't notice. You ordered 2 paws to be completed within 4 weeks time, yet the way you write this out makes it sound like this is somehow a long wait, and I have to tell you, it's not. That kind of turn around is absurdly fast. Next, the total price for the 2 paws is 190$, including standard shipping and this was made very clear from the very beginning, the artist in no way promised you express shipping. You made assumptions about how the shipping would work ("I just thought you would put them in a flatrate box") and didn't bother asking about shipping options at all before starting even FULL WELL KNOWING, the artist intended to ship the product out by the 27th of July.  Next, The artist got the fabric on the 14th and finished the paws on the 19th. FIVE DAYS!!! That is the most incredible turn around time for 2 hand paws, so fast that is basically a rush job. So she bundles the cost of the paws and shipping for you, and provides you a rush service, and you come around and demand she shell out 40$ for a shipping type you never stated you wanted ahead of time for a product you just told her was fine as-is. All she asked for was 10$ for the fix, 10$. Because she's doing a rush service on top of a rush service, because she's doing her best to get it mailed out to you in the time specified. Like I said in the beginning paragraph, she should have informed you of the error of the fabric she received, but you should have brought up your dissatisfaction sooner and have even the slightest bit of perspective on how much work she's put into getting that done in such a short amount of time.

    And just some personal nickpicks because I'm still baffled by your conduct, you stated 2-day shipping and requested it multiple times, and you have the audacity to claim you never asked for 2-day shipping? It's literally right there, in the very screen caps you gave us. And what kind of person orders something like this a month before they're supposed to move? Any sensible person would have waited until after they were settled with the new address to have something shipped to them to ensure that it they received it at the address they would be living at. I strongly suggest you do that next time instead of expecting an artist to crunch to your timeline.

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