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  • Caution: Dubmutt

    • Who: Dubmutt
      Where: Twitter
      When: 05/11/2019
      What: Other (Explain Below)

    Who: Dubmutt
    Where: Twitter @dub_mutt
    What: Graphic art print
    Amount: $19.49
    On May 11, 2019, I purchased one of Dubmutt’s prints on a site called Storeenvy. The order came to $19.49. The description said that she ships these same day if purchased before 2pm, which I had done.

    June 5th comes along and I still don’t have the print or any shipping email. I messaged her on her email asking about the print status, explaining that I don’t have a tracking number, shipping confirmation, or the print itself after almost a month of purchase.

    I had also messaged her on Twitter on June 7th after no reply from the email, explaining the same thing in case she didn’t check her email/was more active on Twitter. To be on the safe side, I also opened a PayPal dispute for item not received on the same day.

    Later on the 7th soon after I open the dispute, Dubmutt conveniently gets back to me through Twitter. Her excuse was that she “never got the notification that I bought the print.” Which I find weird because obviously she got my money for the print, it’s not like the money appeared out of nowhere.

    She promised to ship the item right away which I then received on June 10. She had provided a tracking number and I got the shipping confirmation email. I had closed the PayPal case (which I now know was a bad idea).
    I open the print from the rolling tube it was packed in and immediately notice large, visible creases all over the print. Dissatisfied, I messaged Dubmutt on Twitter again, telling her the situation and providing images of the creases. She blamed it on tampering from the post office, despite the package being securely sealed.

    She had promised me a refund as well as a free replacement print. I provided my email for the refund in case she needed it again. She had said that she was out of town and wouldn’t be able to send the refund or the replacement until the “beginning of July.” I was fine with that and waited.

    July 3 comes along, I message her on Twitter politely asking about the refund and replacement. No reply.

    I wait, and email her on July 11, politely asking the same thing. No reply.

    The 18th comes along and I still have not heard from her or got the refund or replacement.
    Because I had stupidly closed the case on PayPal too early, I am out of luck. I am new to disputes with PayPal and I was unaware that you couldn’t open a second case if something else went wrong with the transaction. I contacted PayPal and they could do nothing for me.

    Today on the 19th, Dubmutt has finally gotten back to me via Twitter, after saying she would at the beginning of this month. She now says that she wishes I would have sent her images of the packaging that the print was shipped in to “prove” to her that it was not tampered with. I insisted that the packaging was in perfect condition and that only the print was damaged, for whatever reason. Also, I told her that there was no reason for me to think of randomly taking images of a perfectly intact package. She had no reply to that.

    She is now denying my refund that she promised over a month ago and is telling me to file a claim with USPS instead for tampering. First of all, I’m not going through the hassle of a usps claim for $20. Second, even if I wanted to, I don’t have any of the packaging, paperwork, or the print itself anymore which I also told her. So how on earth would I even make a claim with usps with nothing to show them?

    So not only did Dubmutt make me wait way longer than she promised, she is now denying the refund that she assured I would get, instead coming up with a ridiculous excuse to not to and has no concept with what I’m saying to her.


    Lesson learned to never close a PP case until you get the item and it’s in good condition with no other problem. I know now I am ultimately to blame because I wasn’t unaware you could open a second claim. 





















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    The artist is mistaken.  You don't file a claim with USPS.  Only the artist can as they're the one who shipped the item.  The onus is also on them that the item you ordered is delivered to you, and it's up to them to recoup the loss from USPS.

    In other words: at minimum they owe you a replacement, and they have to recover the loss from USPS.

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    You may also be able to call paypal and provide the images of the ruined print. I know a few people have gotten through to them via phone after closing a case.

    It's 100% on the seller for shipments and items, not you. Even if you call the post office they will tell you they cannot do anything that it has to be the one that mailed it.

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    Wow, that's definitely on the seller. What an absolute crap thing to do to promise you a replacement then blow off for god knows when and come back and tell you never mind.


    Beware well warranted, what absolute horrible service.

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    oh wow what a ridiculous attitude about this. They promised the refund and replacement in the first place and theres no excuse for them to go back on that.

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    Not sure why they offered you a refund AND replacement. It's one or the other, not both. I assume it was offered just to smooth things over for the moment. Really underhanded thing to then ghost and go back on their word.

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