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  • Caution: Aspenbear.

    • Who: Aspenbear
      Where: Furaffinity
      When: 06/17/2019
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    I have to warn about Aspenbear on Furaffinity.

    I ordered a Commission at him at May 29th via telegram.


    at like middle of june he announced refund people since his queue was too long.

    After a while i was wondering about the state of my commission if i get a commission or a refund.



    After i asked him the Question at the 15th of june he opened the commissions again on the 16th. After he said he is gonna refund.




    So i waited for his answer. He reopened Commissions again


    Still no answer or scetch around this point. I sent him a Note via Furaffinity which was read but not answered.


    At the 3. July i started the resolution via paypal.


    he had enough time to react and answer me.

    At the same day as i started the case, he answered me the question from the 15th of June.


    at the 7th of July i escalated the case to paypal since he didn't answer on Telegram or via paypal


    So i sent him a message on paypal again.


    At the 11th july he made a journal aboout to update his Trello and about a few YCHs he is gonna finish. Still no scetch up to this point.



    At the 13th of July i got an answer on telegram to my paypal-resolution..


    Since i was not the only one which didn't get any Commission done i decided to Force-payback through Paypal.

    i got a last Message at the 17th.


    Seven days later he reopened his Scetches again.


    His last Commission he submitted was a an old YCH.



    Evidence for payment and payback:


    On his trello i have still an entry for the refund.


    I got my 60$ back with the forced paypal-resolution.



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    Cleaning up caps, moving one to relevant area -s

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    Well, some people should seriously consider not treating customers' money as no interest loans. And the audacity it takes to ignore a client and then respond just to guilt trip them when they take their money back... wow : D

    Edited by PlagueMaiden

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    I just realized something about that this isn't the first time they been on AB i've seen an entry on the old AB of their previous name was Vanyabear. there's a link that confirms the account name on their old FA page. But this is rather alarming from this caution as well as their journal posts.

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