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  • Beware: Valdis_Scarletwound

    • Who: Valdis Scarletwound
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/valdisscarletwound/
      When: 10/24/2021
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    Message added by armaina,

    While we typically have a time limit to when we publish bewares, we have additional information that have prompted us to publish this warning before our typical 3-4 month wait.

    On 10/24/21 Valdis inquired about getting a pre-pose from me, which is something I usually only offer for my in-stream participants or to my discord users who may not be able to attend a stream. I specifically informed her to only contact me with her information once she was cleared to pay for the item.  https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44295921/ 

    When she noted me I assumed she was in good standing and able to pay for the artwork, as agreed.


    Our discussion was then moved to discord. I provided her with regular WIPs.


    There was some confusion as to the pricing for the pieces (Although on the submission it is clearly stated that I was not providing both versions of the work for an extra $5).


    She then asked to add more artwork to the queue, while still not paying for her original pieces. 


    I explained I would not do more art for her until the current works were paid for.


    She then ghosted me for the weekend, and communications moved back to FA as she claimed she was unable to access her discord. I sent her a warming, after seeing that she had tried to purchase characters for $200 from xBlueAshesx.



    Usually, I would have stopped working on her commissions at this point. However, at the same time, there was an unexpected death in the family. Work provided me an escape, something to focus on other than my grief for a little while. 

    When Valdis responded, she tried to blame everything on Paypal, as well as having been mistreated by other artists in the past. 


    I was informed that Valdis was attempting to purchase another character, this one for $300 at this point.

    After which point I contacted Valdis to let her know that I had seen her behavior - 


    She responds, once again trying to garner sympathy by claiming she has no family. 


    Sick of the attempts at gaslighting and manipulation, I inform her the only way to recover from her actions is to pay for the work she ordered. 


    Here is the work completed, for verification purposes. The other person she ordered artwork for did pay for her portion of the artwork. I am including it here, though, to show that the work was completed and Valdis should have paid for it. 


    Last contact with the client on Nov 6th


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    I'm so very sorry for your experience. The constant lying and dodging is bad enough, but the attempt at guilt tripping and emotional blackmail on the "I have no family" line is just. Oof. Absolutely shameful behaviour. That's the point I would have stopped being civil, so your continued composure with this person is admirable to me.

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    Holy hell that last note that sounds like confirms she only looks at expensive art and strings artists around. Beware is warranted.

    To be honest, I don't consider my work that expensive. She ordered 2 pre-poses, at $50/each, plus alternate versions for $25/each- for a total of $150 for what is essentially 4 cell shaded pieces. 


    From what I gather- She orders art that she can't pay for, and then when it comes time to pay she creates reasons that she can not. I suspect her 'elaborate' stories are an attempt to get the artist to pity her enough into just giving her the work.

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