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  • Beware: JuicySuits

    • Who: JuicySuits / Tankarank
      Where: https://twitter.com/JuicySuits
      When: 01/10/2018
      What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts


    Edited 2 screenshots (arrival of DTD, message about missing AC) to remove information not related to beware.

    Message added by snowhawk

    Tank (the owner of JuicySuits) and I originally started talking about my fursuit commission on January 10, 2018, with a quote of $2,300 for the fursuit and a deadline of July 4, 2018 (Anthrocon).



    I made the full payment on January 30, 2018, with progress on the suit starting in March.



    Tank told me there was a digital sculpt underway, but I never received any screenshots or proof of this.



    Duct Tape Dummy was requested on March 25, and she received it on April 2.




    My first and only work in progress picture I received was sent on June 10. It was the buckram painting for the eyes.



    On July 3 – the day before Anthrocon and the deadline – I find out via Twitter that Tank will not be attending the convention. I have to bring up the elephant in the room about the unfinished suit and she apologizes, but confirms that it will not be done in time.



    We make a rough deadline of 1-2 months from that point in time, for pickup. That would put the deadline at August or September.



    I hear nothing from her until September 11, when I am informed that not only has no additional work been started on my suit, but that I’ve been actually bumped back in the queue. Please note, my original deadline was two months earlier, and she’s putting other people ahead of me.



    I request a refund on September 11 because I am uncomfortable with the two missed deadlines and lack of communication. On September 20, Tank promises to send me every payment made by the person replacing my spot in the queue.



    On October 9, Tank tells me that she can’t pay me because the new commissioner has missed their payments. However, she offers to take out a loan to pay me back in full ASAP.



    Tank tells me that her loan is almost paid off on November 9, which means she should be able to get a new loan and pay me back soon.



    On December 18, I demand progress on the refund. She replies on December 19, telling me that she should be able to pay off her loan soon, but she can get money together for some payment before the end of the month.



    January 1 hits, and Tank tells me the loan is paid off and she can get a new loan to refund me, though it will take three days to process.



    On January 11, she writes me a message, saying that her new loan was declined, and she will not be able to refund me in one large sum. I agree to payment plans of $200 biweekly, as I feel like there’s not much more I can do, and she promises that the first payment will come through on January 18.


    It's January 18, and I’ve heard nothing from her. I messaged her, asking for an update, but received no response.

    I have tried giving her multiple deadlines, either for the suit or a refund, all of which she has missed over the timeframe of a year. At this point, I just want my money back as soon as possible. 

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    Thanks for the beware. 



    The unfulfilled promises and the missed deadlines make me never want to commission her.  And I really hate it when artists spend the money before doing any work and then drag their heels on a refund.

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    I'm so sorry that it didn't work out... :c

    Also, you were bumped down the queue just because you were not as "pushy" as others.....?
    That doesn't sound great... ?

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    wow...after missing the first deadline and then bumping you back in the queue? What a horrible way to run a business. Pushing people back and finishing newer commissions first is a really fast way to alienate your customers and make sure they seek business elsewhere.

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    They owe me money too.


    I feel like I will never see it again, and my cases got denied by Paypal. I am like SICK with stress over this...

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