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  • Beware - BrokenVocaloid

    • Who: BrokenVocaloid
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/BrokenVocaloid
      When: 09/02/2019
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    CW: Talk of trans masc anatomy

    *I'd like to note when I mention "FtM anatomy / T cock" I'm referencing the clitoral growth a person gets when they start testosterone*

    Back in late august / early september 2019, I stumbled across one of many of BrokenVocaloid's YCH's. I really liked the pose, the price was low and so I noted her and asked if she was still open for the YCH. I am trans; female to male, and my main fursona reflects this, so I asked if; instead of a cum version, I could have a trans FtM version, as well as the standard cis male version + clean version, and that I'd be happy to pay extra for this ( I even double check I was super clear on what I was requesting!). She approved this request and upped the price tag from $25 to $40, I sent her the payment and my reference sheet (SFW, I didn't have a NSFW ref at the time). 


    A month passes, and I'm getting curious as to where my artwork is, so I ask for progress. I got hit with a very vague response of "everything is going fine". I foolishly trust it, and wait a couple more months before asking again. She tells me she keeps updates via journals, and that she aims to get her current queue finished before January 2020 or at the very most within the first week of January. 


    Of course, January was almost over, and still no sign of my completed YCH. I noticed from her Journals she now had a "manager" under the name Sadoka, and if there was any problems to contact them over on telegram. I let Sadoka know I'd been waiting on this YCH for 4 months, and sent all the details over. No response, but I assume the word was sent to BrokenVocaloid, as she messaged me saying I need to describe what I asked for. I will admit, things get scrambled here - rotating between contacting both Broken and Sadoka on telegram and Broken on FA (all messages are still provided).

    But the tipping point for me, was when I notified Broken I'm not on her current queue, she asked what I was after, then suddenly after all this time, she can't draw trans FtM anatomy (this is on FA). I then reply to her if I could just have a refund, after she's now refusing to draw something she said she could, and charged me extra for. Then, she bombards me with excuses on my telegram.




    Here, she is putting the blame on me for not providing a reference of FtM anatomy, that she's never been asked to draw that before, etc. I'd like to remind everyone that it has been 8 months, and she has left it until now to say she needed a reference / can't draw that. I wouldn't have taken it sourly if she had just said so in the first place, instead of explicitly agreeing to it with no need for references and knowingly charging me extra! Also blaming me for not reminding her I'm not on her trello queue.

    She agrees to give me a refund and to have it over in 3 weeks (surprise surprise, I still don't have it)



    The "large clits make me uncomfortable" is an interesting statement too, take that how you will. Again, just pouring out excuse after excuse, and linking proof as to why she's in the right. I understand we face struggles in life, and their is a lot of mention from her journals about mental health, hence being extremely forgiving and being patient, waiting for as long as I did.



    And that's the end of the conversations! I still haven't received a refund, despite contacting her through both FA and paypal. I wish I'd have asked for a refund sooner and not been so forgiving. I can accept I could have been better and contacted her about the queue sooner, but she had no excuse for this. It's too late for me to get my money back with buyer protection, so I just have a slither of hope; maybe BrokenVocaloid will see this and send my refund that she promised for the end of may. It's almost been a year since asking for this YCH and I'm tired.





    Screenshot 2020-07-12 at 13.57.02[2369].png

    Edited by Celestina
    removed duplicate caps, updated caps with specific dates

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    I'm sorry to hear about this. It's incredibly unprofessional on their part to not ask if they arent sure how to draw something. It was never an issue until 8 months later, like you said. That's rough. They never said anything about it, they even said it was going well when you asked for an update. If nobody had ever requested that, you would think they would ask.

    And yeahhhhh, the "oversized clit" comment isnt great either.

    And I feel you on the turnaround time part. I had a similar experience and commissioned them expecting it to be done fairly quickly as the ad said their would be a 2 week turnaround. It ended up taking nearly a year, and whenever I would ask, I always was just told "you'll be in the next batch", "it'll be done next week", or "it's almost done" for months on end, over and over. Just empty promise after empty promise. Then at one point they asked if they still owed me anything after I left their telegram group (unrelated issue) and asked me to send my ref and details again.

    This was in November of 2019, I had already commissioned and been strung along about completion dates for around half a year at that point. Then they put out the journal saying that everything would be done by the new year. And of course, it didnt, I even waited until march 1st just put of common courtousy to ask for my refund because of the virus and stuff. They said I would get it on thursday, march 5th. Thursday came and gone.

    Then I reached out asking about it, and was told it would be on the next thursday, so the 12th. Nothing. Messaged on the 14th asking about it and they said their mate was having issues getting paid because of the virus, which I understand. They said they would refund on wednesday (the 18th). I give them more time because of the virus, and reach out march 28th. They said I would get it the next day which didnt happen. So I reached out the day after (30th) asking for an update. They reply on the 31st and say they'll send it that night. Got nothing. I ask on April 2st, they say tonight. Got nothing.

    I asked on April 2nd, they say tonight. Got nothing. It was the same thing as when I was waiting for the art, just getting strung along day after day. April 3rd they say they are waiting on someone to pay them so they can refund me. At this point two of my friends had asked for refunds after I did and gotten them before mine so I was getting annoyed. I ask for an estimate on when I can get my refund on April 6th. We have a long talk and I say my issues. They say they're scared they can't pay rent, but they're also taking in lots of commissions and my refund was only $20 and both my friends got refunds that were much higher amount than mine. I leave for over a month and May 13th I ask for an update.  They say this week I will get it.  Week ends and I dont have it.

    I simply re-send my PayPal address. The next say I ask yet again and they actually refund me over two months from my initial refund date, and almost 1 year from when I commissioned. I was going to write an Artist Beware had they not refunded me. It's frustrating and I'm sorry it seems there are quite a few people with experiences similar.

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    I purchased a YCH from BrokenVocaloid in January 2017.  The artist and I exchanged a few notes on details and reference sheets.  When I attempted to contact them again at a later time, they would no longer reply. It became too late to dispute the charge with PayPal.  Never received art nor refund. 

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    I'm so sorry that happened to you. I've had an unpleasant experience with her also. It lasted a bit and ultimately ended in a refund. 

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    Calling a client "dear" and "darling" or other pet names i highly unprofessional. Also if an artist is unsure how to draw something they should have asked from the beginning. This is an artist i will avoid given the level of red flags and unprofessionalism.

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    i'm stuck with dealing with the same artiest right now been waiting on a refund for some ychs back in November 

    i believe metal issues is just another excuse it's thrown around on FA like a game of hot potato you don't know who has the real issues anymore


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    ah man I've been duped by them as well. I eventually got my commissions after almost a year of pestering and in the end the items were super SUPER rushed. :)))

    My fiance (a transman) absolutely died reading the notes between you two, the "How ftm do you want it" had him howling. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that!

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