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  1. Sorry your having to deal with this I'm not surprised she's still pulling this stuff even after "doing changes" to make everything better No doubt she's repost those ych for sell again after you asked for a refund She did the same to the ych I wanted a refund from and completed them within a week after someone else bought them i think she does that just to give a big middle finger to the last buyer
  2. It's to a point where I gave up on trying to get a refund back from them I told them to forget about it and they refuse to listen they sented a little bit of a back even after I said no even if I get the full refund back it'll leave a bitter taste in my mouth after months waiting
  3. i'm stuck with dealing with the same artiest right now been waiting on a refund for some ychs back in November i believe metal issues is just another excuse it's thrown around on FA like a game of hot potato you don't know who has the real issues anymore
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