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  1. The artist now also has an Etsy page, if you can believe it. I've already reported them there for Etsy policy violations (pornography). https://www.etsy.com/shop/DoggieTreatsPantry
  2. Spelling correction for my previous comment: "..I'm content in seeing that both accounts (BrokenVocaloid & Cielkuro** on FA) are currently suspended.." I have no idea what my fingers decided to do there. I don't see a way to edit a previous comment (not sure if there IS a way), but I didn't want to leave that spelling error to possibly confuse others.
  3. I guess I'll be making one final comment on this particular Beware thread. I've been asking the artist (BrokenVocaloid, Cielkuro, whatever other names they might have) to refund the money I paid since before I made this beware. Every time I asked about it, the same excuse was always given; "I'll send the money this Thursday, I promise!" The last reply I have received from them was on March 21 2021. Since then, they have completely ignored me and have not responded to any further messages I have sent as well as their 'managers' or who/whatever they are (SebastianMorgenstern & Sakoda, both on FA). At this point, I've accepted that I won't ever get my money back no matter how many times I demand it. But at least at this very moment, I'm content in seeing that both accounts (BrokenVocaloid & Civeelkuro on FA) are currently suspended, hopefully for a long time. If not soon outright banned. To me, at this point, that would be worth far more than actually getting my money back. Sure, that's a pretty vindictive and spiteful way to look at it, but I know for a fact that I'm not the only one that feels that way. So yeah, this Beware is definitely NOT closed or resolved. I'm not admitting defeat; I'm simple resigned to the fact that I won't win.. Unless they get banned. I'll count that as a big win.
  4. Roger, kinda figured. Wasn't trying to be hostile or anything, just confirming that I had already done it. Sorry if it came off like that, text doesn't carry inflection well.
  5. Already did so months ago and even mentioned that I did; "There's a number of bewares for that artist on here, one of which is mine"
  6. Yeah, I wouldn't count on ever seeing your money again. There's a number of bewares for that artist on here, one of which is mine for several pieces that I bought back in January/February 2020. I've been getting the same message ("I'll send the money this Thursday, I promise") dozens of times at this point since September and recently they've starting ignoring my notes completely (not even opening/reading them). You aren't alone in your frustration.
  7. I purchased three YCH pieces from the artist ("BrokenVocaloid" on FurAffinity) at the beginning of this year. (see the following: "FireShot Capture 001 - BrokenVocaloid YCH commission 1.jpg", "FireShot Capture 002 - BrokenVocaloid YCH commission 2.jpg", & "FireShot Capture 003 - BrokenVocaloid YCH commission 3.jpg") None of which have been finished and the artist hasn't even given any work-in-progress. All pieces were paid in full immediately upon my claiming them. (see "Message 01.jpg", "Message 02.jpg", "Message 03.jpg", "Payment for BrokenVocaloid YCH commission 1.jpg", & "Payment for BrokenVocaloid YCH commission 2 & 3.jpg") Links for the aforementioned YCHs: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34518839/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34859599/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34859584/ With the COVID situation going on as well as the number of other commissions that the artist had, I allowed the artist more time to finish them. At one point sometime in April (exact date unknown, artist has since deleted the related journal), the artist posted a journal asking all commissioners that had not received their owed art to send them a message with the related details. I responded with the required details and the artist confirmed(see "Message 04.jpg" & "Message 05.jpg"). In September, I made another inquiry as to the progress of the commissions. The artist stated that the owed art would be completed soon. (see "Message 06.jpg") On November 1st, when over 270 days had passed since the pieces were paid for, there had still been no progress nor completed art. I was tired of waiting and asked for a refund (see "Message 07.jpg"). Throughout the entire year, I had seen the artist complete other commissions and post them, even YCH pieces that were purchased long after I had purchased mine. I have asked the artist for a refund numerous times, to which they have stated that they would give said refund, but have yet to do so. (see "Message 08.jpg", "Message 09.jpg", & "Message 10.jpg") I tried to submit a dispute through PayPal, but it had been well over the 180 days stated in PayPal's refund policy since the purchase. Thus, I am unable to force the artist to refund my money. The artist has made numerous promises to refund my money, but at this point I believe they are nothing but a lying thief and the evidence is on my side. *Note: some images were website captures taken in late October for my own records in case the artist attempted to lie about said commissions. These images have been converted to ".jpg" from ".pdf" and are lower quality than I would like, however they are still legible.
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