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  1. I payed for this YCH (down below) Since I like bigger proportions I asked which did increase the price Sent payment after I sent payment I waited quite a bit since I usually like to give the artist time before asking for progress. though almost a year is pretty bad without them messaging me. So I sent a message to their manager asking if I could get a refund. Nothing was sent so I messaged the manager again 3 months later I was hoping the manager would have it settled, not the case they never responded after that. So I messaged the artist. Though
  2. from my experience on trying to get a refund from them, they always say next week or next paycheck but never send anything. every month I ask for a refund and everytime they respond its always "sorry I dont know what happened or ill send over the refund within the week" never happens though. Good luck with them I have been trying since last year all for just $34. its a matter of principle now
  3. I have been having problems with them as well, I payed for a YCH on July 27 2019 and never received anything after awhile I decided to get something else from them on December 3 2019 they made that one quickly and when I asked about the previous one they had no clue what I was talking about. So I had to do some digging and found the original YCH and sent it to them, they never responded so I sent a note to their TOS account. They responded and said that they will send the refund that was January 8 2020 and they said it would take 2 weeks. I sent another request for a refund on Apri
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