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  • Artist Beware: BrokenVocaloid

    • Who: BrokenVocaloid
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/brokenvocaloid/
      When: 07/27/2019
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    I payed for this YCH (down below)



    Since I like bigger proportions I asked which did increase the price



    Sent payment


    after I sent payment I waited quite a bit since I usually like to give the artist time before asking for progress. though almost a year is pretty bad without them messaging me. So I sent a message to their manager asking if I could get a refund.

    Nothing was sent so I messaged the manager again 3 months later


    I was hoping the manager would have it settled, not the case they never responded after that. So I messaged the artist.unknown7.thumb.png.09af99b1534df867b428395141a62d6c.png

    Thought that would have fixed it wrong again.


    Still waited on good faith.



    They read the next note but never responded


    I started to get frustrated so now every month I send them a paypal money request



    They wont respond to notes or paypal request's. So here I am putting up an Artist Beware

    manager 2.png

    Edited by armaina
    censored paypal

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Yeah, I wouldn't count on ever seeing your money again. There's a number of bewares for that artist on here, one of which is mine for several pieces that I bought back in January/February 2020. I've been getting the same message ("I'll send the money this Thursday, I promise") dozens of times at this point since September and recently they've starting ignoring my notes completely (not even opening/reading them). You aren't alone in your frustration.

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    Just a reminder for any future replies, we'd like to reiterate: If you have also had issues with a subject of a beware, please submit your own post.
    Additional bewares on the same subject help visibility and the community at large by contributing to the tags.

    Do not attempt to piggyback onto another user's post with a full beware within the comments. 

    Any comments of this nature will not be approved.

    Edited by rikki
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    Already did so months ago and even mentioned that I did; "There's a number of bewares for that artist on here, one of which is mine"


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    1 minute ago, Tygre13 said:


    The Mod Comment was not directed at you, it was directed at other users who have attempted this.
    Comments that post an Entire Beware are not approved, and therefore are not visible to users such as yourself.

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    Roger, kinda figured. Wasn't trying to be hostile or anything, just confirming that I had already done it. Sorry if it came off like that, text doesn't carry inflection well.

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    • Administrator

    Changed Where to https://www.furaffinity.net/user/brokenvocaloid/

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    • Administrator

    We are amending these tags to include Sebastian Morgenstern due to multiple instances depicting them as being active within BV's business dealings; most prominent examples include posting commissions on her behalf & informing customers en masse regarding frequent on-site suspensions. Staff has determined they are not the same person.

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