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Found 2 results

  1. Some images may contain NSFW materials, as this is about a NSFW artbook produced by inkedfur. Most Proof is correspondence but a picture of the cover which could be NSFW is shown at more than one point. In short, I worked on this project with many other artists, 41 total. The book was produced by inkedfur, and we only ever got one payment of 7.30 The book was to be a limited run, but has been printed multiple times with out our consent and the company and owner has not been forthcoming with any information and infact has replied in very unprofessional ways. This is still an ongoing case and nothing has been resolved. This is something that started about a year ago, so I will do my best to break down the information and the context as I have it. I have not blocked out the name of the owner, because this information is available publicly and as his email signature. If staff would like me to edit that I can. For context, here is a link to the guidelines that all artists who worked on the book were to agree to. Kei, who was working as a partner with Inkedfur at the time, was the book lead and put this together for us. As being an employee of inkedfur and book lead, Kei was our middle man. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NjG7YIzK_F-482hajwZ5znTzvyj_-heQMPnlhcTzUAM/edit#heading=h.26re1e8okgjn Important note, this link has a link to the second document as well as the first. Deadlines changed and more information was added. So the first one you see is older and there is a link at the top for the 'newer' version. Both contain alot of the same info. Here are some important bits of the FAQ we were all given to review. The Timetable and payment. https://imgur.com/7yUf3P9 https://imgur.com/CnBgEi4 Later on we got an email with a breakdown of how the profits would work: Profits: https://imgur.com/XO0WBGC March 12th we get an email explaining there was a print delay and requesting info for payments. https://imgur.com/CjxG4Z9 March 18tth we have a break down of sales and book orders. Though now there is the mention of the costs for the artists books. https://imgur.com/tZbc9eT May 24th: We are in the black! First profits to be paid out will be soon. 606.90 total profits as of may 2018 to be paid in royalties! 12.91! This was less than I thought it would be, but the email states we -STILL- had books for sale at that point, and the pdf sales had not yet happened. https://imgur.com/1j7dE10 June 20th I admit this was a bit of a slap in the face, it was a bit less than I was expecting given the email and I personally took the tone of the note poorly. https://imgur.com/El6YfrA June 29th PDF is finally up! Apparently, the delay was because the new website they were working on didnt have support for digital products yet. So, it has been hosted on the OLD website, and we have links to it to post to. https://imgur.com/8MnLQzU https://imgur.com/5zigF7h And that was it. That was the last we ever heard on the matter, and the last payment anyone ever got. I confirmed this with several artists, I was a bit worried because I had -left- inkedfur (as no longer allowing them to sell my work) and I thought perhaps my royalties had been lost in the system somewhere. But turns out, no one else had gotten paid either. That brings us to Feb 2019. I contacted Kei after hearing back that no one else was being paid or getting royalties from the knottyboys book. Oddly Kei said that two payments of royalties were made and they had sold out of all the books. And that only 4 sales of the PDF were done. Checking the website, the Book is for sale, but the pdf is not. https://imgur.com/22CZ5e5 https://imgur.com/n1eR1Ll I was directed to contact inkedfur directly. And I did so on Feb 22nd. Knowing they were at a con and figured by the way Kei responded they knew I, and possibly other concerned artists would be getting in touch, i waited. https://imgur.com/1WqUXVG That brings us to march 3rd, 9 days later. And this is the responce, and our exchange. https://imgur.com/D4U1lmc https://1drv.ms/u/s!As3pUy5MCJSahc0ZPWLzK2skEHaszA <-- larger resolution This is my most recent reply from James. I can see we are going to have to go through math and I will now for a third time be requesting sales records. Im beginning to wonder if anyone actually reads the request because I was pretty clear on what I am wanting. You are a business, this should be pretty easy, No? https://imgur.com/pHJK4pc I'd just been taking some time to dig into things as I wait for James to get back to me with the requested sales figures. Some interesting things had happened in this time. The Inkedfur twitter account had made a public post, and Kei also replied. https://imgur.com/AD1z46w https://imgur.com/yB1ytO2 I would also like to quickly point out that both james and Inkedfurs twitter have referenced a 30% sale royalties, but in the telegram chat used by artists for the book, Kei, the book lead and someone who works at inkedfur, tells us its been upped to 35% https://imgur.com/VVQkjBA So, Inkedfur sold copies of the book to (two?) 3rd party places. This was never mentioned as possible in our FAQ/Guidlines which in this instance acts as our contract. https://imgur.com/einwivC https://imgur.com/qU8F1Ln Another artist has heard back from James and gotten a statment: https://imgur.com/sltejyN https://imgur.com/M03FYya Interesting things to note here, are the mention of additional bundles of books. James only mentioning one payment, the one we have been able to find and confirm vs the two payments that were previously quoted by Kei. Lastly, the fact that nearly a year later the site still doesnt have digital sales enabled, of which most of our profits were to come from. None of us were told this. As for the additional books, this is news to pretty much every artist I have spoken with. We were all under the impression this was a limited run. As proof we have these: https://imgur.com/cETHUSa https://imgur.com/gKvZFAC https://imgur.com/xmoLTZE After waiting several days and knowing he was responding to others, I emailed him directly to the email at the bottom of his signature. https://imgur.com/5QvwFdI https://imgur.com/j5QuzWd His reply: https://imgur.com/uu9w0vp my reply back: https://imgur.com/NXpJV6V And that's where we stand right now. Requests for numbers are going ignored or denied and the responses we are getting are very unprofessional. There are other grievances I have with this company ( daki promised to the client for free never delivered, problems with my final payout when I left, ect) But I am limiting this to information that is public and my own personal involvement with the book. I know this seems like super small amounts, but if you spread those nickels and dimes over 41 people, thats alot of money. We dont know how much we are really owed, because a second batch of books was produced, and no math is adding up because the numbers keep changing.
  2. Nov. 18th, 2012 7:51 PM amocin Who: Rabbit Valley - Andrew Rabbit Where: http://www.rabbitvalley.com/ What: We were working with Rabbit Valley to get a printed copy of our Adult Webcomic. When: July 16 2012 - Nov 16 2012 Proof: Screen shots will be posted in the order of Explanation. Explain: My husband has been handling all of the communication for this, even though some emails state my name, and some his, its all him, so there should have been no miscommunication between the two. I am posting on his behalf though, because he is really just assisting me in dealing with the print job while I work on the art and all the other stuff. It starts off pretty normal, we contact Rabbit Valley and get contacted back by Andrew and there is back and forth on quotes for the print, as well as what kind of format he would need the comic in for their printers. Here is the screen shot of our talks in the first round of emails. I have put red points next to the emails that I will explain here. If I should expand some, please let me know. AUG 17: We have ironed out all details by this point and Andrew asks us to send him an email on Monday (Aug 20th) to remind him to send out our sample comic. SEP 1st: We contact him asking for an update on the printed sample and he told us we should have gotten it in the mail. In a previous email he stated it would be sent to him first, and then to us, we were never alerted that he got it. We were told it should have been sent out a week ago, and to keep a look out for it. Sep 3rd: Are told he will call the printer in the morning for information. Two days later we ask him for news, and was told he left them a message. We wait another day before asking if he heard anything back yet. We are told that the printer may be avoiding him. Sept 10th and 12th: We ask for another update and are told that Andrew will no longer use his current printing company and is moving to a different printer. There is no mention of what happened to this printed copy that was sent... maybe it got lost... maybe it never got sent. Sept 17th: Andrew tells us he found another printer who is printing us up a copy that day and he will send us a tracking number within a few hours. Sept 18th: We ask for another update and are told that the printer wants us to change our format for the comic so it will fit their printing needs. We get the edits their printer needed done and sent out on Sept 21. I already felt there were warning signs at this point that maybe we should end our side of things with this guy, but our options for printers were very limited with the nature of our book. However, at this point I have a bad feeling with the sudden drop of a printer company that supposedly sent us out a sample comic, and then telling us that the new printer was already printing and ready to ship in a few hours, only for issues to come up the next day where a package never got shipped. Between Sept 21st and Oct 2nd the emails are just discussing payment options, print options, and quotes of prices. Now here is where the fun really begins. OCT 5nd: The printed copy comes in the mail and there are many issues we have with it, mostly to do with the colors not coming out as they should, and the pages being cut off in areas that they shouldnt have been. We inform Andrew of these issues and work with him to get them fixed. We send out new formats on the same day of Oct 5th. Oct 10th: Ask for update on new sample. Are told he sent them out to the printer. Oct 12th-15th: Please excuse the ancyness of constantly asking for updates. At this point we both feel that if we dont contact Andrew first, we are not going to get contacted, and this is already past the day we wanted to have this printed up, but that may be our bad for not understanding how long prints normally take. At this point we are three months into this without having a solid print. OCT 17th: were told an updated printed copy will be sent out the following day. Oct 24th & 26th: We ask for another update on if the copy was sent out. We are told that the printer was going to ship out this sample "This week" rather then last week. OCT 30th: Were told about a printed copy being sent to Andrew, and then he would send it to us. Nov 5th & 6th: We ask for another update as we have not heard if he got the sample, and nor have we. We're told Andrew would email the printer and find out what was going on. Nov 12th: We ask for another update, and are told that Andrew is just getting back from a trip, and will call them that day. Nov 16th: After we contact him, yet again for an update on the printed copy, he writes us back to tell us that he contacted his printer, and they said that they could not do the print job and that he was dropping us as a client. He also states that he told us he would be out of town that entire time, when his previous email said he was just getting back into town on the day that he said he left.. Shortly after this he contacts us again telling us that the printer could not get the colors out properly, and that he is ending our transaction. No money was ever exchanged but a good four months of our time was spend on this... Now... Please keep in mind the times he told us a new printed copy would be sent to us, and how he contacted the printer asking for updates... After his last email, my husband dug up the printers email from a time we had been CCed on an email. He took the liberty to contact the printer and ask them what we could do to resolve the issues with the print, and hopefully cut out the middle man and get us a printed copy of the comic. What transpired here sent us both into a fit of rage that thankfully remained contained within our household. Yes... From Oct 5th, those files, they were never sent to the printer. Those samples that should have been printed and sent to him, never really existed seeing as he never sent out the new files. So now we are working directly with the printer to hopefully get the comic printed up, and have cut out the middle man Andrew who seemed to jerk our chain for a good long time. Update: From what it seems like now, the printer wrote us again after looking into the issue. So it would seem that RV did get the second sample, and just never informed us about it, and may have told the printer that he was working on an extra proof on his end to resolve the issues with the print, rather then having us try to fix it. The worst part about this... is I dont even know why this happened. Was it that we pestered for too many updates? Was it because we wanted a very low quantity of books? I have really no idea.. Update 2 - Dec 3rd: We received the new sample from the printer, which was using the same file we sent to Andrew. The colors are perfect so I really have no idea why we were told the colors were still too dark. We have put in our full order for the books.
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