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Found 1 result

  1. Nov. 12th, 2011 at 3:10 AM mosasakkine *Edited some wording as per mod request, and a couple more screenshots* Who: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bunnynyn/ ; https://inkbunny.net/kibafuryo What: My version of the image in question is still on my page, and still contains all the drama he brought in, if you're so inclined to read through it. I just thought I'd give everyone a heads up about this guy. He won a pinup auction from me on November 9th, which was to be finished that same night. He first insists that we discuss the commission via messenger, which is against my policy for personal reasons. He claimed he wanted to be sure we were on the same page and that I got it perfect. I let him know that I've never had trouble following instructions through email, and his request was so simple (going so far as to send me a pose reference he wanted me to basically copy) there was no possible way for me to screw it up. I told him that if he really wanted, I could stream it for him. Which I did, and finished the piece in under three hours. He was pleased with it, so I then posted it to FA. My TOS states that by commissioning me, the commissioner is giving me the right to post the image where I like, and that they in turn have my permission to post the work on their own page, as long as they give me credit and post a link to my page. At around 7am EST on Nov 11, my significant other noticed on the front page of FA, that he had uploaded the piece. Only he had added huge black text with his "copyright" info, and a giant SAMPLE across the character. I was kind of annoyed about that, but since this was the first time I've ever had to deal with anybody altering a work I've done for them, I had not covered that situation in my TOS. But he also hadn't credited me in the description. So I made a polite comment requesting that he credit me and upload the unaltered image instead. He hid my comment. So I made another, telling him not to ignore me, and to please respect my wishes or remove the image from his page. I made a journal to state my displeasure, not once calling him by name. You can see that journal here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2899677/ He removed the image from his page. Then he posted a journal about how nobody was allowed to post any artwork of his "copyrighted" character anymore, or he'd sue them, then posted the link to that journal on the submission in my gallery. Hilarity ensued. My submission (WARNING NSFW due to penor): http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6828416 What he did to it: http://rainbow-mouse.net/misc/bunnynyn/bunnynyn_kibafuryo.jpg His journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2900787/ He posted a ton of "threatening legal action" posts, even going so far as to copy/pasta some legal gibberish from a law site, as though he'd actually contacted a lawyer, and posted it both as a comment and as a private note. Our conversation went as follows: http://rainbow-mouse.net/misc/bunnynyn/bunnynyn1.jpg http://rainbow-mouse.net/misc/bunnynyn/bunnynyn2.jpg http://rainbow-mouse.net/misc/bunnynyn/bunnynyn3.jpg http://rainbow-mouse.net/misc/bunnynyn/bunnynyn4.jpg He chose not to reply to that last note from me. Instead, he went and edited his profile to say "DUE TO RECENT EVENTS WITH A FEW RETARDS ON HERE I HAVE MOVED TO ANOTHER SITE IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS ASK THEN BUT NO LONGER GOING TO DEAL WITH THE DRAMA FEST THAT IS "FA"" I guessed Inkbunny, and wouldn't you know, it wasn't hard to find. He had again uploaded that same altered version, AGAIN without giving me credit. This time he had in the description about how he had to remove it from FA because I had a fit about him uploading it (without mentioning my name). I contacted IB support and had the image removed with no fuss. Seen here:http://rainbow-mouse.net/misc/bunnynyn/bunnynyn5.jpg I posted another journal here, still not naming names http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2901363/ Please also be aware that I did not send anybody after them or encourage them to flame him, reply to his comments, or post on his journal. I avoided posting on his journal myself because I was not trying to incite anything. Again, the situation seems to be resolved for now, until he decides to post the image again, which I have revoked all rights to him being allowed to post anywhere due to his douchebaggery. If you happen to see the image in question uploaded anywhere with his copyright on it, please let me know, and report it if you can. I'm posting it here on A_B because some people have suggested I do so. I would suggest not taking work from this guy unless you like dealing with a childish whiner who will disrespect your art and then threaten you with legal action. Why: Not a clue! Added at Nov 12, 14:00 EST: This has now escalated to the point where he has posted a threatening shout on my FA page (which I have left there to make a point), and trying to reverse the charges on Paypal, which I hope to god they don't take his side, or I'll be on the phone with them. Commissions are my sole income. I don't screw around with this. He has also since nuked his FA account and all the comments he made on my submission, so you're really only seeing half the conversations now. I hope my notes screenshots suffice. Added on Nov 14, 14:14 EST: Some people have started accusing me of acting childish and immature in dealing with this, and that because of that, they think I will lose respect, watchers, and commissions. You are all entitled to your opinions of course, but please realize that in actuality, I have had many people come to me in comment and note and tell me that because of how I handled the situation, they WOULD commission me, so I am seeing the opposite results. I'm sorry if it looks like I have an attitude, but I can assure you that unless you plan to act as this commissioner did, you'd have very little, if any trouble commissioning me. I am very easygoing and friendly, and this is a very extreme case. Ask anybody else who has ever gotten work from me. And so I do not have to keep responding to the six hour thing (the wait between my comment on his submission and my first journal about respect): "Six hours after posting a comment on their page, may or may not have been enough time. My concept of time is skewed, given that my "days" don't end (I'm polyphasic), so what feels like days to me might actually only be six or seven hours because I've already "slept" two or three times. I concede that that I could have waited a little longer, but I honestly doubt it would have made any difference, as I'm pretty sure he hadn't read the journal before hiding the comment. I have no proof, but I gathered as much from the way he responded to me." But in the end, if you still don't like my attitude for whatever reason, enough that you think I warrant a beware of my own, by all means post a topic about me instead of shifting the blame around in this one, which is a totally warranted beware against the commissioner, and my reason for posting here. I can assure you that had not posted here, and if any of you who claim now that my attitude has put you off from commissioning me had been watching me prior to this but was somehow unaware of this situation, you either would have a) not commissioned me based on my general personality anyway b) commissioned me and had a fine experience, because I treat my commissioners with the respect they give me, and I am fairly certain you are all respectable to artists when buying artwork. So please. I absolutely get the picture that I come off as immature to some of you. That horse has been beaten, and unless my personal watchers/commissioners express displeasure with the way I conduct myself, then I will continue to conduct myself as I have been for the last decade of doing commissions, as it has not been hurting me.
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