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  1. Ah thank you! I apologize I was trying to read through the rules on mobile at work LOL but I appreciate it a lot and if I make a post again I will be sure to read much more carefully!
  2. I had commissioned the artist Climbdraws for a drawing of my puppy when I first got him, sent the payment and never heard from them again after asking several times about the status of the commission. It’s been nearly a year and a half which wouldn’t even be a problem if I had gotten some sort of update (even though all of their commissions seem to be completed within a few days or weeks generally.) Here’s some screenshots of the convo between me and the artist who goes by climbdraws on tumblr. On other social media they go by climbstudio or climbtothestars but I believe they’re most well known as being half of the YouTube animator team, noodlers. This isn’t the first time they’ve been kinda sketchy with me, first I ordered a leafpool sticker from their storenvy which never arrived so after several months I contacted storenvy (which was after trying to contact them directly for months) and they claimed I gave them a bad address and the sticker was sent back to them months ago. Which made me think ‘okay... kinda weird considering that’s my address and why didn’t they tell me?’ They then ‘resent’ the sticker without asking for a new address and it arrived this time leading me to believe they just never sent it the first time. After that the first time I tried to commission them we planned it all out but I stopped hearing from them completely before I even sent the payment. Which wasn’t too big of a deal just weird I never heard anything one way or the other. Then what you see in the photos happened and unfortunately I never received my refund or my commission/: since they’re a pretty popular face in the wc community I wasn’t sure what to do about it, and at this point it’s too late to dispute on PayPal/:
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