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  1. I commissioned them last year during a full body promotion they were doing. Turn around was supposed to be a day or two and turned out to be a week. Wasn't a huge issue. I got what I paid for and was decently happy with it. Commissioned them a second time for two things. She kept telling me tomorrow she'd do it. That I was next, that tomorrow she would do in-stream sketches/work on commissions. Ended up getting the sketch that I paid for about a month after I commissioned it. Was supposed to be another quick, 2 day/maybe a week sort of thing. The port kept being 'tomorrow' or 'Just started on it/Made progress on it' for about 8 weeks from the time I commissioned them until she said she would offer a refund. That was July 13th. Meanwhile she was still taking commissions for things, but wasn't putting out anything. Since I wanted two things and only got one, but paid for both, I asked for half back, which was $12.50. She went radio silent by the end of July for about a week or so, even though she was active in other areas, wouldn't return messages. This bled off in to August, where I contacted her on the 10th, couldn't get my refund. Then again on the 20th. couldn't get it then. Didn't contact her until sept the 20th where she did not respond to me at all, so I just stopped trying until December 28th because I hadn't heard from her. I had already left her server I think in the end of Nov. Apparently something else happened. I finally just told her that the refund wasn't worth all of this and that I was done, and I cut my losses since I wasn't going to chase $12.50 anymore since it'd been 5 months and some change since I wanted the refund. She claimed she could give me the refund that day, but after what apparently happened I told her to just keep it. I'm not gonna spread her business around in here, but am chiming in with my dealings with them. You can commission her if you want, as is your right to do, but I won't be doing so again. During the whole time of commissioning them there was no shortage of excuses (idk what was valid and what wasn't) and it was more headache than what it was worth in the end. Perhaps she manages things better, but I'm not willing to spend money to find out.
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