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  1. This issue has been RESOLVED as I have received a refund, but I would still like to WARN others about this artist and their TOS. On 7/05/18 I commissioned BluntGypsy for a YCH pinup slot that they had put up for sale. The pinup YCH's were offered in this journal: And came from this DA listing: I wanted a $20 colored sketch and here is the conversation had with the Artist to confirm the commission: I paid them that day and added a $5 tip in advance since this was for a 'Fund Raiser' and it sounded like they were going through a rough time. Here is the proof of the Paypal transaction: As you can see in the messages above she said she'd have it done in about a week or so, so I waited. She did not reach out to me personally for months and I waited patiently until she began to post some pretty concerning journals. The first came in August. I am not a part of her Discord so this was the only update I had seen since I commissioned her, but as it said something may be done by the end of September, I decided to try to wait. The next journal, however, raised some red flags for me. I had not had any communication with the artist directly before seeing this journal, so it came as a surprise to me that they were trying to sell their tablet (which they would need to finish my commission). So, I sent them an email. On the bottom is the email I sent to her and above it is her reply to me which came about a month later. I will point out she said she understood if a refund is desired, or to let her know if I still wanted the commission. At this point, with the selling of her tablet and the lack of communication, along with me not playing that character much at the time, I just wanted a refund and knew it may take a little while to get one back but asked for one anyway. After sending this email I received no further replies through email from her. The only thing I saw of her was another journal posted at the end of December. It states that her house burnt down at the end of November but also asks for people to file refund requests through her emails, which I had already done, and clearly offers said refunds for clients who do not wish to wait until she can get a new tablet and get to work on art again. I decided to wait a couple of weeks before reaching out to her and sent her a message in January to see if she had ever gotten my email about wanting a refund and to simply check up on things. Please note that she said she'd put me 'at the top of her list' BECAUSE I'd reached out to her again. I waited another month or so but was concerned when I saw her offering money to those who would get her a tablet and talking about YCH's or designs she had bought in other servers so I contacted her for an update. I admit that I was getting a bit impatient as I had been nice and had tried to be understanding throughout all of this since I know she had been dealing with a lot of stuff. Two weeks later she reached out to me for the FIRST time since I had commissioned her. On that day she said she'd send a refund THAT DAY or the next. I checked my paypal for the next couple of days and had received nothing. I decided to give her even more time and waited a month before contacting her again. The reply I received was that I had been bumped down on the list due to a rather 'impatient and rash client' who received priority, likely because of their attitude. I was rather unhappy with this considering how patient and civil I had been trying so hard to be. She said she'd get it to me by Friday (which would have been the 5th). I waited until Friday, received nothing, let Saturday pass by and still did not see my refund so I messaged her on Sunday. At this point I was -done- waiting and receiving nothing but excuses, but as it had long passed Paypal's refund policy I could do nothing but continue to ask and wait. I finally received a refund on Monday the 8th. Firstly, I'd paid $25, not $20, but because the $5 was a tip of sorts, which I never should have given, I'll call the refund good. However, she chose to mention her TOS to me, which I was rather unhappy about considering she does not have this TOS listed on the front page of her DeviantArt, nor did I see it when I first commissioned her (turns out it was linked in a random journal). I WISH I would have read the TOS BEFORE commissioning her because I would have never done so otherwise. Here is a copy of it: First of all, she has a 'Pay Upfront' policy along with a 'No Refunds' policy, which Paypal will not even back (which is how she takes most of her payments). Secondly, it states she will finish commissions in no later than 8-weeks, so the fact that I asked for a refund on an 'Overdue Commission', one that she OFFERED to me first, does not seem so wild, to me. After this I did send her a message on Discord letting her know that I was unhappy with the entire process and why. She sent me a message back, defending herself, her policies, and then promptly blocked me. As stated before, I count this as RESOLVED because she did finally get a refund back to me, however with the TOS that she has (with the 'absolutely no refund policy') and with how hard I had to try to reach out to her, I am wanting to warn others before they commission her so they know the potential of what they may be dealing with.
  2. I've actually only ever had to request a refund from an artist maybe once or twice in my nearly 15 years of commissioning artists online. This particular time has been.. incredibly frustrating to me, not only because I was the one who had to continuously ask for updates and when I finally received a refund it was a partial one and the artist mentioned their TOS when giving it, saying I was getting more than I normally would. The comment in question was: "This is your refund for an overdue commission. It is the full refund, which is half more than my Terms of Service clearly states I will refund." This lead into a short apology and them telling me to have a nice day. Firstly, I had originally paid them $25 ($20 for comm, $5 for tip) and they refunded me $20 (I got back $19.12 because there was a fee?). I do not remember seeing a TOS when I commissioned them, however I had done so in June of 2018 and they refunded me 4/7/2019 so the Invoice on Paypal is no longer available. The artist does not have the TOS listed on the main page of their Deviantart, where I commissioned them, but in a journal about 20 journals down from their current one. There was no TOS listed on the journal or YCH DA post that I'd actually commissioned them from. Here are a few things that it states that are relevant to this particular post: "• Commission will be completed within 3 weeks-8 weeks (I put this here to make sure there is enough time to complete the piece, but Ive never taken quite this long on a commission- assuming I'm not having any technical difficulties with my equipment)" • Do not rush the artist. Your commission will be completed within 8 weeks, at the absolute latest. If the artist is being rushed she will reject the commission. A rejection in a commission will result in a 50% refund. • Refunds are no longer an option. Unless ridiculous and unforeseen circumstances are to occer, no refunds will be issued. Refunds are of the Artists decision. I'd commissioned them in June of 2018 and asked for an update in October, then a refund in November. This was after there was a journal posted to their DA in August about losing their computer and internet and then one in October about them selling their drawing tablet (which is why I sent the email for an update and decided upon a refund due to them not having a way to get art to me?). There was another journal posted later in December about an emergency they'd had where they REQUESTED people who wanted refunds to email them, which I had already done. I am not that angry that I only got a partial refund, as it was only 5 dollars. I am more frustrated that I had to ask them a couple of times for updates on my refund and got only excuses as to why they couldn't give it to me, one of the latest being that someone who was 'impatient and rash' had been given priority. I'd been nothing but civil to them but after that -I- was the one who became impatient and a bit short, though I was never rude. I'm asking for advice on whether I should post a beware with all of the screenshots and info I have from the transaction, if only to warn others of their TOS (which I am regretful I did not see before I'd commissioned them) or of their practices in general. It is technically resolved since I will not be pursuing it further, but I do not want others having the same experience that I did. (BTW I am brand new to this website so please forgive me if this is too long or without necessary info or anything)
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