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  1. Oh yeah I'll definitely be watermarking all WIPs from now on; I was really naïve when I first started taking commissions, and I thought that if I was friendly to commissioners, they would be friendly back. It never occurred to me that I could be seriously taken advantage of; I've had a few somewhat rough experiences, but this one has definitely been the worst. If any of you guys don't watermark WIPs or don't charge at least partially upfront, you'll be taken advantage of; please learn from my mistakes, guys ^^;
  2. Oof exactly I was so confused by all that they were saying I had to ask around in a bunch of chats I was in just to make sure I was correct; it was so ridiculous that I just needed to double check XD I'll definitely try to keep an eye out if that sketch ends up anywhere; I don't know his usernames for any other art websites so it's unlikely I'll find anything unfortunately, but I'm just happy it was only a sketch and not a full drawing. If anything further happens, I'll definitely post an update.
  3. Oof just searched for my username on here, and thank goodness nothing showed up ^^; I hope I can keep it that way lol

  4. Hi there~ This is my first post on here, so sorry if I don't do everything right ;0; Just had a pretty intense interaction with a buyer, so I'd like to warn anyone who may come into contact with him. I contacted EylonFerrousa on Telegram after he had made several posts in a few chats we shared looking for an artist to draw his dragon character. His budget was $40 and I was willing to work with that. I generally do commissions differently than most (this experience has made me change my methods, however); I usually try to complete the sketch before requiring payment, so after receiving a t
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