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  1. They decided to draw my monster, one of them, in a stand alone image in a background I didn't even want/like. The 1st sketch they did looked like a forest but ended up completely different than what was initially done. Well, that's done and done. I'm just upset cuz they are really talented but just didn't deliver. Anyways, thanks guys.
  2. I see what you mean. I asked for 2 characters, monsters in this case, racing in a jungle-like background, with 1 monster ahead of the other. I figured they could do it since they've drawn a lot of dragon stuff and m,y monsters were dragon-esque somewhat.
  3. Hello! So, to make this long story short, I commissioned someone for 2 characters in 1 picture, they said it wouldn't look good according to their 'conscious', so they offered to do those 2 characters in 2 separate pieces. I offered to make it like a 2 part series and they said, 'i'll see what i can do'. 1st initial sketch came out great but end product was way off from what I even asked for. So it has me extremely upset because I ended up having to pay extra, because I wanted a specific type of background for this fanfic I'm writing. (I never mentioned this but still, I hoped they'd draw what I wanted drawn). I ended up asking for a refund for the 2nd piece (1st piece was already done and completed and it's a great piece but it's not what I asked for), so, I kept it. It's fine, I needed more art for that OC anyways. They refunded me (for the second piece) and uploaded the 1st one onto their DA but they got his name wrong and when I corrected them, they ended up hiding my comment and changing the name of the commission entirely. But anyway, should I have been more specific? Should I have asked for a refund on the first image too? I feel like I could've handled this better... It's probably cuz I was so happy to commission them, only to be let down in the end. 😕
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