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  1. Your account name has been reverted and your comment to go to the offsite website has been hidden.  You are not permitted to try and move people off site to unverified websites. 

    We have permitted you to post both of your comments that you have posted on your beware, so the petulant accusations of bias will not be tolerated.  If you had an update all you had to do was notify a staff member.  The thread was locked for everyone; not just you.

    Despite your behavior, you will not be given an official warning.  Your name change and status update privileges have been revoked, however.  This is simply a polite reminder to mind our rules and behave.  If you continue, then official action will continue.

  2. If I had used few words, I would be criticised for not addressing some matter or another. I prefer to write a complete response even if it takes more of someone's precious time. No theft has been committed. No police report, not even a request to send it back to her address. If she had knocked on the door and said "gimme", it would have been given. I sent an e-mail this morning at 07:51 CEST and have since received a reply from Sarahcat. I have received an address to which she wants it returned. I will return it when I am back in the States and can supervise its packaging, insurance, etc. as I will not delegate that to someone else on something that expensive.
  3. I was only made aware of this post today and am making a timely reply. A few things I would like to highlight: The advertisement on Twitter made warranties as to features and of suitability of purpose for people with heads under a 25" circumference. It was never sold "as is." The partial suit in question breached all three, and therefore it is reasonable to expect a return. After Sarahcat refused the return, I directed Alexander to dispute the transactions during a teleconference with himself and his attorney. The merchandise remains at the address to which it was sent. It remains unused, unaltered, and in new condition. I consider the merchandise to have reverted to Sarahcat's ownership as soon as the refunds hit Alexander's credit card. Soon after I was reimbursed. After the dispute, we refrained from shipping the fursuit back to the shipping address because we were not sure what to do. I have never been a party to a credit card dispute, so I delegated the matter to Alexander since it was his card. Instead, we were awaiting instructions from Sarahcat, PayPal, or his bank on how and when to return it. We received no such instructions between the resolution of the credit card dispute and now either via... postal mail at the address to which it was sent, e-mail to the PayPal account's address, or e-mail to my personal address where I initially requested the refund and also requested further correspondence be directed. The Terms of Service on Sarahcat's website ( https://archive.is/MWrv3 )as of 3 May were updated on 13 March 2021, well after the dispute. However, these Terms of Service are moot first because I never agreed to them, and also as mentioned elsewhere in this thread, they did not cover pre-made fursuits. I would never agree to purchase anything this expensive sight unseen without the option to return. To my knowledge, there was no police report or other statement made under penalty of perjury. Given the magnitude of the transaction, I would expect that one was filed. I believe that Sarahcat did not file one because the resolution would not have been the one she wanted. The reason I have not been more proactive about this matter is because of the acrimony that this has caused, and because of my own inexperience dealing with these matters. I feared that pleading my case would only exacerbate this temper tantrum which I now describe: Sarahcat has accused me of a felony (grand theft) in front of an audience of over 10,000 people. She has incited people to harass me across various social media, including Twitter, Telegram, and FurAffinity. She has dissuaded artists from accepting my commissions. Therefore, I refrained from addressing this until today when someone sent a note threatening to abuse my intellectual property. I continue to await instructions to affect the fursuit's return. I am out of the country right now but when I am back, I am happy to act on them provided that Sarahcat ceases this prolonged harassment campaign and is willing to publicise the resolution of this matter. I have sent an e-mail to Sarahcat with an offer to this effect.
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