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Howdy!  I'm James. He/They

I'm one of two owners of Artists Beware.  My fursona is a dumb cat.  My main OC is a big blue space man.

I'm a part-time freelancer, part-time egg nerd, and full time monster man enthusiast.

Avatar: SineAlas  |  Profile art: Zi, SineAlas  |  Profile banner: skxviii

Instagram| Twitter | Shop

I like to do a lot of the public facing tasks that Artists Beware requires such as sending out mod notices or leaving polite reminders on bewares.  However, I am just one of the team members who makes Artists Beware operate.  Behind Xai and me are a team of moderators who review posts and help the site run.

I'm fairly busy irl, but I do my best to respond to all messages within 24 hours.  If you need help, I'm happy to help!  If you are messaging me concerning a specific beware, please be sure to include a direct link.  We see a lot of bewares!

All the work I do for the site is in loving memory of our previous owner, Dani.  You are loved and dearly missed.



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