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  1. unimpressed dad face for everyone

    unimpressed dad face for 1000 years


  2. Your account name has been reverted and your comment to go to the offsite website has been hidden.  You are not permitted to try and move people off site to unverified websites. 

    We have permitted you to post both of your comments that you have posted on your beware, so the petulant accusations of bias will not be tolerated.  If you had an update all you had to do was notify a staff member.  The thread was locked for everyone; not just you.

    Despite your behavior, you will not be given an official warning.  Your name change and status update privileges have been revoked, however.  This is simply a polite reminder to mind our rules and behave.  If you continue, then official action will continue.

  3. 03.24.20

    Currently I am still responding to messages, but will take a little longer than usual to handle beware issues. Please don't send multiple messages.

    I'm currently held up with irl commitment. 

  4. I'll finally have a few days off of work to do some archiving.

  5. Hooray, you're our 1,000th member!

    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Explosions of confetti. Which Cel forgot.

    2. Woofbyte


      Oh wow I just noticed this haha, congrats on hitting 1000 users for the site then! ^^

  6. We are in active discussion in the mod chat about establishing a minimum wait time for submission.

  7. Archiving has been completed thanks to @Alex Wright finding a nice work around to get the bewares on the site.  The archive is currently hidden until tagging and deletion of items that wouldn't meet today's standards are completed.

    The current archives will also have to be moved (by hand) to the old archives.

    1. Kei


      Good work, guys!!

  8. @Dergish and I will be out of town for Texas Furry Fiesta.  Please do not direct messages to us, as we may not respond promptly.

  9. Once I get con prep for Aggiecon completed, then I'll get back to archiving.  ❤️

    1. Kei


      Good luck with the con prep and TY for all the work on archiving so far!

  10. If you can't post to this box, then make sure you have it enabled on your profile settings.  ?

  11. h o n k

    1. SynViver



  12. [sobs in archiving]

    1. Alex Wright
    2. Bornes


      I know that feel.
      Best of luck to powering through it!

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