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  1. It's currently 180 days, so yes, I'll keep a beady eye on this. I was thinking that if she wanted to get a refund then she'd have done so already since when a consultation is over it's over. I've had someone try to get a refund before because I wouldn't write an ethically dubious character and they gave up after I proved that I'd delivered what my T&Cs say I deliver, so I'm familiar with disputing a refund request. I'll do the same here - I have screenshots of everything I need.
  2. This is an update to my situation with her. I think anyone working with her might find this interesting, as I've found a way to make sure she pays. Alex attended her session of the 17th of September. I asked her up-front whether she was ready for her session (I wrote this to sound like a "yay, we're about to do your commission!" but my aim was to get her to state that she had the following two hours to spare) to which she said yes. I then said that in order to provide her with her consultation time she would need to pay for the first, and this session. She said 'oki' bu
  3. Hi all, I really don't like to call people out so I'm glad there are Beware web sites like this around.

  4. I've been dealing with this person over the past week or so. I also accepted to work before I'd been paid anything. I do consultations and Alex booked a 2-hour one for Saturday 12th September. It quickly became clear she wasn't at home for the session, which struck me as odd. After the session I double checked my records as I suspected she hadn't paid yet and lo and behold, she hadn't, so I reminded her. She said she'd pay on Monday 15th. Monday came and went, and she didn't pay, but she did give me an email address to send a Paypal invoice to her, so I can confirm she has one of those. She's
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