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  1. Well, that was an odd experience.  Not gonna bother posting a beware or caution, but I'll drop this here out of confusion and leave names out.

    Someone on a site was offering free request art.  I linked an OC of mine.  They accused me of not owning the character and stealing it.

    Why?  Because I, personally, did not draw the reference.  It's an adopt/design I bought years ago and I have dozens--if not nearing a hundred--pieces of art of this OC.  But they insist it's not my character solely because I did not draw the reference image.


    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Yeah, that's odd. Confusing even.

    2. Kei


      Odd is definitely the word for it.

      I've acquired [through commissions, trades, and freebies] thousands of pieces of art of my OCs over the years and never had anything like that response.  And none of my OCs have references drawn by me.

    3. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Same. I'm no artist, stick figures are about all I can do. So an artist saying "you didnt draw this, so its not yours" is strange...

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