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Artist Forgot Commission?


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Hi all,

I commissioned an artist nearly 3 months ago for something that they said would be done that week. The past two months I've reached out to them and they told me it was being worked on with other commissions, however when I reached out to them yesterday they had no idea what I was talking about and I had to show them a screenshot of the PayPal transaction.

Should I ask them for a refund if no work has been done? This is such a huge red flag and I've never had an artist just admit to completely forgetting about my commission. 

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I would ask for a refund. It is a huge red flag, and will likely lead to more. Missing a deadline, or forgetting a commission (but immediately rectifying it when asked) are not so bad on their own, but it just seems like you will have a hard time getting your work.

If you want the artwork, make sure you get a WIP, as they said it was being worked on.

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I would cancel. Last year I attempted to hire an artist who  acted like they didn't remember I had a commission with them.  I ended up telling them I no longer wanted to proceed, because I was concerned with how things were going.  They also had no visible queue and communication was really bad.  Forgetting about me was the first of many red flags.

You deserve to work with someone who will give you a great commission and great customer service.

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