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PayPal Digital Goods - "Order Processed", "Shipped" or don't mark at all?

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On Paypal, when viewing a transaction, you can update the status of the order in various ways. What I'm wondering is: How do you mark something that is digital as complete?

Would you select the "Order Processed" option or the "Shipped" option?

Alternatively, do you just ignore it/are you supposed to ignore it?

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Oh huh, I was going to march on in here and say that Paypal has a digital goods option, but apparently that's just gone from invoicing??  Even from a template that hasn't changed in years??


Anyhow, I think for invoicing purposes putting in the item description "this is a digtial service" somewhere and then marking the order processed should work

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Yes I've been doing "order processed." I don't think doing nothing is advisable--

My account was inactive for a couple of years and when I came back I found that while my account wasn't limited, my earnings over a certain amount were being held for a month by paypal as fraud protection. The instructions for getting the account back to normal were essentially to have a high percentage of your invoices marked shipped or processed.

I can't remember the exact wording as they just released everything and I haven't had anything put back on hold (yet?) 

Just fyi: when you mark it as processed it will auto send an email to the client with something along the lines of "shipping updated" in the heading, so I've gotten many confused emails. I just explain that what I'm doing is saying it doesn't need shipping information and I think I'll just start putting this in my messages standard when I send finished files.

My main issue in the past was trying to update the shipping info always gave me errors but I'm hoping that's been fixed as I haven't run into it yet.

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