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Blocked after receiving a refund

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This a very confusing situation I had with one artist I've commissioned, but decided to get a refund.

The artist was offering bust commissions for $60. Having admired their works, I claimed one. A few weeks went by, and they haven't started on my art. And after a while, I requested a refund and so they did. Keep in mind that I've been very patient with them.

Afterwards, I've found out today that they've blocked me on FA when I tried to +fav their recent submission.

According to their refunds clause journal:


Think before you commission from me. I can only refund your money once, if you have not received an initial sketch from me yet. This way, you will not be able to commission anything from me in the future

I'm rather confused at their reasoning for blocking commissioners after refunding them at this point. They're a really good artist, but what they've done is just mind-boggling, not to mention really unnecessary. Wouldn't you agree?

Thanks for hearing me out on this!

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I blacklist people via blocking if they request refunds without an actual reason. If Ive fallen behind, or they've got an emergency I dont. But it's very annoying to have to constantly refund someone, and I dont want to take the risk that they ask again. It's not something against the buyer, but moreso a protection from me, because as an artist I have wasted my time setting up a commission just for someone to cancel. That takes away from time I could be working, or getting another commission.

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