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  • Beware Wardenz07

    • Who: Wardenz07
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/wardenz07/
      When: 03/29/2018
      What: Commission

    Message added by Celestina

    Mod note:  The screencaps below are NSFW due to mild mentions of fetishes.

    On the 29th of March 2018, Wardenz07 requested a commission.
    He asked me to make a 20K word story about a man who ends up in a rubber funhouse game show, and must escape from various inflatable obstacles. 
    I accepted the commission and we eventually agreed upon $95.00, if I remember correctly.
    At first, he said that he would pay me half up front, but I waited to ask for the deposit until I was halfway done. When I finished the first half, he said that he was drunk when he wrote that, and that he would pay me once I was finished with the full story. 
    I continued to write the story and I kept him updated and sent drafts of what I had so far. He sent me a lot of messages checking with me every so often.
    Once I finished, he said he would pay me after it was published. That never happened. I kept checking in with him on the status of the payment, and he kept putting it off.

    I named the commission The Rubber Funhouse Escape and I posted it in three parts. 

    Part 1https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27163967/, Part 2 https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27681276/, Part 3 https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27986909/.

    Finally, when I asked him if he had the money to begin with, he said, and I quote, "No I did buy stuff just happened that’s all sorry"
    That was the last message I got from him before he stopped responding to me entirely.
    I kept checking in with him regardless, I even offered a payment plan so he could pay me little by little, instead he blocked me.
    He never complained about what was in the story, or claim that I didn't meet his specifications. Rather he constantly sent me excuses to stall until I finally finished his order.
    The fact that I never got paid isn't the biggest problem; I felt betrayed since I trusted him. 
    I have a bunch of the messages that he wrote attached here. I can provide more if necessary.
    I tried posting to an "artist beware" site before, however I did not understand its interface and I eventually gave up. Recently, another writer on Furaffinity reached out to me about Wardenz07 asking about my experience with him. After informing him about what had happened with the user, he directed me to artistsbeware.info.
    In writing this I hope that Wardenz07 will not be able to hurt anyone again, and hopefully the next artist who works for Wardenz07 will get paid for their hard work.


    Screen Shot April 22nd 02.24.png

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    This hurts. I'm sorry you endured this, OP. As a writer myself, I feel like writing commissions are a bit tougher to not only work on but to price up as well. The fact that he kept stalling and stalling on the payment is a big no-no. And this is why a lot of writers don't normally take commissions like this.

    I hope you do get your payment. If not, I'd suggest you remove the story altogether.

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